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Show Of Hands January 17th, 2013 12:00am

You're summoned to jury duty. Are you excited or bummed?

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blakedanjr Huntington Beach, CA
01/25/13 4:33 pm

They may not want to incriminate.

EarlyBird Portland
01/24/13 9:27 pm

What's wrong with your libertarian views?

EarlyBird Portland
01/24/13 9:25 pm

So do I!
The ones who would like to get called, don't. ????

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/21/13 12:23 pm

Yeah, they might not want me for mostly the same reasons. Sad, isn't it?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/21/13 12:22 pm

I think it would be exciting to be a part of the judicial process.

01/20/13 10:14 pm

Lets use all the unemployed people for jury duty. They get compensated and I don't have to go. Win-win.

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
01/20/13 7:56 pm

Judge should decide. I don't believe in juries, the general public is too stupid, especially when the "good jurors" get dismissed from the case.

IceWoman New York
01/20/13 6:51 pm

wouldn't mind if I had no life, but since that is not the case, booo!

sarakay Down the Bayou
01/20/13 11:06 am

Free lunch? Ha. I wish I would have gotten free lunch.

sarakay Down the Bayou
01/20/13 11:05 am

It really depends if its civil or criminal. Two months after I turned 18 I got summoned. I got picked also. It was a civil case.

donna0987 Indiana
01/20/13 7:19 am

I have served. It was a civil case. Kinda boring. However it is a civic duty.

jtopo Istrouma
01/20/13 4:18 am

It's a civic responsibility. All accused deserve the right to be judged fairly by their peers. Unfortunately, there will always be people who deem themselves "too important" or "too good" to take part in the jury system.

LucentInsanity Seattle
01/19/13 10:45 pm

I've actually never been summoned, but have always wanted to; I'd imagine of be exciting, initially.

01/19/13 3:42 pm

I get to skip work, sit in an air conditioned room with free lunch, and I get to judge people? Sounds great to me.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
01/19/13 12:35 pm

I've served before. It was interesting when actually in the room but all the breaks and such it gets boring. I'm glad I wasn't in school or working at the time because it took like 8 days to go through it all.

01/19/13 12:07 pm

I'm dreading the day I get asked!

01/19/13 8:43 am

Never been to one, but never thought of it as exciting.

01/19/13 6:50 am

I would love to sit on a jury & watch a criminal trial & get paid to do it. Last time I was called for three days I sat doing nothin tho so that was boring but at least I got a reprieve from work & leave early. I can see the financial burden for those whose employers don't pay however

01/19/13 1:57 am

I love getting called but they never pick me because of my Libertarian views.

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
01/19/13 1:16 am

I as a teenager haven't been in a jury before, so I'd be excited to try it.

01/18/13 10:53 pm

For something while they continue to free load.

01/18/13 10:53 pm

I would never be in a position to be judged by a jury. I didn't say they were scamming the government. They are taking advantage of the liberal society that thinks people can't help themselves. It's the working people who are being scammed. My suggestion is sound and makes the lazy responsible...

susanr Colorado
01/18/13 10:45 pm

Sister-in-law, actually. Well, really, ex-sister-out-law. Long story. My daughter's father's sister. Yeah, she's quite something. We love her.

susanr Colorado
01/18/13 10:41 pm

If you feel they are scamming the government, would you really want them to be making decision that affect people's lives? Would you want to face a jury composed of people like that should you ever be so unfortunate as to have to go to trial?

01/18/13 10:14 pm

I just spent a week serving on a Federal jury. It was actually really cool...

artfulsf Oakland, CA
01/18/13 9:43 pm

I really enjoyed jury duty. Fascinating to see the system at work. If I got my reg salary while serving, I'd happily serve jury duty more often.

geekgeekgrl Michigan
01/18/13 9:25 pm

I was just on jury duty with a 2 doctors and 2 lawyers. Definitely not a jury of the accused guy's peers. Convicted of 1st degree murder.

ThePhlegm The Lone Star State
01/18/13 8:54 pm

My dad's a retired policeman, I've never even been asked....

01/18/13 8:52 pm

Although not excited, would serve with a positive attitude.

thatguy81 here
01/18/13 8:29 pm

After being exempt for so long, I'd be pretty excited

Doopy Remedial Americanism
01/18/13 8:25 pm

They pay me to sit in a room and not get violently assaulted? Dibs!

01/18/13 8:10 pm

High five auto correct!

01/18/13 8:09 pm

I got off a drunk driving case because I don't drink for religious reasons and the guy next to got booted for being an ex alcoholic. We high dived in the hall for getting to go home!

01/18/13 8:06 pm

Not all people receiving unemployment are blood suckers some deserve/need it. But most of the people I have met look at it like a really long vacation that is paid for. Why look for a job if your getting paid for doing nothing.

01/18/13 8:03 pm

I sent a suggestion to the governor... My idea is have the blood suckers collecting unemployment responsible for this task and leave the working at work. This way at least they are doing something for the free money the receive.

01/18/13 6:11 pm

I was just thinking (again) today how very, very different the world would be if people were incapable of lying.

01/18/13 6:05 pm

It's been 19 years since I was last called. I got out of duty last time because I was away at college, though had I been able to, I would have liked to have served.

01/18/13 6:03 pm

What am I missing? Clearly this is a quote from somewhere. It appears at least once on every single poll.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
01/18/13 5:22 pm

It would be an inconvenience as i am a teacher and writing sub plans is a drag, but I would do my duty and hope to get picked for an interesting case.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
01/18/13 4:23 pm

My 8th grade history class does that to you. At least, mine did. I had an INSANE teacher that did a simulation of the Boston Massacre Court Trial.

01/18/13 4:02 pm

I'd be stoked the first time.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/18/13 4:01 pm

Susanr I really like your aunt

01/18/13 2:54 pm

Was called and made it to the "voir dire". Was dismissed: no one wanted a physician on the jury of a malpractice case. So much for peers.

01/18/13 2:43 pm

Its the only excuse outside of halloween to dress up as your favorite character!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/18/13 2:40 pm

Eye-popping is a good description followed by disgusting.

susanr Colorado
01/18/13 2:30 pm

Oh, that's even worse. It must have been either hilarious or embarrassing - or both - to sit through that, and have to pay attention.