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Mattwall1 March 14th, 2015 1:44am

Is it racist for someone to say someone or something is racist?

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professorwho Madness and Genius
03/14/15 7:40 pm

"I prefer wheat bread over white bread."

rickvee Living the dream
03/14/15 8:46 pm

What about pumpernickel over white?

professorwho Madness and Genius
03/14/15 8:49 pm

It's been a while since I had pumpernickel, can't remember if I like it.

rickvee Living the dream
03/14/15 8:52 pm

Or there's mulatto bread, AKA marble rye...

OnlyRationalOne ifunny aManWitNoHands
03/14/15 6:18 pm

I am tired of being called racist just because I am white male when I am not even close to being racist.

03/14/15 4:37 pm

It makes matter of race an issue, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is racist.

ThePollTaker Straight up cold.
03/14/15 2:59 pm

It's a little bit racist, but come on, you need to let someone know that "great Arab joke" isn't a good thing to say.

NickD528 For The People
03/14/15 1:13 pm

Ugh... does it even matter? People cry racism over every damned thing! Most of the time it's not even racist. There's no way to tell racism from ignorance with these levels of stupidity.

TheRedIllusion I make smart cool
03/14/15 12:56 pm

Person 1: That guy is a horrible driver!!!

Person 2: That's racist, he's Asian.

Who's the racist here?

jackietheman Just Stop...
03/14/15 2:27 pm

^^^ exactly that's why I said Maybe

ThomasJefferson Republic of Texas
03/14/15 12:34 pm

Maybe, only if they call you racist because of your skin color

tdyakker lost
03/14/15 11:49 am

No, but I've known some very racist people who will say that about anything they don't like. The term is way over used.

MrFtWayne Fort Wayne, IN
03/14/15 11:36 am

Race this, race that... Of course racism still exists with everyone talking about it.

BrokenMirror free speech
03/14/15 10:34 am

Only if the accusation is made SOLELY because the accused is a certain race

03/14/15 9:50 am

Someone saying someone or something is racist is race baiting? Is that inherent of merely situational?

Liberty 4,032,064
03/14/15 6:13 am

Maybe; it depends on the context and what makes it racist in their mind.

FlipFlopGirl Sic semper tyrannis
03/13/15 8:16 pm

Depends on the context of what's said and how it's said. As a joke, no it's just in poor taste but doesn't mean you are racist. If it's a rant of some sort about ethnic superiority, then I would say yes.

FlipFlopGirl Sic semper tyrannis
03/13/15 8:18 pm

Sorry misread the question. But my answer still sorta applies. If it's in a joking manner then no. If it's to further divide or push an agenda then I would say yes.

redsox95 New England
03/13/15 7:59 pm

How that question is phrased, no.

How I said it yes. I was referring to the race baiters of Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who under the disguise of 'helping' the problem, work to divide further. If there's no problem, they have no job.

redsox95 New England
03/13/15 7:59 pm

If you cannot see this, then you are blinded by partisan politics.

But thanks for taking my comment out of context.

03/13/15 8:19 pm

I agree they tend to do what they can to divide. By no means are they the only two, and by no means is it limited to one side of the aisle. That being said, I saw that whole thread. The meaning of that comment wasn't limited to just the likes of Al

03/13/15 8:19 pm


03/13/15 8:21 pm

And redsox, of all the people to be talking about being blinded by partisan politics...

political Georgia
03/13/15 8:52 pm

I believe my statement sums up this issue nicely.

Race baiting is a significant issue, not racism.

Rotavele Alabama
03/13/15 7:47 pm

Yes that's the worst kind of racism.

RoDe Latinus wordsus
03/13/15 7:30 pm

That's totally the definition of racism, right?

TheCameron UCF
03/13/15 7:14 pm

Calling out racism when it's there is a good thing, not a racist thing.

Wert I am a frayed knot
03/13/15 7:14 pm

Racists are the ones who wake up thinking about race. Live their day thinking about race. Interject race in nearly any topic of conversation just to talk about race, and go to bed thinking and dreaming about race.

These are sad people.

03/13/15 7:26 pm

Al Sharpton's lawyers will be contacting you shortly.

kermie gaytopia
03/13/15 7:49 pm

Victims of racism are the ones who can't not think about race.

Wert I am a frayed knot
03/13/15 7:49 pm

That's also true, for different reasons.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/13/15 6:57 pm

Generally no, unless their reason for saying so is racially motivated.

Abolitionist Voice of the people
03/13/15 6:51 pm

"The real racist is the one who consistently claims others are racists."
-Dumbest thing I've seen on SOH all week

smartfart Florida
03/13/15 7:08 pm

"He who smelt it, felt it."

"I know you are but what am I?"

Are we sure it wasn't the mind of a 4th grader claiming this?

smartfart Florida
03/13/15 7:09 pm

Felt = dealt

03/13/15 7:34 pm

Abo, is that a quote from an actual SOH comment?

03/13/15 7:41 pm

Yes, it's part of what inspired the poll

03/13/15 7:53 pm

I'd like to read the context.

redsox95 New England
03/13/15 8:01 pm

Completely out of context, of course!

03/13/15 8:17 pm

Yeah, it wasn't out of context. The poll, as I previously mentioned, also wasn't entirely inspired your comment, but no, it wast out of context

03/13/15 8:22 pm


political Georgia
03/13/15 8:53 pm

The dumbest comment this week goes to socialist queen. She said white people can't experience racism.

03/13/15 9:23 pm

I can't find the poll or red's comments. Would somebody please help me?

03/13/15 9:24 pm

It's DrReid's latest poll

03/13/15 9:34 pm

Thanks, Matt! Found it ... Redsox, I don't see how you think Matt's poll is out of context.