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Show Of Hands April 12th, 2012 12:00am

Will record studios and book publishers be able to survive as consumer creative tools and social media continue to make it even easier for artists and fans to connect directly?

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snafu Washington
04/14/12 10:56 pm

Never mind about the books, I just re-read the question :)

snafu Washington
04/14/12 10:55 pm

I don't care much about record labels, but I think they make it easier for artists to get noticed, etc.
Books, I hope books are around for many decades to come. Ebooks are cool but nothing compares to the feel and smell of a real book.

04/14/12 11:16 am

Why should they? They're just pointless middle men at this point...

CCRGMac Indiana
04/14/12 10:28 am

Recording studios will always be necessary; record labels, not so much.

yepnope Maryland
04/14/12 7:12 am

A few may survive but aren't they already dying pretty fast?

04/13/12 8:42 pm

everything has a price tag and quite simply the people will not pay.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
04/13/12 5:09 pm

Kiani. Think apocalypse. Keep collecting them. They might survive. iPads probably wont.

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
04/13/12 4:29 pm

I have always bought two copies of a book. One to keep and one to read. Now I don't have to buy two as the one to read can be on my e-reader. But I will ALWAYS buy a book in book form as there is something special about words on paper.

04/13/12 3:25 pm

Text book BETTER in print!? I assume you've never seen a digital text book or even read an electronic book where you can make notations, instantly seek other references or definitions or search the book AND your own notes for specific terms, making reviewing the material much more accessible.

04/13/12 3:19 pm

Not in their present state - they will have to move on to the next incarnation - they'll have to evolve to survive.

Rosebud Ohio
04/13/12 1:20 pm

If for nothing else, cookbooks and textbooks are better in print. Media, they still need someone's studio, I'd just for startup...

04/13/12 12:10 pm

Capitalists always find a way to be the middle man, tax the consumer, and exploit the producers.

hippiedude fields of green
04/13/12 8:33 am

And bands connecting with fans directly is so much better because they are real people who are sharing their lives with you. It makes the meaning behind their music so much more clear powerful if you can know a little about the band

hippiedude fields of green
04/13/12 8:27 am

Recording studios will stay around because every band wants good quality music but record labels are going to die. They make you play what people want to hear instead of letting you make your own music. Thats not how music should be.

Justus Pensacola, FL
04/13/12 8:15 am

A lot of good comments here. They need to adapt to survive as mentioned. Blockbuster has online media now but adapted too late. My favorite adaption story is Nokia: started off as a pulp and paper company!

04/13/12 8:07 am

Their business model must change drastically.

04/13/12 6:48 am

hopefully there will still be a demand for it. I don't feel like paying for music, and I'd rather hold a book than read it off a kindle.

04/13/12 6:26 am

survive? probably. to the extent they exist now? definitely not.

sukiemac Michigan
04/13/12 5:39 am

Don't really understand this question

04/13/12 5:01 am

Yes, but I don't think we can predict what form they will take. Publishers and producers are good at "polishing" a product to make it more appealing to the public. They're not going anywhere, anytime soon.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
04/13/12 3:59 am

I think that they will survive as long as they adapt. Blockbuster is practically gone (in fact, I had to explain what it even was to a younger sibling), but Redbox and Netflix etc. still exist. The movie rental industry does continue to exist, it has just changed, and I think the same will happen…

04/13/12 2:41 am

yes, but no in the same way as in the past. hard copy books will become a niche market at least. though I doubt the book isn't going anywhere just yet.

tony2k79 Victorville
04/13/12 2:18 am

They won't survive as we know them.

BadBadger Georgia
04/13/12 12:03 am

While it's great that artists and consumers can connect directly, what many people forget is that record companies and book publishers act like filters. How could I possibly weed through all the trash that isn't worth being published.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/12/12 10:10 pm

The relationships marketing and mentoring are important services. Hopefully we will see more artists cuts on the side, if they are truly good.

I like the idea of free publishing of books online.

04/12/12 9:09 pm

Time to cut the middle moochers anyway! Go direct!

Wert A picture of my junk
04/12/12 9:08 pm

In general, there's a distinct difference in quality.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/12/12 8:50 pm

With more thought, I think music labels will be around, but much smaller and many more of them, like the indie labels of today. Theoretically on-demand book printing technology might advance to the point of threatening ebooks. That would be cool.

Shellyleft Vermont
04/12/12 8:41 pm

They will no longer be gate keepers, so we will have more diversity.

04/12/12 8:40 pm

I think books will stay and record ppl will go under

scottstots Georgia
04/12/12 8:13 pm

I think they will survive, but not as we know them today.

NYevo NY
04/12/12 8:09 pm

They'll adapt, or they'll go under

dbrat East Coast
04/12/12 8:04 pm

I think their life cycle is on the way down. people may want 'hard copies' of each but the numbers way, way smaller.

katniss Dallas, TX
04/12/12 7:33 pm

Although YouTube etc. is making them less necessary, somebody has to advertise, promote, etc. an artist.

04/12/12 7:23 pm

Sadly, they will find a way. Their purpose is served, and they need to die, but they will find a way to live on

04/12/12 7:14 pm

Awkwardly-phrased (compound) proposition.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/12/12 7:11 pm

Record companies survived vinyl, eight track, cassettes, CDs, and they'll survive e-media. A single's good but a well put together album is magic. Ebooks too. Ever tried to read one of the direct marketed "masterpieces" sold without benefit of a qualified editor? Torture.

Nerdz Texas
04/12/12 6:38 pm

yes, it has worked well today

04/12/12 6:37 pm

I think book publishers will still exist, but the services they provide will be substantially different. Once books are primarily online and on E-readers, publishers will act more exclusively as editors and endorsers of works.

04/12/12 6:33 pm

Record studios no, book publishers for longer