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Show Of Hands September 28th, 2011 12:00am

Do you live in a house (no shared walls with other residences) or a condo/apartment?

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Joe008 Hawaii
10/09/11 12:40 pm

I have been to a house and an apartment. As a result, I like house better!

09/30/11 9:12 pm

I'm a town home so I do share a wall with others. we have a 5 ft firewall between us though and we are all owners. We got tired of mowing and weed pulling every weekend.

09/30/11 4:38 pm

Well I'm in a townhouse so neither..

09/30/11 2:25 pm

but I have a 03 Honda civic ..... so in LA that's frowned upon lol

09/30/11 2:24 pm

24 years old living in LA owning a condo I paid cash for is the single best thing I ever did

09/30/11 7:07 am

I share no walls! I... I am a home owner. Have been since I was 32.

09/30/11 5:10 am

- George Strait, "House With No Doors".

09/30/11 5:08 am

He said if you build this for me, then when she comes back, she'll never be able to leave me again.

09/30/11 5:07 am

His face looked so sad, and he carried a set of blueprints. And as I unrolled them, the first thing I noticed was there were no doors in the plans.

09/30/11 5:07 am

I was there in my trailer, down at the job site, the day that this stranger walked in.

09/30/11 3:04 am

Dundee! Share left, right, & ceiling but love the neighborhood.

Priceless Kentucky
09/29/11 11:20 pm

love our condo, did not think I would....should have made the leap sooner! Don't worry about yard work, roof repairs or outside painting. Traded it for sitting by the pool instead :)

Nerdz Texas
09/29/11 10:06 pm

use to live in apartments with my family but now we live in a house

09/29/11 9:45 pm

I live in a home with my parents and sister. Yes.

09/29/11 10:11 am

You misspelled 'pimp'

09/29/11 7:48 am

so only DC has more apt ppl

Soitgoes Missouri
09/29/11 2:39 am

I have a pretty big house, 25 bedrooms, 45 1/2 baths, a fountain of liquid perscription pain killers, oh wait, I have none of these things. I'm just a HUGE DOUCHE NAMED VANGAURD!!!

applestar Florida
09/28/11 11:35 pm

then we bought our house. we were lucky enough to buy our house at a reasonable price once everything started to fall.

applestar Florida
09/28/11 11:34 pm

own a house because the husband and I lived with our respective parents until we got married. saved for 4 years working full time!

09/28/11 11:27 pm

I can't believe how close jmjohnson got in his prediction

09/28/11 11:25 pm

lol @ vanguarde. How did we do to predict what you'd say (check bottom comments)?

Jzz California
09/28/11 11:22 pm

Then Vanguarde, you have a warped sense of self worth.

09/28/11 11:06 pm

I live in a home I co-designed. It is 29,000 square feet. This is why I am better than most people. My master bathroom cost more to build than most if you make in a year - period.

officereric Texas
09/28/11 10:31 pm

Think a better poll option would be do you pay a mortgage or lease/rent?

09/28/11 10:28 pm

well just cause you live in an apartment doesn't make you poor and it's not bad if your poor as long as your trying and oh ya stupid danjulmom Oprah can live wherever she wants

09/28/11 10:24 pm

I'll never live in an apartment.

redebbm 91709
09/28/11 8:58 pm

House currently but I'm looking into moving into a mixed used apartment building in a few years. Much more walk/transit friendly. Somewhere that includes a gym & pool ^_^

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/28/11 8:48 pm

Own. The tsunami evacuation line goes through our yard. The house is on the stay side. Were at 17 feet

09/28/11 8:40 pm

@sinuous00 how would you define a duplex then?

09/28/11 8:33 pm

Seriously? You had to define house? Shows the confidence you have w/the intelligence levels of ppl in here. Wow

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
09/28/11 8:29 pm

Centrist we are not rich. We use credit cards for monthly purchases and pay them off every month. We save some money every paycheck even if it means we go without some luxuries that month. We spend our money wisely and sacrifice to live comfortable lives.

blutuesday California
09/28/11 8:11 pm

The real Oprah also owns a mansion in Santa Barbara and probably a handful of other homes...

09/28/11 7:47 pm

places like Kentucky and Oklahoma have more homes than places like NewYork and Pittsburg

staunch hawaii
09/28/11 7:28 pm

Apartment unfortunately, can't afford much around here. Better than a car though...

09/28/11 7:26 pm

Opraah... poor, dependent, and parasitic. Only 10%? Thought it would be higher.

09/28/11 7:14 pm

What does the fake Oprah live in?

09/28/11 7:05 pm

I'll take my 2000 sq ft. house for less than 200k any day

09/28/11 7:04 pm

big city folk usually live in apartments unless they like the long commute. freaking NYC apts can cost $1 million

Peaceful Minnesota
09/28/11 6:55 pm

Oh & btw the real Oprah lives in an apartment

eradicator JC
09/28/11 6:41 pm

Yeah, all those poor democrats living in apartments on Park Avenue. Breaks your heart.

anonymom Virginia
09/28/11 6:39 pm

Hahaha....owning a home doesn't mean you're rich. Not by a long shot.

09/28/11 6:24 pm

10% more of democrats are poor

AJ22 Virginia
09/28/11 6:14 pm

Apartment for 1 more month then townhouse. If I can get a promotion then I'll find a defaulted house were ever I move to and fix that sucker up. Fix rate mortgage ftw.