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april4175 March 13th, 2015 7:31pm

Was any member of your family ever involved in the Holocaust (either as a survivor or as a perpetrator)?

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JamesOuk Cleveland
03/15/15 5:22 pm

What about the Khmer Rouge? It was worse and not many people know about it

april4175 Florida
03/16/15 10:23 pm

Maybe your next poll question?

03/14/15 9:39 pm

My husband was born in Germany, the same month that Hitler came to power, August 1933. He was 5 years old on Kristallnacht, November 1938. He has memories of the Nazis coming into their home, smashing things and arresting his father.

03/14/15 9:41 pm

His family was lucky to be able to leave Nazi Germany, not too long after that, in March 1939. However, his grandmother did not come with them and was murdered at Auschwitz.

03/14/15 9:51 pm

Link is my husband telling his story. Two years ago, we went back to Germany, to his home town. In the video, he is being interviewed, by the man who now owns his childhood house.

april4175 Florida
03/15/15 9:24 am

So powerful Grandma, thank you for sharing

03/15/15 3:22 pm


Shazam Scaramouche, OH
03/14/15 6:36 pm

Yes, but as an "ender." Grandfather was in WWII, fighting in Germany.