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Did you pay for (all or most of) your first car, or was it a gift? (UserQ)

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kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
10/04/11 12:08 am

I get to use my parents cars whenever. If I run out of gas while using it, I pay for it. I know when I get my own car, I'll be paying for every bit of it. Not getting one till I absolutely need it.

10/03/11 12:10 am

@jamesjelly wtf A car for only $900 bucks it must 500 years old and have 250000 miles on it geez

10/03/11 12:10 am

@jamesjelly wtf A car for only $900 bucks it must 500 years old and have 250000 miles on it geez

10/03/11 12:07 am

My challenger concept 2011 was my 18th bday gift :)

10/02/11 9:03 pm

I had to share a car with my mom.

09/29/11 9:09 am

I am fortunate enough to have amazing parents who bought me a Mercedes.

09/22/11 7:11 am

I think it is fine to give your child a car. I think it is best to give them a "hand me car.

09/22/11 4:18 am

go figure most of Californians were gifted with it.......... I am from the east coast but live here now

09/22/11 3:42 am

My first car, a Bentley, was a gift from my dear grandmother when I was 15.

redebbm 91709
09/22/11 3:34 am

94 Honda Accord, which became a 03 Ford Focus after someone hit me. Was given by my grandma, miss you! going to buy a 2012 ford focus or fiesta as my next car.

09/22/11 1:47 am

I think the income difference is interesting.

godcyanide Probably gone for good
09/21/11 10:33 pm

It was a 1980 Buick Century with an underpowered engine, for the record. I think it was a 1985 Century's engine - the '85 Century's body was ~500 lbs. less than the '80's body. So, yeah. But it did get me around, so I ain't complaining. :D

godcyanide Probably gone for good
09/21/11 10:30 pm

My first "car" was a gift. The 6 hamsterpower mobile would only be a gift. ;) Fastest I got it was 72 downhill with the pedal floored. But it got me around for four years. Someone broke into it and stole the battery; I left instructions (and $10) for future thieves to just take the car far away. ;)

09/21/11 5:44 pm

I bought my first car in 1994, a Ford Tempo, when I was 16. I have worked since I was 12 and had a pretty significant down payment and worked enough to pay for insurance and monthly payments. But, my dad gave me his A plan discount and let me use his credit, so that was a gift.

LicensedNe North Carolina
09/21/11 2:28 pm

My dad keeps trying to hide it in, but he really wants me to give me a car as his gift to me.

09/21/11 1:14 pm

Oh man do I wish someone bought my first car for me. Wasn't born into $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Haha, nope everything I have I've bought. Working since I was a young buck.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
09/21/11 12:16 pm

My son is 10 months and already has enough $ in bonds to get a car, but let me tell you, he's going to work for every cent. It's a great life lesson. All done with love of course ;)

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
09/21/11 12:15 pm

Too funny. Over the ages , 40+ mostly paid while every generation after was more and more spoiled! :) god bless america! LoL

09/21/11 12:08 pm

Reading the comments... Kids, your parents buy you a car be grateful regardless. It's a free car. That's huge. You have no idea how amazing that is!
I'm happy for our car with no FM radio, ac, heater, electric anything, it's almost 15 years old, has 150,000 miles +. Lots of repairs. It's crappy.

09/21/11 11:56 am

My parents let me use the extra car when I was living at home, but the first car I really owned is the one we have now- a 1997 Dodge Stratus. Got it for $600 earlier this year!

MrChris80 California
09/21/11 11:27 am

In 2000, i bought a 94 Honda Civic hatchback from my dad. Miss that car. It was quick and very fuel efficient. Put in a nice sound system too, of course. :)

09/21/11 10:48 am

1988 Geo/Metro $1800 100% paid by me and that thing ran like a champ!!!

NotAsheep Nevada
09/21/11 9:14 am

I had to do 200 hours of lawn care, and agree to drive my grandparents EVERYWHERE for a 2 year old Volvo S80. Not a bad deal really lol

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
09/21/11 8:35 am

Asked a man at my church if I could buy his old car. He said "No. As soon as I sell it to you, it'll break down... You can have it." Had lots of respect for him before that; one of the few people my parents trusted enough to keep me as a kid. Sold it years later & got word he passed away same day.

andi24 Ohio
09/21/11 7:39 am

I guess it would be considered a gift. My mom already had it paid off and was buying herself a new car anyway. Second car I bought on my own

09/21/11 7:06 am

My first was a 98 Honda that had 100,000+ miles on it. I still have it and have 230,000+ miles on it. Good engine, and I plan on driving it to 300,00+ if it will last that long.

