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Should we increase offshore drilling for oil?

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08/28/12 6:58 pm

Were ruining our enviorment

08/27/12 7:11 pm

The normal laws of supply and demand do not apply to there is no reason to drill more, you're going to get soaked regardless...

08/27/12 7:10 pm

Wow...these comments are amazing...I saw a few posters mentioning that oil is sold on the world market, but not enough of them...the US could have enough oil to last for the next thousand years and it wouldn't matter...stop making oil a commodity and you'll see a reduction in price real quick...

ishady 86451132020
08/27/12 9:56 am

The sun gives us more energy in an hour than we use all year. And the sun isn't charging for it.

Jefff22 Arizona
08/26/12 11:18 pm

We need to focus on alternative energy sources. They create jobs, safer and more efficient energy, last longer than fossil fuels, and are cleaner for the environment.

08/26/12 8:42 pm

Don't know if it possible, but if I were in charge I would only approve more off shore drilling if it stayed here or sold to our allies. We need to be more energy independent.

ishady 86451132020
08/26/12 10:12 am

And we should drill in deep water if regulations are met.

ishady 86451132020
08/26/12 10:05 am

The taxes on gas in 2000 were 30% ,today they are 12%. Still high I agree. The diesel tax should be lowered. Oil company profits broke records last year. They won't lower the price because they are finding more oil here, they just sell it overseas for more profits.

08/26/12 5:52 am

And when did potential catastrophic possibilities ever stop man from accomplishing things by the way?

08/26/12 5:51 am

Alexxr; so whats out their right now that can take the place of gasoline? Whats on the horizon say in the next 10 years, 20, 30? And yeah I heard about electric cars that use coal fired power plants to recharge, maybe steam?

08/26/12 5:47 am

for you to pump it in your car while you get a soda? Yep thats a crappy company all right!

08/26/12 5:45 am

Ishady: yeah you are right uhhh huh. Thats why we haven't had gas lines since Carter! You do realize the federal government makes more off of a gallon of gas then the company that explores, drills, transports it to a refinery, turns it into a gallon of gas, transports it to a convenient place for

08/26/12 5:41 am

Alexxr; trust me, think how many more jobs and fuel if we could go into Colorado, Wyoming Idaho!

ishady 86451132020
08/26/12 4:07 am

The oil companies don't want cheap gas. They also don't want you to use less. They are giving millions to the GOP to keep their profits high, not to help the American ppl.

08/25/12 8:15 pm

@nvr2L8. Oooh trust me, I'm rocky mountain man, I live real close to the Bakken formation, trust me, we're drilling.

08/25/12 5:40 pm

Yes! And we should use it here instead of shipping it out to Venezuela. That's right people. We are now sending our oil to Venezuela because Chavez screwed up

08/25/12 10:58 am

Yes we need to keep drilling while seeking out better alternatives the 2 should not be mutually exclusive

08/25/12 10:14 am

Allexr; had you read any of my earliest posts you would see I'm for drilling in the Rockies there is enough oil for the next 200 years! But obamas got it off the market.

08/25/12 8:02 am

@nvr2L8 it's not about weening ourselves off of oil, although its inevitable. It's about offshore drilling, it's potentially catastrophic. The sooner we discover and harness new technologies and energy acquisition methods, the sooner we can have a less costly and more efficient energy future.

08/25/12 7:19 am

This question speaks volumes between the left and the right and the left's Complete inability to see simple reality.

08/25/12 6:58 am

The proposed obama budget calls for cutting 36.5 Billion in oil and gas subsidies. That is the largest amount subsidized of all the other fossil fuel subsidies combined. Thats about 120 dollars per citizen.

08/25/12 6:50 am

Fossil fuel production is subsidized. Anyone who says it isnt subsidized by billions of dollars is wrong and has no idea what they are talking about.

HolyBabble Mississippi
08/25/12 6:48 am

Oil and water don't mix, therefore oil spills do not cause any harm to our oceans. Oil is natural and things that are natural can not cause harm to the environment or wildlife. I get oil on my sandwich every time I go to Subway and it has not harmed me.

