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Show Of Hands January 6th, 2012 12:00am

Do you approve of the job performance of your own Congressional representative?

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01/18/12 9:50 am

Rick Scott is an idiot and has ruined Florida.

01/14/12 2:12 pm

I live in Texas, of course not.

01/10/12 8:54 pm

Republicans have fox noise to lie to them to keep up there support....

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/08/12 12:04 pm

@r@ndom, congress is ineffective because it's representative of our country now. Very polarized & divided. & you are very correct about voters. They are quick to condemn congress, yet, like lemmings, they buy the Kool-Aid that's being sold, and send the same buncha thieves & liars back to DC.

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/08/12 11:07 am

@ace21, how bout that person who has Nancy (inside trading, you gotta pass the bill to see what's in it, multi-millionaire) Pelosi. Personally I'd rather have Bachman.

01/08/12 8:50 am

Congress is so ineffective. People vote for the same representatives each year, because they assume the person did a good job last year.

rpanuli Tahoe
01/07/12 11:00 pm

And Harry Reid and Dean Heller over in the senate are just as bad, if not worse, than Marc Amodei (at least he's only been in office for 4 months)...
I only have three representatives in congress (like every other American) and I don't approve of the job that any of them are doing!

rpanuli Tahoe
01/07/12 10:56 pm

Not even a little bit... Nevada just held a very heated and ugly special election in September where we elected Marc Amodei only to have him turn around and begin campaigning for reelection this year... What a waste of tax-payer dollars just to have someone add to gridlock in Washington!!!

01/07/12 6:18 pm

@geoag02: See the first 6 to 12 months of GWB's first term. In general you are right - for both parties - which is what pisses off us GDIs; but nothing is absolute.

At any rate, anyone who voted 'yes'... please provide the name of the congressman (or woman) to whom you are referring.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
01/07/12 8:01 am

And the year before that when the democrats controlled both houses they still couldn't pass a budget. At least now a budget has passed the house that is under republican control.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
01/07/12 7:59 am

The reason that a budget hasn't been passed in the last year is because Harry Reid wont bring any of the budgets that have passed the house up for a vote in the senate. Who would you say is being an obstructionist here?

geoag02 Dallas, TX
01/07/12 7:55 am

@enuf4me: The only difference between what is going on now and the status quo is that the republicans are demanding their way on a few things also. Tell me at what point in the last 50 years or so have the democrats not been obstructionist?

01/07/12 3:19 am

I like my Congressman but my senators have been pretty much MIA as far as I can tell ...

cato Santa Barbara, California
01/07/12 2:09 am

The results are hilarious. Congress has a 10% approval rating but 36% on this thread say the problem isn't THEIR reps! Americans deserve the shit government we have!

Ace21 Fillmore, San Francisco
01/06/12 11:46 pm

Can't wait until more Weeper of the House!

Ace21 Fillmore, San Francisco
01/06/12 11:45 pm

I would sure hate to be a constituent of Bachman or Racist Ron

01/06/12 9:35 pm

My congressman is Pat Tieberi and I 100% approve. He puts Ohio and the USA first, not a party and is always available and helpful to constituents.

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/06/12 6:52 pm

Some people just can't help themselves

gardianlh Oregon
01/06/12 6:18 pm

We don't have one!!! GO OREGON!!! Were fucked...

01/06/12 1:51 pm

@Gunnysgt I totally agree. Unfortunately, he is the one not seeking reelection. Go figure.

NYevo NY
01/06/12 1:27 pm

@Gunnysgt: yup, that was the sad part.

01/06/12 1:20 pm

All due to the obstructionist obstinancy of the Republicans who have consistently refused to compromise on ANYTHING because they are more interested in getting their own way than in getting anything done as long as a Democrat is President. Party politics at its worst.

01/06/12 1:15 pm

@Gunny - any congressman who actually writes back is worth his weight in gold. I can respect that even if I disagree with his politics. Shame yours is retiring...

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/06/12 12:22 pm

@jples, the only one we have worth a semi-hoot is Jim Webb. I've written my rep & Warner a few times over various issues, and the ONLY one to correspond with me was Webb. And he's retiring.

