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ChristIsKing texas
03/14/15 8:43 pm

If you can't tell from my other poll.

ChristIsKing texas
03/14/15 7:25 am

Right now I am 😂

d6410 Texas
03/14/15 7:22 am

Nope, and I don't think it will happen.

10o5t126 ...
03/14/15 7:15 am

I fell in love with her over 28 years ago, so I married her and I'm still head-over-heels in love with her!

03/14/15 6:58 am

After 21 years together I love him more now than ever.

03/13/15 7:48 pm

I love the VW picture!

03/14/15 12:31 pm

I've had three of them, 59, 61 & 66. Splities are the best

03/13/15 5:08 pm


Kay41 the Midwest
03/13/15 5:13 pm

☺ Did you tell him you liked him?

JennaAwesome Book Lover
03/13/15 5:14 pm

That's the funniest thing I've ever heard

Kay41 the Midwest
03/13/15 5:16 pm

Haha! Well, I thought maybe you got up the courage. I know it isn't easy at all.

JennaAwesome Book Lover
03/13/15 5:18 pm

Yeah, no. I feel like he kinda knows, but he hasn't done anything further. Do you want to message me?

Kay41 the Midwest
03/13/15 5:20 pm

You can message me whenever you want if you have questions or anything!

Kay41 the Midwest
03/13/15 4:27 pm

Have, am and always will be! 💖💖

twss trump is a garbage human
03/13/15 4:26 pm

I've thought I was before him, but my husband has been my only true love.