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Show Of Hands May 8th, 2012 12:00am

Is your Body Mass Index 30 or higher? (google "BMI calculator" and plug in your stats to find out)

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05/14/12 8:06 pm

Now that's just sad that that many people are in the obese range

05/14/12 7:25 am diets just a younger next year philosophy

05/13/12 8:26 am

most people answering this question are apparently fibbing.

donyewest Georgia
05/12/12 12:20 pm

Let's get this thing started... >South Dakota

Metal4life California
05/11/12 10:17 pm

booknerd: you are slightly underweight, like me, i have a 18.5

Nerdz Texas
05/11/12 8:08 pm

mine is 18.4 is that good or bad?

mrngglry Pennsylvania
05/11/12 4:46 pm

Why do I get the feeling some people who voted are lying? LOL! I'm not bad for 43, but not where I should be. 5 years ago I was 180lbs at 5'9" and 14% body fat. Core Performance by Mark Verstegen is my favorite workout plan.

philmchawk Gaia Agia
05/11/12 2:10 pm

I gotta work on upper body, but the rest of me is toned pretty nicely; I have decent definition everywhere except my calves and arms lol This summer my calves will be fixed simply with my job (street canvassing in a metro /political activism) but the arms will require actual attention and workouts.

05/11/12 5:04 am

BMIs are pretty faulty, though, they assume all extra weight is fat. So it doesn't work for anyone with much muscle.

05/11/12 5:03 am

@hvp Yeah, I actually am slightly underweight due to medical reasons. I was taking a medication that made me lose ten pounds. I'm slowly regaining it back, though, with my doctors awareness and everything.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/11/12 4:52 am

@veritas… pffft. Well, you've obviously been doing a bit more running than I have in the past year. Lol Tomorrow I'm going for my longest run to date. 2.25 miles. Progress anyway, just super slow.

05/10/12 9:32 pm

29.4! Sweet :-). I lost 25 lbs over the last 30 days. A month ago I would have definitely been on the other side of the equation. Unfortunately, i'm just 1 happy meal away from "yes". Motivation!

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
05/10/12 4:39 pm

30.8. That calculator is messed up. I'm overweight, but no way I'm "obese". When I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, I weighed 143lbs and was so skinny I looked like I was going to die. That's right in the middle of "normal" according to that scale. Ridiculous.

05/10/12 2:37 pm

AirForceFD, I'm 51, 5'4" and still waiting to grow another inch, lol. Who says I can't still have a growth spurt?

Itabliss Hello
05/10/12 9:12 am

Jdoe>> there isn't a reputable doctor in the world that will tell you BMI is a good measure of healthy.

Itabliss Hello
05/10/12 8:47 am

BMI is a terrible calculator for health and healthy weight. Especially if you DO work out and strength train. Conversely, measuring within you "healthy weight" range in no way indicates you are healthy.

05/10/12 7:42 am

@dlb.. Grow an inch. That should drop you by about .8 lol

shannynh Arizona via SF Bay Area
05/10/12 5:51 am

21.3, not bad, but it could be better. Before kids my bmi was about 19.

vanguarde Kennesaw, GA
05/10/12 4:01 am

A lot of people on here are liars. I know more than 31% of the country has a higher BMI than 30%.

05/10/12 2:54 am

Just in - the surprising discovery for anybody who feels they weigh to much and doesn't suffer from thyroid malfunction or such: you can lose weight by eating less than you burn.
No special diet, money or equipment needed - just eat less, period.

05/10/12 2:26 am

@Nostromo- maybe- but you can see fat a mile away!

05/10/12 2:24 am that bad?! Who cares- life causes death- or so I'm told! Lol

philmchawk Gaia Agia
05/10/12 1:24 am

18.70 BMI. Not sure of my body fat percentage, but it's low. I'm rail fucking thin lol

Diogenes FreeMeBe
05/09/12 11:42 pm

BMI is a "standardized" assessment and is valid for only "average" persons. Take any professional athlete over an average height for his/her gender and BMI will show them as "overweight" even though their body fat is <4%.

This is another example of one sized test is not valid for everybody.

swa North Carolina
05/09/12 10:57 pm

According to the poll thus far, middle class folk over 40 are the obese.

fendergirl Ohio
05/09/12 9:46 pm

BMI isn't perfect but it's a good basis for most people. Yeah, it doesn't take a lot of things into account, but if an average person has a 25 or something, that's good to go off of. Also, <18.5 is "technically" underweight, 18.5-24.9 is average, 25-29.9 is overweight and >30 is obese. Technically.

DrReid Ever present.
05/09/12 7:38 pm

I have a BMI of 15.7. I really need to gain weight...

FrankLunts Fredericksburg, VA
05/09/12 7:34 pm

The fact that I'm only three short of 30 is enough to make me realize I need to change.

veritas1 Panda
05/09/12 7:28 pm

BMI of 17. Body Fat % of 7.4%. Typical runner's physique.

05/09/12 7:26 pm

I'm 29..ugh. Could be worse but gave birth 4 months ago so trying not to be too hard on myself. Though, personally, I've heard from my former doc that the BMI is really not a great indicator of health. It fails to take into account a variety of factors, including body type, genetics, etc.

FearToFall what is this for
05/09/12 7:18 pm

I have a 20.5
...I think that's pretty good for me at 5'8" and around 135 pounds.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/09/12 6:35 pm

@Purple yep. That's like walking oil barrels most of the time if you're over 30 BMI and it's not because of muscle.

05/09/12 6:17 pm

@jdoe it's common sense lol. A 6'0" guy that weighs 210 lbs with 11% body fat is the same rating on the BMI scale as a 6'0" 210 lb guy with 30% body fat. Same rating but two VERY different body types

chrismisen atlanta
05/09/12 5:52 pm

im right at 25. the bmi calculator is inaccurate because it doesnt account for muscle. i know one dude who has like 5% body fat, and his bmi is in the 30s because he has close to 60 pounds in muscle weight.

05/09/12 5:49 pm

Hahaha. I'm hearing a lot of "I'm not fat, I'm big boned!" I gained 20lbs after I quit smoking. Now attempting to sculpt this mass back into shape!

JDoe Its a gift
05/09/12 5:42 pm

I guess those criticizing the results of the BMI results and their interpretation must have greater medical knowledge than the CDC, the AMA, and the other medical sources. I'm sure it's not some kind of denial.

JDoe Its a gift
05/09/12 5:37 pm

24.4. at 50+ years old although it isn't without some effort

05/09/12 5:17 pm

I'm a fat ass and proud of it!