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CollinN March 16th, 2015 9:09pm

Is racism a significant problem in our country or just a small irrelevant problem?

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03/18/15 5:59 am

Reverse racism and anti semitism are bigger problems.

commonman1 Peace
03/17/15 2:44 am

It's all about selling the news. Racism sells and you see every time there is white on black crime. However black on white crime doesn't sell and it's not reported. Then you have a president that supports racism. Of course that really sells the news

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
03/16/15 5:00 pm

It's a lot bigger than we (white people) are willing to admit. We love minimizing it and we're good at it.

nnifer Maine
03/16/15 4:12 pm

I think classism is a much bigger problem. IMO

03/18/15 6:00 am

Isn't that called jealousy