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CollinN March 15th, 2015 3:02am

Have you drank alcohol at a bar before?

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RVA Uptown, Fan District, RVA
03/16/15 7:49 pm

A few hours ago. Happy hour on a bar patio when it's about 70 degrees? Absolutely.

bringstheeagle Colorado
03/14/15 8:20 pm

I did when I used to drink. Although I was always ambivalent about the markup on alcohol. Just a quirk I've always had.

susanr Colorado
03/14/15 8:14 pm

I have, although bars aren't my favorite place to have a drink. Some of them are too loud & I can't have a conversation. I used to go to a nice hotel bar once a week or so with coworkers, on Fridays after work.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
03/14/15 8:07 pm

Nope. I don't drink.

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
03/14/15 8:06 pm

I'm an alcohol virgin. And, really, a bar virgin.

So, definitely a double bar alcohol virgin.

Yes! Connected two different polls.

iBakes California
03/14/15 8:11 pm

You've never had alcohol? That's relatively impressive!

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
03/14/15 8:14 pm

Nope. The closest is NyQuil.

It was more about religious belief at first, then after that fell away it was part of my identity, part of me, so I kept it up.

I'm not wedded to the concept of being a teetotaler, though. Someday, maybe.

iBakes California
03/14/15 8:17 pm

Interesting! That's cool though, good for you (and your health haha).