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Ru12bseen March 13th, 2015 12:55pm

Faux Fysix phryday: In concrete there's specialized "lifter" molecules that randomly raise the level of concrete a few millimeters from its cured state. This lift causes poor unsuspecting humans walking on sidewalks to seemingly trip over nothing.

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ladyniner81 I hate people
03/14/15 2:47 am

Now how do I explain tripping on a rug? Yup, only me.

Ru12bseen Ignoring the Ignorant
03/14/15 1:24 pm

There may be Levirete in your rug. See below for what levirete is.

Marzyq South of North Dakota
03/13/15 2:47 pm

That's just funny...simply because we had our driveway poured with concrete yesterday.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/13/15 1:50 pm

That's one hypothesis. The other is that these special molecules somehow affect the human brain, interfering with perception and cognition, or lulling people into a false sense of security that causes them to forget to pay attention to the terrain.

Ru12bseen Ignoring the Ignorant
03/13/15 4:49 pm

Also called, "phone face syndrome"

03/13/15 6:12 am

Yep. That's the only reason people think I'm klutzy. It's the sidewalks. Tripping on stairs is connected. It has to be. It's a concrete conspiracy to injure us all.

Ru12bseen Ignoring the Ignorant
03/13/15 6:14 am

We need to give the molecules a name.

03/13/15 6:26 am

I agree. I just can't think of a clever one yet.

Maynard Londor
03/13/15 6:59 am

Levirete. Concrete + levitate = Levirete molecules.

03/13/15 7:03 am

I'll take it. Good thinking.

Ru12bseen Ignoring the Ignorant
03/13/15 7:13 am

Good one and it sounds fancy b