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LucyLu March 14th, 2015 11:25am

I find it alarming that in my city (Louisville), many young black men do not see themselves as valuable and become involved in drugs and violence. Why does this happen? How can those of us outside of that community help?

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Celadonne ballfield
03/15/15 7:34 pm

They need male elders to help them feel valuable both through example and verbally. They have no support system or role models. They turn to ahole athletes and rappers for (mis) direction. The mothers try hard, but the dads are missing and/or in jail

03/16/15 4:48 am

So shouldnt women choose better mates?

03/15/15 10:16 am

Drugs are lucrative but I think what you can do is volunteer or work with kids.

03/15/15 10:16 am

Kids extending into young adults

lorraineruth Bozeman
03/15/15 12:07 am

As a privileged white female I don't feel it would be my place to give advice. I'm not equipped with the knowledge or experience to give advice on the matter. I do hope aid can come. It's truly unfair what black Americans still put up with.

missmorganmarie ...
03/14/15 6:58 am

it's the only thing they've known

03/14/15 6:22 am

Your question is specific to your area, and to a specific race. I am not that race, and I have never been to your area. However, I can tell you that throwing life away for drugs knows no race, gender, or geography.