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Show Of Hands August 4th, 2012 12:00am

If you were allowed to wear flippers and Michael Phelps had to wear 10lb ankle weights, could you beat him in a race down one length of the pool?

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08/11/12 8:37 pm

Have to consider that the pool is likely 2x the length of what most people are used to, though, which can bring in fatigue questions. No wall to boost you, too. If you are in pretty good shape and could pick the stroke, maybe it could be done. I'll opt out of the flippers and go w/ breaststroke.

08/11/12 8:33 pm

The weights on the ankles are a big factor - but more in some strokes than others. Breaststroke with ankle weights would be a pain. Still, he is double jointed...Good point about the increased density of the weights in water relative to air, though.

08/10/12 9:15 am

The ankle weights are a big hindrance. The flippers are an advantage but they would be far more significant on a longer race because flippers really exist to make you more efficient not faster

08/09/12 10:54 pm

@ awesome-whatever. They're 20lbsof weight. If he weighs 150 then now he weighs 170.... He can still swim. Duh!!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/07/12 5:13 am

You all need a boost in your self confidence. I could totally beat him under those conditions. First, flippers are amazing for swimming. Second, 10 lbs. would jump to 15-20 lbs. as soon as he stepped into the water. Third, the drag from the weights would slow him further. Butch up You Sallies!

08/06/12 8:01 pm

Ok, idiots - a human can swim because they are LESS DENSE than water. Of you added weights, he'd be MORE DENSE than water. He couldn't swim because he wouldn't be able to float.

08/06/12 7:26 pm

I'd like to know how fast he can swim with those ankle weights...

08/06/12 12:50 pm

@ubermommy but it is only 20 extra pounds and he's one of the best swimmers in the world

08/06/12 10:43 am

Come on now, I know a lot of people are out of shape, but they must also be flunking science or not swimming. More than strength, swimming first requires flotation! Mike's strength isn't going to compensate for the fact that he'll be dragging his feet along the bottom!

08/06/12 9:26 am

I'm pretty sure the flippers would slow me down more than the 10 lb weights would slow him down.

08/05/12 9:31 pm

Maybe of you were another Olympic swimmer. I wouldn't be surprised if he has trained with weights on his ankles.

08/05/12 9:30 pm

I swim slower with slippers and I can hardly swim normally.

08/05/12 8:56 pm

Yea, probably. What are you guys retarded of something?

08/05/12 8:07 pm

At Chris, even if you're not taller, flippers give you a HUGE advantage and the 20 extra on his ANKLES make it easy for most people in shape

chrismisen atlanta
08/05/12 6:51 pm

yea, i think so. im taller than him, and flippers give you a distinct advantage.

08/05/12 6:42 pm

Ok that's 20 extra lbs on his ankles meaning he can't kick as fast, plus wearing flippers make you fast as hell without using much energy, so unless your a complete lard, just about anyone could if they have at last SOME muscle mass

veryfancy Houston
08/05/12 6:32 pm

Yeah, maybe with that, a wetsuit, some paddles...

landrew Southern California
08/05/12 3:44 pm

I'm a good competitive swimmer I might be able to.

08/05/12 1:17 pm

For all you who say you can't swim, please go take lessons somewhere. You just don't know how much fun being in the water can be!

08/05/12 10:52 am

NO. But it depends on the stroke

FakeSound Arizona
08/05/12 10:50 am

Physically, he's a freak that's perfectly built for the sport.

08/05/12 9:34 am

He would just do the butterfly to beat me.

08/05/12 8:15 am

Ten pounds on each ankle is a lot. Is hard to even push off the bottom of a 14 ft pool and reach the top. And I couldn't use my arms with that because they were diving bricks.

08/05/12 7:48 am

How many of us are extremely fast, strong swimmers? I mean, a lot of people are good swimmers, but this man is the most decorated Olympian of ALL TIME. Only a few people in the work can beat him.

08/05/12 7:40 am

I'd be too busy checking him out from the neck down & would totally miss my start :-)

08/05/12 4:47 am

I highly doubt it. He made it to the Olympics when he was just 15. Will we be seeing you in rio?

08/05/12 4:44 am

I've swam meets in lcm pools. I train in scy. I was about 12 at the time and did a 200 IM. It was not that bad compared to my usual scy pool.

08/05/12 12:08 am

Notice that the actual swimmers think that they MIGHT have a chance. I don't think many here realize how long a 50 meter pool actually is. You'll be gasping for air before you get half way.

cam7205 South Carolina
08/04/12 9:11 pm

I'm a competitive year-round swimmer so yes!

tdyakker lost
08/04/12 8:27 pm

Gimme a boat with an engine and id still lose!

08/04/12 8:27 pm

No way... I'm a strong swimmer but he is world class... No way 99% of people could beat hi. Even with the advantage.

hippiedude fields of green
08/04/12 8:13 pm

I'm a lifeguard so I think I probably could because I've gotten much better at swimming just from watching kids classes and swim team. I think I would atleast have a chance.

08/04/12 8:01 pm

ONLY because its one length.
Anything longer than that no chance

08/04/12 7:47 pm

I'm a beat in the pool. Just give home the weights.

08/04/12 7:43 pm

I agree with Zach100

But anyways Michael phelps is beast so I think he'd at least need forty pounds for it to even Lil the
Playing field haha