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MrMilkdud March 13th, 2015 1:41pm

Did you memorize multiplication tables in elementary school?

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Naterade Rhode Island
03/14/15 8:51 am

No I didn't memorize them, I learned how to multiply.

ChristIsKing texas
03/14/15 7:33 am

More like tried to

03/13/15 11:26 pm

Yeah, but times and methods change.

03/13/15 11:24 pm

I was supposed to but my parents didn't put me in school that year. Not home schooled either, we were moving a lot...

sophodomo 196Cherokee circle ga
03/13/15 10:56 pm

Not all of them yet I have to practice I am 11 steel In 5 grade elementary school 😎😒

Posco teach me
03/13/15 10:42 pm

I wouldn't call it memorization.

2katz I live in Nebraska
03/13/15 10:37 pm

OMG. Miserable memories if my mom drilling me with homemade flash cards for hours. Hated it then, grateful ever since. To not know them is a handicap.

Marzyq South of North Dakota
03/13/15 3:30 pm

I tried to memorize them, but wasn't good with numbers. From 3rd grade on it was all downhill with math.

CudOfCow Oregon
03/13/15 1:29 pm

I only got to my 3's tables because i was bumped up a grade. so...ironically i never learned the rest. I do them in my head now or just use a calculator.

MisterE Conservistan
03/13/15 12:42 pm

I was supposed to memorize them, but I did them in my head instead.

PrincessPetal Austin
03/13/15 8:09 am

Yep, I was terrible at it and hated it

03/13/15 7:40 am

Yes. It came so easy for me

eLucidate writing
03/13/15 7:21 am

I didn't memorize the table per se, but I knew how to compute the values in it.

03/13/15 6:56 am

Yes and I still remember them.

EarlyBird Portland
03/13/15 6:55 am

Yes and I had a very hard time remembering 8's.

cowboy Come on, man
03/13/15 6:54 am

I didn't see the point since I had a calculator. Teachers seem to have been behind the times for a long time. We have the Internet and they're teaching shit like Common Core which tells me that the Government Education Centers are all about agenda.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
03/13/15 6:59 am

It was worse in the 70s. We were still taught how to use a slide rule even though we already had calculators.

cowboy Come on, man
03/13/15 7:09 am

I grew up in the 80s. I remember getting Apple computers in our school. The old woman that "taught us" didn't have any clue about them.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
03/13/15 6:44 am

Yes, I thought that's universally taught.

03/13/15 6:44 am

Yeah, but we had to do tests with 100 multiplication problems in 1 minute in fourth grade. I wasn't fast enough to do it

sophodomo 196Cherokee circle ga
03/13/15 10:59 pm

We have to do that in the 5 grade 😒😰 I'm 11. I'm not fast either