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NOTColonelWest March 15th, 2015 2:37am

I have never fought with a homosexual. I have never made life hard for a homosexual. In fact, I work with and am friends with a gay man, and we have never had any problems. But I do religiously oppose homosexuality. Am I homophobic?

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allswel Minnesota
03/16/15 8:33 pm

If I religiously believe my race is superior am I a racist? If I religiously believe women are subservient to men, am I a misogynist? If I religiously believe the world is flat am I science-phobic? If your religious beliefs are homophobic, so are you

PyroSadist like my comments follow
03/16/15 7:25 pm

It is perfectly acceptable to find homosexual acts wrong...especially on religious reasons (I think you're wrong but so what) it doesn't make you homophobic unless you act on those beliefs in unfair ways.

There is a fine line between the two.

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
03/14/15 11:59 pm

So you oppose who they are?

03/15/15 5:14 am

I oppose that one part of them that makes them like the same gender, just the same as I oppose the part of someone that makes them have sex out of marriage

03/16/15 4:20 pm

Should you really be thinking about where he puts his penis, and when?

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
03/14/15 9:29 pm

Nobody's homophobic.

missmorganmarie ...
03/15/15 9:13 am

I disagree

03/15/15 10:54 am

There definitely are people that take it very much too far. Cross themselves whenever there's a gay man around, refuse to shop at a place that employs gays. It's as rare as racism, but it happens