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optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/15/12 6:29 am

Continued from God playing a role- They can communicate by throwing poop at each other. Is that what you're trying to get to?

07/14/12 4:11 pm

What make Christianity right over other religions? So you are right and a Buddhist is wrong

HAUSTYLE California
07/12/12 11:30 pm

and scalz 2000 years ago, it wasn't white people coming out of Egypt. maybe ill use the term darker skinned than white people, other than dark skinned. sorry for the confusion people. even though its on top of Africa. people please use the talent of critical thinking and logic.

HAUSTYLE California
07/12/12 11:26 pm

jms I would never try to tell anyone that the things Jesus said Were anything less than amazing and intelligent. he was a smart man. but so were many other philosophers. 2000 years ago a game of telephone started. the Mormons haven't got there own religion right in less the 200 years.

07/12/12 10:50 pm

Jesus was jewish. How many black Jews have you seen running around?

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/12/12 8:04 am

hau- I wasn't mincing words. 'dark skinned' in my world is black. So you meant more like Hispanic? Mexican? I could say that was possible. But who really cares what color His skin is??? It's His teachings that are important. Which is why I refuse to argue about it.

jules400 West Virginia
07/12/12 5:22 am

New to this app and blog--
Define heaven (a place?, a soul?, streets of gold?)

HAUSTYLE California
07/12/12 3:46 am

@jms when I said dark skinned I was not referring to black people, dark skinned meaning not white like the Jesus you have hanging in your house. don't mince words. you know the classic Jesus I'm referring to. I'm sure there's at least 5 in your house. fact is "white people" were not coming out of Eg

GWBushRulz Florida
07/11/12 7:00 pm

We are all so unique. Look around the world and all it's things. Do you really think this is some random accident?

hella California
07/11/12 12:54 am

I know something you dont know but im not saying. God is love. Thats all.

07/10/12 8:30 pm

We don't know for sure if Jesus was dark or light skinned (or if he existed). No point in arguing about it.

yesmaam socal
07/10/12 1:57 pm

The only place you are going after you die is into the ground.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/10/12 1:40 pm

haustyle- according to history, 2000 years ago, besides slaves, most dark-skinned people (meaning Black or African) lived in AFRICA. Egypt to be more precise. The Jewish people were not dark skinned. I'm sure they were darker than me but then again, most everyone is!! You know EVERY white Repub.?

HAUSTYLE California
07/10/12 10:38 am

by died, you mean his heart stopped, and then they started it again. happens all the time in places called hospitals. don't reference you tube. I saw a guy sit on a banana and jump a tricycle into a lions mouth. not real.

07/10/12 8:22 am

Look it up on utube there's a video of a man that died and was brought back to life

07/10/12 8:16 am

Ummm... U morons heaven is real for 2 reasons, first it's been passed down by the generations and second, there have been people that have died and returned back to life, so ya heaven and god and jesus Christ are real.

HAUSTYLE California
07/10/12 1:23 am

because white people weren't coming out of dark skinned virgins from Israel 2000 plus years ago. its a great story. stop the game of telephone now. and don't forget to WAKE UP!!!!!!!

HAUSTYLE California
07/10/12 1:18 am

there's not a single white republican that has a picture of a dark skinned Jesus in there house, why might you ask.... well I'll tell you why. there brains and understanding are stunted by racism! white Christians its time you hang dark skinned jesus' on your walls. why might you ask. white people w

HAUSTYLE California
07/10/12 1:14 am

What about aboriginal heaven? what about Jew heaven? what about Greek heaven? what about Japanese heaven? also how about Eskimo heaven? YOUR GOD IS AS REAL AS THERES!!! BUT WHN YOU THINK OF HEAVEN, YOU "KNOW" THEY WONT BE THERE!!!!! SO SAD ARE YOU!!!! WAKE UP!!!!

HAUSTYLE California
07/10/12 1:11 am

the Christian heaven? we could have a heaven on earth, if we didn't have people pretending because they were born in America that there going to white heaven. what about Chinese heaven? what about African heaven? what about south American heaven? WAKE UP!!!!!!

MaseratiOwner San Diego
07/09/12 10:00 pm

Yes, religion did help us in the early years of man kind when we were unable to explain natural phenomenon, but with all the advances in modern science we are now able to explain those things. Which in turn makes religion obsolete.

aperson123 Texas
07/09/12 8:54 pm

I think the bible and god all have good morals but they are completely fictional !

07/09/12 8:24 pm

I do believe in heaven because it is real !!!!!!!!!!!!! So are god and Jesus and Angels!!!!!!!!! The bible is true to!!!! I love god and Jesus!!!!!!

07/09/12 6:24 pm

I do find it curious that so many more people believe in heaven, but yet don't believe in hell......I always thought you had to believe in both.....hmmmm

07/09/12 10:46 am

I agree with jms even though I am not on his/her side

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/09/12 10:12 am

Why do those who choose to not believe in anything feel the absolute NEED to criticize, belittle and mock those of us who do? You can state your opinion without being rude. Without religion, you wouldn't be in the Land of the Free where you can be so openly ignorant.

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
07/09/12 4:25 am

Interesting.... 31% of us have a brain and use it. While 69% are delusional idiots. Sounds about right give the state of public discourse these days

07/09/12 4:12 am

Because he's a lot more advanced with his learning than some people

07/08/12 11:32 pm

Hell is what you tell kids when you want them to behave. The human race just forgot to tell some people the truth. No heaven, no hell and most importantly, there is no god.

07/08/12 11:32 pm

Hell is what you tell kids when you want them to behave. The human race just forgot to tell some people the truth. No heaven, no hell and most importantly, there is no god.

07/08/12 9:09 pm

Religion is bs. Fuck the holy books burn them all. Get ride of religion get ride of problems . The 10 commandments are also bs. Fuck that . Ever wonder how it all happened. Some guy made 10 to make it official and u don't need but 2. On top of a mountain where nobody was at and said god told me 10.

cass95 Jesus 2021
07/08/12 9:05 pm

@doopy- you are a very sharp individual. I have sincerely enjoyed reading your responses. In my humble opinion, you've done a superb job answering tough questions all the while remaining respectful. Well done and God Bless!!

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/08/12 8:54 pm

Chipmonk- the original writings have been translated and mistranslated so many times that it can be difficult to find the true doctrine. In the 1600s King James commissioned scholars to re-translate the Bible from Greek, Latin & Hebrew where possible. We believe it is as close to accurate as can be.

07/08/12 8:50 pm

If heaven is what I want it to be the holy rollers won't like it very much. It's an endless orgy where all the women are stacked and the stones are the house band and beer flows freely

07/08/12 8:45 pm

I really don't see why atheists have to be do hateful about what others believe. You all complain about religious people shoving it down your throats. You do the same & add an insult. Not saying all atheists but a ridiculous % seem to find it necessary.

kimsue Minnesota
07/08/12 7:33 pm

It doesn't surprise me that this many people are still sheep. God isn't real. It's a made up story. I'm glad I can live my life for myself and those I love without being close minded and believing in something that isn't real.

opinoner homaha
07/08/12 5:45 pm

Snazzy I'm roman catholic too I absolutely believe in both one of my best friends is a medium