09/21/11 6:58 am

Always loved new cars and have had a new car every 3-5 years. My second car was a 1977 Camaro... Thankfully that car company has not gone out of business. I spoiled myself ... lol

09/21/11 6:55 am

My first car was a brand new 1974 AMC Hornet in Copper :) My parents didn't have the money to buy me any car old or new. Pretty sure they would have if they could. I've been working since I'm 16.

09/21/11 5:42 am

It was a gift from a girlfriend that moved to California and she was afraid her old junker wouldn't make the trip. It wouldn't have. It died about two months later. 

09/21/11 3:04 am

Oh wow I read the question completely wrong lol..My "FIRST" car I actually bought myself when I was in 11th grade..I bought it from my moms bf, was $1200...but of course I worked all throughout HS and took me FOREVER to save for it b/c obviously I couldn't work many hours in HS

Peaceful Minnesota
09/21/11 2:33 am

Sh!t brown chevy Malibu like 15 yrs old. I also pd for my own ins($100~/mo & gas(which was like $2/gal) & I did my own maint(w/ help frm dad, i took shop in hs)rolled it 5 mos later. Gota love mn winters!

Peaceful Minnesota
09/21/11 2:31 am

My parents owed me from all the times they had borrowed(i wrkd at mcd)so when my mom got $ instead of paying me back she just gave me her k car. So i guess u can say i pd for it(i would've rather picked something else)..

09/21/11 1:41 am

I consider the family BMW to be mine still.

09/21/11 1:31 am

My daughters father bought my car back when we were 2gether 2 yrs b4 her. and was really the sweetest thing ever! Not to mention it was a cute 2 door w/ chrome rims (which I ruined by driving them throughout the winter) n tinted windows; CONTRARY to the OLD Corsica I had, runnin on its last leg lol

09/21/11 1:19 am

My first car was a gift, but it was also only $200.00 and I had to fix it up before it was drivable.

09/21/11 12:40 am

That is what's wrong with my generation. I'm 17 and just bought my own car. Paid for all by myself including gas, insurance, maintenance, etc. Everyone in this generation think they DESERVE things instead of earning them. Entitlement is a shame. Parents are also to blame as well...they raised us!

09/21/11 12:39 am

@etsu- guess the rich people know how to work for their money

oasisfan13 California
09/21/11 12:26 am

Bought 1996 Chevy Cavalier from aunt. Ready for a new one soon though!

ETSUbuc90 Illinois
09/21/11 12:20 am

It's interesting that lower income voters had more cars gifted, I assumed it would be the other way around.

09/20/11 11:37 pm

I paid for $500 of the vehicle I purchased and my grandparents loaned me $500 for any repairs that needed to be made. I paid them back in 6 months. The car had no heat or air and no radio but I loved it. 1985 Nissan Sentra that I paid for at 16 yrs old. Definitely not spoiled.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/20/11 11:29 pm

My husband graduated with BA in 1976 masters at Oregon State in 78. We didn't get a new car till 82. A ford Lynx.
Still think of the little hatchback with the green plixiglass window. Our oldest daughter was 13 and was sooo embarrassed to be seen in it.

giottoblue Connecticut
09/20/11 11:27 pm

I don't own a car yet, but my mother has offered to fund most (not all) of it when I do. I feel badly about it, but even with my paycheck coming in I just don't have the money, and I need one to support our lifestyle.

giottoblue Connecticut
09/20/11 11:27 pm

I don't own a car yet, but my mother has offered to fund most (not all) of it when I do. I feel badly about it, but even with my paycheck coming in I just don't have the money, and I need one to support our lifestyle.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
09/20/11 11:12 pm

@SOHTONY: look at the age filter too. Are we seeing a shift in generational culture? My gen: 1st car gifted. This gen: personal responsibility? Interesting!

09/20/11 11:06 pm

PAID! My parents weren't about to teach ME that there are handouts in life...

09/20/11 11:03 pm

hard to say. it was left at my uncle's body shop so he gave it to me for the $100 title change charge, so...maybe?