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rons March 15th, 2015 1:34pm

Is the preacher that trying to raise millions for he G6 Jet to spread the word of god the same Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio flying around in their personal jet spreading the word about Global Warming?

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drself Gated Community
03/16/15 3:50 am

The preacher isn't going against what he believes to spread his message. Al Gore is using a big carbon footprint to spread his anti carbon footprint message. What a hypocrate.

jvc1133 61535
03/15/15 9:22 am

Both need faith in their message. ; )

jvberg Winter has Come
03/15/15 7:58 am

"Spread the word of God" don't make me laugh

rons Thanks America
03/15/15 9:42 am

Point was flying around in a friggin jet to spread a bunch of bull. Both a waste of resources. But just do it for the money.

Rotavele Alabama
03/15/15 6:37 am


Are you trying to claim it's ok this guy is trying to raise money for a private jet via tithes because Al gore flies in a private jet and warns us about climate?

rons Thanks America
03/15/15 7:30 am

Same thing. Both preaching, both crooks.