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Mattwall1 March 16th, 2015 3:01am

According to Nigel Farage, leader of United Kingdom Independence Party, Belgium "is pretty much a non country." Some polls say UKIP will gain seats in Parliament in the upcoming UK election. Even if the gains are minimal, does this concern you?

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Arananthi Literal Ninja
03/15/15 10:20 pm

Well, they do hold the world's record for 'longest time a country has existing without a functional government and also without complete collapse', so in a way, he's right...

firefly5 the verse
03/15/15 11:13 pm

Also, microbreweries per capita. Might not be relevant, but it's fun.

03/16/15 7:25 am

On behalf of all people with intelligence, I'd like to apologize for the flesh wrapped idiocy that is Nigel Farage

firefly5 the verse
03/16/15 9:53 am

On behalf of all Belgians, I accept your apology.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/15/15 8:35 pm

Turns out, I'm not a Brit, and honestly the guy sounds like he may be as out of touch with the world as many of our Republican politicians, so I don't think I'd care even if I was a Belgian.

GubraLagima Tramp 2016
03/15/15 8:26 pm

Nigel Farage is pure evil and he looks like a cartoon character.

Ebola1 Florida
03/15/15 8:04 pm

Not in the least.