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achilles2340 Still Exploring Space
03/13/15 9:58 am

Fun fact. That picture on the right excludes the Bushes. They were there as well.

cowboy Proud Father
03/13/15 10:21 am

Another bingo!

Brandon1995 San Francisco
03/13/15 8:55 am

I like the one with Obama in it.

Isomax TIC TOC
03/13/15 8:36 am

Found Dumbo but no Waldo in the red pic.

Diogenes Not Biden It
03/13/15 8:35 am

They're both black and white.

cowboy Proud Father
03/13/15 8:31 am

Can you spot what the difference is between the two pictures?

brisket Illinois
03/13/15 8:49 am

You mean the flags?

Nemacyst No Lives Matter
03/13/15 9:44 am

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iPolitix Political Party Animal
03/13/15 9:44 am

And the 2nd one is full of racists?