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skinner March 16th, 2015 7:37pm

After a ten day absence sparked speculation of his whereabouts, President Vladimir Putin has resurfaced. He appeared in time to reveal that he was prepared to ready nuclear weapons during last year's Crimea crisis. Do you wish Putin stayed gone?

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skinner Jersey City
06/30/15 5:25 pm

CBS News Republican Primary Results:

----Rhode Island----

Winner: Walton

Secretary Michael Walton: 53% (192,083) +9
Governor Joshua Sharp: 47% (170,337) +8

MadCow Kansas Proud
03/16/15 5:27 pm

He's insane and a danger to the entire world.

skinner Jersey City
03/16/15 1:00 pm

There were many speculations ranging from the Russian leader being in Ukraine, to attending the birth of his alleged child in Switzerland, to him having been killed in a coup d'état.