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Do you have any student loan debt? (UserQ)

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08/16/12 11:35 pm

Government says I inherit sum shit from some lazy ass who doesn't pay their loans. Yes I owe money to another person so they can pay their loans. Do I really owe them? Government says I do..dicks with black[hell] female wings.

08/15/12 7:56 am

Starry, I thought we were having civil conversation. My husband worked his butt off for 7 years to be where he is now. It is none of your concern the size of our house or how we spend our money. If you are jealous then YOU go to pharmacy school. Good luck getting done without debt though!

08/14/12 10:41 pm

2 degrees, age 30, less than $1000 to go :D

Comet? Tennessee
08/14/12 8:19 pm

... thinking you are paying too much student loan? I am sure he may pay it off faster than I can afford. Have a sweet dream.

Comet? Tennessee
08/14/12 8:18 pm

@lara8705: 2800 sq ft of house for ONE CHILD???!!! That is too much space for your family! This is why your husband must earn BIG MONEY. Many Rx doctors in US are costing to all lower than middle class people are suffering with their budgets to feed for your rich hungry. Why did you post....

Nerdz Texas
08/14/12 4:09 pm

Not yet, but I'm sure I will get plenty of debt when I get into med school

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
08/14/12 3:54 pm

No but I will soon. School is so freaking expensive! I see why so many ppl don't go to college.

emmbeedee Arkansas
08/14/12 7:31 am

Not for me, but both of my kids have small loans that I'm paying off.

JustBob Your anger fascinates me
08/14/12 6:58 am

Military paid for all mine, feel really bad for the people that do

08/13/12 11:41 pm

Oh and also. I'm not sure how you think we could have that much in savings or investments. Why would we have that much saved and not have his loans paid off. Paying those off will always come first!

08/13/12 11:38 pm

Oh starry. You have no idea. We have a 2800 square foot house. Only one house. 1 child. No Mercedes. I don't know what the comment about a sexless marriage was to begin with and how that relates to income or student loans. Please try paying 1600 a month just for student loans and then get back to me

Comet? Tennessee
08/13/12 9:34 pm

... owning more than one house. I am not sorry about he is owing the student loan. I am a free man.

Comet? Tennessee
08/13/12 9:33 pm

@lara8705...BUT I am sure your husband still is owning of Mercedes/Benz car(s), 4K to 5K heated square feet of house with less numerous of children (possible sexless marriage), a hundred thousand to million dollars in his bank/investment and many expensive things in your house. Even possible...

brianparks69 charlotte
08/13/12 9:15 pm

Never borrowed one penny, thanks to four years of military service and the GI Bill! I still worked a full time job while taking no less than 18 hours a semester so I had money to live off of. Finished with a 3.90 too.

sozman Princeton
08/13/12 4:32 pm

I am not going to grad school till I pay off my undergrad loans... 3 years ago I'm down to $25000

08/13/12 2:56 pm

Grad school (required for my job) killed me. I'll be paying for what seems like an eternity.

08/13/12 10:26 am

My husband took out student loans for his 4 years of pharmacy school. He graduated 3 years ago and the loans are still over 120,000 dollars. School is way too expensive!

08/13/12 9:23 am

Left school with $77,000 in loans. 13 years later have widdled it down to $23,000

monkees19 New Jersey
08/13/12 8:39 am

I went to school for 3 months. That was almost 9 years ago. Still paying it. But I'm really only making minimums cuz I have two small children. They kinda come first lol

08/13/12 8:02 am

All done paying them off as of last year! I'm free!!!! Lol

08/13/12 7:45 am

Not any more, I delayed buying a house and a new car to pay off my student debt.
I COULD have put my debt into deferment because they said I didn't make enough to afford the payments at the time, but I chose instead to lower my standard of living and take care of my responsibilities.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/13/12 6:56 am

Advice for those looking at going to college: Don't take out student loans. Take fewer credits and more time if need be, work part-/full-time, and don't borrow money. At the very least, get your generals done at a tech or community college. I didn't do any of that and I'm over $100,000 in debt now.

Alison Illinois
08/13/12 6:14 am

I did, but I paid it off a couple of years ago.

08/13/12 5:52 am

@jms. I considered the price of college coupled with the average payoff time of 20 years (which I'm sure is increasing), hence 1992-2008. Most students starting college after 2008 are still in deferment.

08/13/12 4:51 am

Nope. Full academic scholarship. Didn't even have to pay for books.

08/13/12 3:27 am

Nope! I worked my way through junior college as a waitress, paying for school as I went. Then I got a job with tuition reimbursement and they paid for my private school tuition to complete my BA. I was never interested in taking a loan.

08/12/12 10:49 pm

Nope, athletic scholarships for the win.

Kay41 the Midwest
08/12/12 9:53 pm

I had $5,000 in student loans in 1988. Paid it off quickly. I don't think that is possible anymore.

08/12/12 9:03 pm

ROTC scholarship. Saving now in hopes my children will not have any loans. Invest in a 529. Check into it!

08/12/12 8:05 pm

No loans for me. I worked to pay off my college and chose a school that was affordable. I still make good money regardless of college I chose. All most employers cared about was that I had a BA and good GPA. Unless going into a few specific fields it does not matter what school.

hazel Tennessee
08/12/12 7:51 pm

why not get a job rather than borrow what you can't repay?

08/12/12 7:20 pm

No debt- of any kind.

lmurder MDK
08/12/12 6:56 pm

Hahaha what a bunch of liars!!!

08/12/12 6:46 pm

Sadly i do. However, I chose a school that not many scholarships would apply to. Should've done more research but I got my BFA. Might go back to college for something in computers day though.

getlost New Mexico
08/12/12 5:58 pm

No the GI Bill paid for all my college

08/12/12 5:26 pm

Yes I do. About 13k. I also for for a student loan company, and I see why most people have so much, they put it off for years and then their loans double.
Also, I see people take out more in loans then they really need. They say it's to "live" on.

08/12/12 5:17 pm

Cowboy has student debt!? I didn't think a fourth grade education cost that much!

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/12/12 5:09 pm

Ky- what do those years have to do with it? I started college in 1989 and I had student loans. It's not like they were invented in 1992. :)

No, finally paid off those. My advice to anyone going to college-- JUST SAY NO!!! Work hard in high school, apply for tons of scholarships and work a job!

opie123 Washington
08/12/12 5:02 pm

Ok. So I lived at home, worked full-time, went to school full-time, got as many grants and scholarships as I could and still ended up with 20 grand in student loans for my BA.

08/12/12 4:39 pm

No but it may have to do with the fact that I've not gone to college yet...

08/12/12 4:35 pm

This question should be, "Did you attend college between 1992 and 2008?"

08/12/12 4:09 pm

I'm fortunate enough to not have to worry about student loans.