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zack1018 Ich will nach Stuttgart
03/15/15 12:44 am

Assuming we are talking about comparable models here (the Chrysler appears to be quite a few years older than the Chevy and has aftermarket wheels) I would go with the 300. I will take a RWD manual V8 over a FWD V6 family sedan any day of the week.

zack1018 Ich will nach Stuttgart
03/15/15 12:49 am

Actually I have done my research and the 300 was never sold with a manual transmission. That is unfortunate, but my answer still stands.

knetzere Illinois
03/16/15 5:36 am

It is very sad but you can get an awd 300 which almost makes up for it

hotrod84 mordor. I walked.
03/14/15 8:04 pm

I've always thought those chryslers just look like dodge chargers that ate too much

Octavian Phoenix
03/14/15 8:59 pm

Haha, I think they look like overly posh and boring versions of chargers

knetzere Illinois
03/16/15 5:37 am

Well they are the same platform just cosmetic deference between the 2