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CudOfCow March 16th, 2015 4:34pm

Should two people only be engaging in sexual activity if they are trying to conceive a child?

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musiman28 Cotton country
03/16/15 7:31 pm

No. But they should understand that it is a possibility and be prepared to be responsible for that possibility.

Zimmeress Make Me Laugh
03/16/15 6:23 pm

I don't think so but if you look at religious history - they don't really talk about married *fun time* - just premarital, homosexual, and create a child, sex. Which, in my mind, means it never was a problem that needed to be addressed.

Yoko318 Utah
03/16/15 12:02 pm

Sex is the ultimate expression of love between partners. Not just baby making, otherwise it wouldn't feel so good.

allswel Minnesota
03/16/15 9:42 am

There is quite a lot of sexual activity that can not result in conception, it would be a sin to rule that out.