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03/22/15 9:24 am

Not quite, but it CAN buy bacon. And ice cream.

TexasBOS Not in the city
03/18/15 9:03 pm

It's somehow better to cry in a Mercedes than on a bike.

03/21/15 7:24 am

True. But if money can buy happiness then why r u crying?

03/18/15 7:00 pm

Money can help with life ad it can make u happy. But it can not buy happiness. Only Jesus Christ's death can do that if u only accept His free gift!!

03/18/15 12:36 pm

Is there a place online where I can order happiness?

03/17/15 10:16 pm

Money can buy fun things but that's not equal to happiness

sdbmack Cali and SDak and BCMex
03/17/15 10:16 pm

Money can buy a JetSki. Have you ever seen an unhappy person riding a JetSki?

03/18/15 2:51 pm

Money can buy an object in which you find happiness in ..... Jet skis can bring more happiness to one person than another.

03/17/15 2:00 pm

Up to about 75k a year. Then you're on your own

ltsmith WV
03/17/15 8:24 am

It can buy temporary happiness but true happiness comes from feelings, experiences, and mainly being with other people in life

03/17/15 7:31 am

If you think money can buy happiness, you are going to have a miserable life. Your friends aren't your friends because of your personality, it's because you have money.

tealheels purple brick road
03/17/15 6:57 am

When living in pain because of dental problems, or in fear of not being able to meet needs, money can surely solve problems that cause unhappiness. But I'm not sure all the material possessions in the world can make a person happy.

03/17/15 5:46 am

Nah. Happiness is from the inside out. Money can help but it can't create & define happiness.

luna4 Wisconsin
03/16/15 10:56 pm

Maybe temporary happiness but not long term happiness.

CompleteUnbias just waiting for the sun
03/16/15 7:36 pm

If you pay for everyone to STAY THE £€¥$ OUT OF MY WAY... Then I guess yes, money can buy happiness.

possiblycody West Virginia
03/16/15 7:05 pm

money can buy guitars? thats pretty much the same thing

03/16/15 4:55 pm

If I came into enough money I would first give 10% to my chruch then I would pay all or a big chunk of my student loans, then I would get myself a car and then put some into a saving account and donate to charities

03/16/15 4:50 pm

Well I say yes but as the saying goes more money more problems.

I read about the guy who walked to and from work got $350,000 and now his ex girlfriend is asking for money.

So if I ever come into some money I will only tell a select few people

venividivici colorado
03/16/15 3:31 pm

No but it can buy things that make you happy

NexusBlue California
03/16/15 4:09 pm

For a little while, anyway

03/16/15 6:14 pm

Id rather cry in a farari

bweezy NOVA
03/16/15 3:30 pm

Sheeeeeeeiiiiitttt!! Y'all are shopping in the wrong places.

03/16/15 3:13 pm

It can make your life more comfortable but ultimately, happiness is not tangible.

RepMorris Pennsylvania
03/16/15 3:07 pm

Only temporarily.

sgkitty new york
03/16/15 1:48 pm

No. But the lack of it can cause misery.

03/16/15 1:33 pm

No just security and leisurely vacations.

bookworm42 California
03/16/15 1:29 pm

It's proven that donating money makes you happy. So yes.

03/16/15 1:05 pm

Money doesn't stop bad things from happening. You could get cancer and no amount of money will cure you.

MrSir2015 California
03/16/15 11:56 am

Mo money, mo problems. Contentedness buys happiness

alval California
03/16/15 11:43 am

I'd like to find out....😁

Br@ndon Your Soul
03/16/15 10:18 am

Money can buy me things that make me happy so yes.

Darthscion Utah
03/16/15 10:17 am

It can't buy joy. Happiness is short term joy is long term.

CorblaKhan Team Skynet
03/16/15 9:38 am

Not directly. But since money does make it easier to attain the lifestyle and conditions which are most conducive to attaining happiness, I am saying yes.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
03/16/15 9:31 am

If you voted no.
Please send me any excess monies that you have and I'll demonstrate pure joy.

03/16/15 4:28 pm

Won't work. Since it doesn't buy happiness.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
03/17/15 8:07 am

Sure does improve your odds and ability to be happy.
I'll take my chances w/ $$$$!

lcamino Florida and Georgia
03/16/15 8:55 am

If it could I would still be married to a verbally and emotionally abusive husband.

Mikay617 Florida
03/16/15 8:47 am

If I had enough money to make all of my family's debt and other financial problems go away, I couldn't think of anything that would make me happier or my family.

slpater georgia
03/16/15 8:30 am

I think if you look at the income rates for the app and the results. It seems the more money the slightly less likely you are to say yes

leilu SoCal
03/16/15 8:25 am

There's a lot more to life than money, but it does make things a lot easier!

nnifer Maine
03/16/15 8:08 am

Money can't buy happiness, but poverty can buy misery.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/16/15 7:52 am

In the short term. However, if you don't find happiness within your own heart and life, money and things will only be like a drug that requires more until they destroy you.

Wert A picture of my sack
03/16/15 7:40 am

No wonder people are the way they are.

03/16/15 7:35 am

Money can make life happier, but you still need more than just money to be happy.

kjs Minnesota
03/16/15 7:22 am

Money can buy a lot of things but happiness is not one of them.

drself Gated Community
03/16/15 7:22 am

No, but it can rent it for awhile.

TiredofIt Texas
03/16/15 6:54 am

It's been proven over and over that Yes, money easily buys happiness.

03/16/15 6:50 am

Not surprised by the results. Of course it appears that way but their is a great deal more to life then what you are worth. Of course it nice to have a cushion to make life more perfect.

Nos4at2 demented weirdo
03/16/15 6:40 am

I'll let you know after Publisher`s Clearinghouse starts bring me those huge checks

TiredofIt Texas
03/16/15 6:54 am

I would love to win $7k a week for life!!!

03/16/15 4:55 am

It sure helps though

03/16/15 4:01 am

Money buys freedom. Money buys choices. Though it's been shown empirically that money doesn't correlate with happiness on a societal scale, it probably does for each individual. Money lets you do what you want. Doing what you want makes you happy. :)

03/16/15 3:21 am


But it can rent it! 😃

kimberlyhope Florida
03/16/15 3:01 am

Yes, but only temporarily.

poetryk California
03/16/15 2:56 am

Question is flawed because it's been proven that shelter, food, clothing, and health are essentials to happiness, and this requires some money. Beyond that, money will usually only bring you temp happiness - positives experiences is key for long term

Liberty 4,032,064
03/16/15 2:55 am

No, but the material things it buys can make that choice easier for some.