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Redacted March 13th, 2015 3:08pm

I have plans tomorrow, so I'm going to geek out today. Happy Pi Day! (3/14) Does your birthday have another meaning to anyone else? Easter, May the fourth (be with you), (Avogadro's day) 10/23, (Remember, remember) the fifth of November, Christmas

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Yoko318 Utah
03/13/15 11:31 pm

Mine's Irish Hangover Day (day after St. Patrick's day).

03/13/15 6:50 pm

I share a birthday with William Shakespeare. Not the same year though 😆

twss trump is a garbage human
03/13/15 1:04 pm

My birthday coincides with Cinco de Mayo. Always a fun time :)

WildRice With a side of sass
03/13/15 8:58 am

Fireflys bday is tomorrow as well 😊

Happy bday! Enjoy!

03/13/15 9:18 am

Thanks but it's not my birthday. It would be nice it if was, I just love pi, it's an intresting number.