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alek12 March 13th, 2015 11:09pm

After doing some research, it seems U.S.-Iran relations are sour because of actions started by the U.S. Do you think we could ever have relations with Iran again, or is it too toxic? Also, any ideas how we could make it better?

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rbrown Kansas
03/14/15 8:29 am

Evidently, American culture is very popular among the younger generations in Iran. When the older hard liners die off, there will be opportunities for reconciliation.

fuhgahwz bourgeois nihilist
03/13/15 8:57 pm

One of the U.S's long time historical allies, and a great cultural influence. The flux of history will bend us and the Persian people back together.

fuhgahwz bourgeois nihilist
03/13/15 8:58 pm

Although not necessarily under the Ayatollahs regime

bringstheeagle Colorado
03/13/15 4:39 pm

Whatever the case - yes we should have relations with them. We have relations with Germany, Japan, South Korea, England, Vietnam, and Mexico to name a few of the folks we had a war with.

bringstheeagle Colorado
03/13/15 4:42 pm

Also China and Russia to name a few we have had other difficulties with. Also, we are striving to have better relations with North Korea and Cuba.

skinner Jersey City
03/13/15 4:30 pm

You could make a compelling case that it is the US's fault, but there's two sides to every coin.

skinner Jersey City
03/13/15 4:32 pm

There is very little we can do at the moment. Our interests and desires in the Middle East and the world at large are diametrically opposed. Our only hope is regime change or liberalization within the Iranian government, but the latter is unlikely.

smacc DunningKruger
03/13/15 4:29 pm

It's never too late. How about forgive and forget but we have to go first.