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bookworm42 California
03/16/15 3:02 pm

After watching American horror story I don't know anymore

NickD528 For The People
03/16/15 2:02 pm

Well, in my opinion, some people just need to go.

For example, we murdered Osama, didn't we? But that was applauded, not shamed.

Sometimes, it can be justified.

drewseph17 San Francisco
03/16/15 1:54 pm

crime is theoretically relative. if someone murders my mother and I murder them to seek revenge, then I view that murder as justified.

03/16/15 10:06 am

A moral position cannot be a fact.

03/16/15 9:49 am

Just a single counter-example disproves a fact. If you had to murder someone to save 1000 kids, it would not be wrong.

03/16/15 9:46 am

To murder is absolutely wrong. It is morally wrong. It is wrong in the eyes of any civilized society, & is wrong in the eyes of God. Misuse of the power to give life & the power to take life is a most serious act in the eyes of God.

03/16/15 9:47 am

And anyone with even a spark of love in their hearts, whether or not they believe in God, will feel of the true nature of that principle.

03/16/15 7:03 am

It is in fact wrong. But it is also techniquelly an opinion.

nekmor Round Rock TX
03/16/15 6:42 am

It's a fact that if I knew for a fact what was planned for Columbine and I could stop it by murdering the perpetrator before the act I would do so; no matter the opinion who think murder is wrong is "a fact".

TheModerate Texas
03/16/15 6:24 am

Since the idea that murder is wrong is a moral, and morals are intangible and you cannot interact with them, they are therfore opinion.

bluecoffee Teaching Truth
03/15/15 11:34 pm

Reminds me of Peeta asking Katniss: "Real, or not real?"

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
03/15/15 9:50 pm

Easily provable fact. Just extrapolate. Q: If murder is OK, what would happen if everyone did it? A: Humanity would die out. Therefore, it's wrong for anyone, since it's wrong for everyone. ✟

03/15/15 11:39 pm

And what makes humanity dying out wrong? Could save many animals lives and return to a working ecosystem

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
03/16/15 1:00 am

The really sad thing is that you truly believe the world, which was created FOR us, would somehow be better off WITHOUT us. ✟

d6410 Texas
03/16/15 4:55 am

But your belief that the world was created for us is also opinion.

03/16/15 6:56 am

Exactly. The world doesn't owe you some Inherent meaning. There are many groups out there who think humans should be extinct.

FLAmerican Pensacola
03/15/15 1:34 pm

Opinion but is almost universally held.

droo Santa Barbara
03/15/15 11:12 am

Morality isn't fact. The majority of society personally thinks murder is wrong because most of us have evolved as a species to notice the benefits of not murdering one another.

03/15/15 10:08 am

Opinion but widely held.