08/25/12 6:44 am

In2011 the US produced more crudeoil then it consumed.If we produce more oil it does nothing 2lower the price.It simply puts more money in corporate coffers. U want 2give less money 2the middle east?Use less fossil fuels.Worried about our debt 2 china? Stop buying Cheap disposable goods from china.

08/25/12 6:31 am

Burning vehicle.
This crap about oil company subsidies is ridicules! The government doesn't write a check to Shell oil or any other oil company! At least check out the lies! I doubt very many of you ever lived through gas shortages! How do you like it when the electricity goes out?

08/25/12 6:27 am

The problem I see with liberals is its always all or nothing. Just because you don't like fossil fuels doesn't mean you can force your belief on those of us that need our vehicles to work and produce all the things you enjoy. You know like food, your iproduct all were delivered by a fossil fuel

08/25/12 6:25 am

Bchstusa; just because you choose to ride your bike take the bus or whatever doesn't mean the rest of the world can/wants too. How do you think groceries get to the stores? Bikes get to the stores? Its fine to research and look for alternatives but in the mean time hammer down with oil exploration.

08/25/12 6:00 am

I hate being negative and I look towered a brighter future. However many people aren't realistic. It is a fact that even if we stopped all emissions today, the earths temp would still rise a degree (from emissions not yet risen to the ozone) causing extremes in weather (typhoons in the us, etc. )

your1pest California
08/25/12 5:49 am

Wow..,500 years? Well that takes care of YOUR lifetime! Who cares after that, right?

your1pest California
08/25/12 5:46 am

There never will be an alternative with that attitude.

08/25/12 5:08 am

No we need to start looking for alternate energy. But hey what the heck, we've already basically destroyed the environment and condemned the planet.

08/24/12 11:53 pm

Notquitewhite, you'll just have to learn to masturbate with butter or olive oil or something. Besides, all of that petroleum can't be good for your junk, although it looks cool under a black light...

08/24/12 11:47 pm

... and self-righteously claiming that you can ignore valid arguments because of their use is a f*cking cop-out. See that? See how, like a thinking human, I wasn't afraid to use a word for emphasis just because of how the random assemblage of sound made my imaginary sky-friend feel?

08/24/12 11:42 pm

besmart, waaah waaah waaah. Does it hurt your 7 year old ears to hear grown-up words? "Swear" words are the same as other words - random assemblages of phonemes to which we have ascribed various meanings. Being afraid of them doesn't make you more adult ...

08/24/12 11:03 pm

Allow the drilling but move the subsidies to alternate energy. The future is not with oil.

dflem Arizona
08/24/12 9:42 pm

Suck it up now or later it'll run out eventually. drill now but find solutions that are sustainable and cheap like biofuels. Oil won't last forever

08/24/12 9:27 pm

Eggless you lost any credibility with your swearing.

08/24/12 9:27 pm

60% of respondents whom I would guess most are voters lean towards more drilling etc. What does this say about our elected officials???

NotQuiteWhite Earth
08/24/12 9:17 pm

Solar power will not replace my Vaseline supply.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/24/12 7:44 pm

@nvr2l8: "there's no alternative" to driving???? You're kidding. So keep drilling into/raping our earth for this oil because you don't want more mass transportation?

08/24/12 7:36 pm

Not only drill off coast, but find other ways to supply our energy needs. This way we are not dependent on other countries!

08/24/12 7:32 pm

Stop sending money to other countries!

08/24/12 7:15 pm

If we used citizens' f*cking tax dollars to subsidize solar the way we use them to line the coffers of oil, coal, and gas companies, solar would outcompete fossil fuels in every community. If you refuse to admit this, and refuse to be outraged by it, you are wasting our f*cking time and money.

08/24/12 7:12 pm

$72Bn in subsidies over the last 5 years to fossil fuel industries, $1Bn in the same time span to solar. All this "no viable alternative" waffling, apologist crap is a load of reeking pigsh*t.