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/06/12 12:19 pm

@hazhap, not all change is good. The Obama had 2 years to push through whatever he wanted, with Comrade Reid & Super Comrade Pelosi, and they squandered the chance. So now he has to deal with the consequences of their inaction. Pelosi & Reid couldn't even produce a budget. All due to electioneering.

01/06/12 11:50 am

My congressman is Eric Cantor. I do not approve of him just because we don't agree on issues, because I usually disagree with my congressman no matter who they are. I disapprove of him because he does not talk to nor spend time with his constituents. Trust me, I have tried!

01/06/12 10:53 am make 100% sure that Obama's policies fail. It's actually saving the country, HazHap. You should be thanking us.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
01/06/12 10:53 am

The republicans are willing to destroy the country just so one man doesn't get re-elected. One man!
I can't even believe people would allow this, nor fall for their lies and actually vote for these people again.
People are so F'in stupid.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
01/06/12 10:50 am

Obama got like two things done before the Republicans decided to stop all progress what-so-ever. How you can blame the president when Congress is controlled by people who will stop at nothing to make 100% sure the country fails just so they can blame him for it, is beyond me.

01/06/12 10:10 am

I firmly believe that America is becoming a deadbeat nation under Ofama.

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/06/12 10:06 am

@NYevo, it's obvious isn't it? People keep believing their lies & false promises. Most national polls indicate that about %90 of Americans disapprove of congress, yet the same old stale thieving faces (or their facsimiles) keep showing up in DC. (District of Corruption).

01/06/12 9:34 am

Thankfully, I've got Jim DeMint in the Senate. He's done a great job, and would love to see him make a run for the White House one day. Then again, we've also go Lindsay Grahmn, who's useless!

01/06/12 9:23 am

2ndafe, I've heard about josh Mandel-very impressive. I'm nowhere near you but if I were he'd have my vote.

01/06/12 5:55 am

Congressman Carter voted for the NDAA thereby repealing the fifth amendment. he had the audacity or ignorance to send me an email saying it didn't contain provisions to allow indefinite detention of US citizens.

01/06/12 5:28 am

Well said hazhap. I'd rather let gays marry then have to pay more taxes while some big company gets a discount so that it can "trickle down"... Etc

DB1984 Pennsylvania
01/06/12 5:11 am

I approve of Senator Toomey and Disapprove of Senator Casey and Rep.Brady

cowboy Doors of Perception
01/06/12 4:51 am

I think you'd probably even like the Liberal Republican Mark Kirk.

cowboy Doors of Perception
01/06/12 4:49 am

And I'll take the gun toting rednecks. Deal?

cowboy Doors of Perception
01/06/12 4:48 am

@veritas Maybe we can switch places. I'm sure you'll get along just fine with Leftists like Dick Durban and Rham Emanuel running things here.

NYevo NY
01/06/12 4:03 am

Where do you think all these sh-t congress people come from and why do you think they get elected? The answer is quite sad

bbkkanders Kentucky
01/06/12 3:58 am

I think they should all be voted out for Hussain down.

cato Santa Barbara, California
01/06/12 12:43 am

Mine is a jackoff. I am going to run against him and unseat his big government ass!

val0r Florida
01/05/12 11:59 pm

Florida Congressional D-3 ... striking evidence of a broken system & ignorant voters

hazhap1 Las Vegas
01/05/12 11:51 pm

It might be time for people to take a little personal responsibility. When you fall for these "moral" social issue distractions you forfeit your right to complain when the people who promise not to let in more Mexicans, or stop the gays from marrying destroy the entire country in every other way.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/05/12 10:37 pm

Pete DeFazio is excellent. Different party than I lean, however he does not go by party line. Does a great job for Oregon and the United States of America. Has had the same car for years.

veritas1 Panda
01/05/12 10:28 pm

@TravN. Burgess is an idiot! Him and sessions and the rest of 'em.

veritas1 Panda
01/05/12 10:27 pm

@RJ He's going to be a senator next year so now you have to deal with this idiot, too. And he will win. People can't get enough of this "Obama's War on Texas" stuff.