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Show Of Hands January 17th, 2013 12:00am

If a police officer knocked on your door and asked to come in and take a look around your house ("we've had reports of suspicious noise"), would you let him?

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fsu13 Grosse Pointe Park
01/23/13 9:44 pm

wont do u any good if there was enough for exigent circumstances. ud be wasting your time, money, and a good officer's time

fsu13 Grosse Pointe Park
01/23/13 9:40 pm

The sheep dont like the sheepdog until the wolf is knocking at the door-Lt. Col. Grossman

Marzanna Texas
01/23/13 4:27 pm

Umm... Depends what's going on currently. There are a lot of reasons someone would report 'suspicious noise', though none illegal, at my house. But that doesn't mean a random officer needs to know about it. I'd rather not have to explain some of the weird things I do to a stranger.

caligrl21 Huntington Beach
01/23/13 12:04 pm

I don't really have anything to find they have to have papers though

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/21/13 10:08 am

Rio. You're very welcome thank you for what you do for our country. Our same friends little girl came up to me and informed me that they were not going to have any more babies in their family. Her daddy is now a detective with the North Bend Oregon police force.

Rio76 Wild West
01/21/13 9:57 am

Thanks so much, Tops. We do get yelled at and called names a lot, and I've had my house spray painted, car egged, and my kids harassed. I know it comes w the job but tough on the family too. The smallest kindness is so appreciated, thank you for kind words. It means a lot.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/21/13 8:29 am

I would. We're not to far from senior and disabled. I have seen their clients trying to get in cars. By all means check it out.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/21/13 8:24 am

God bless you and keep you safe. THANK YOU. A friend, police officer, said people would come up and harass him in front of his family. When I saw them I told the little girl. Her daddy is a hero he makes it safe to live here.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/21/13 8:22 am

@dnewdo or for some odd reason it double posted. It happens a lot on here.

01/21/13 7:24 am

Better yet, just let them put a video camera in your home in each room and record you and then they don't have to visit. You're not doing anything wrong.

zelle Florida
01/21/13 12:41 am

Could care less.. I have nothing to hide and I am not about to waste my time fighting with them just because I can. I have two small children though and if it's during nap time they better be quiet in their search.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/20/13 12:00 pm

The warrant is to be issued on probable cause, and supported by oath or affirmation. Probable cause is the basis for the warrant, not in lieu of it.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/20/13 11:56 am

I'd say, "Officer, if you have a specific warrant issued upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized, then I'll be happy to let you take a look around. If not, then I can't let you come in."

Burntwaffle VA Politics and Pie
01/20/13 9:37 am

I would ask him for his badge first, i knew someone who was a victim of someone impersonating a policeman.

donna0987 Indiana
01/20/13 7:24 am

Law enforcement in my city has such a poor reputation part by their fault part not. Hard call to make. Trusting law enforcement is no longer a given as it was 30 years ago.

01/20/13 12:05 am

You are assuming you are guilty ! Assume you have done nothing wrong , now would you let him in ?

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
01/19/13 9:58 pm

Not without a warrant.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/19/13 7:32 pm

And a cop is a human. More specifically of the species Homo Sapiens.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/19/13 7:29 pm

I know, that's why I still respect you guys. But, you'd still need a warrant to get in if I answered the door for that question.

01/19/13 12:51 pm

Defiantly not. I'm not a criminal but no their not welcomed into my home. I'd ask him where his search warrant is.

01/19/13 9:35 am

I would let them, though I wouldn't like it. The only reason I'd let them is because if I didn't they'd only be more suspicious and might bring a full-on arrest into it.

01/19/13 6:50 am

Cops are vampires. You never let them in your house.

01/18/13 10:45 pm

Let me call my attorney... One moment please.

01/18/13 10:42 pm

Did anyone watch the video? It is so interesting and informative.

vlntry Daytona Beach Shores, FL
01/18/13 9:01 pm

33% of the respondents to this poll have clearly never spoken to a defense attorney.

01/18/13 8:33 pm

Not until I clean my house

01/18/13 8:20 pm

...If there was a serial killer in my basement, I would want someone else to find out. Sorry, not dying today.

01/18/13 8:00 pm

I have nothing to hide. That being said the answer is still NO.

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
01/18/13 6:52 pm

And if you happen to step outside, get frisked and the police find drugs in your possession, they cannot, CANNOT enter your home and search without a warrant or permission. Period. End of story.
That would not vary state to state due to your 4th Amendment rights.

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
01/18/13 6:45 pm

Only in very rare cases is an officer allowed inside a residence without warrant, consent or exigency by simply leaving the door open. It would depend on the totality of the circumstances as 'implied consent' and would be an exception rather than a rule.

01/18/13 6:24 pm

no warrant no entry unless I need help or I called the cops

Uberexciter Tennessee
01/18/13 4:47 pm

Of course I would try to lure him in..... I mean allow him in.

01/18/13 4:23 pm

I'd love to see their faces when you ask them, "do you have a warrant or better yet are you strippers in disguise?"

zourn Texas
01/18/13 3:31 pm

If a police man said "you resemble a suspect I'm after, can you show me your neck to prove you're not him" my reply would be "here you go sir"
If a police man said "I got a call about a suspicious noise. Please let me search your home and please empty your pockets" my reply "no thank you, sir."

smacc DunningKruger
01/18/13 3:25 pm

Emergency services are also government and you are fine with taking advantage of that but not paying for it. Says a lot about you.

weallhave1 Tennessee
01/18/13 2:58 pm

Exigent circumstances. Not a good idea to resist if the officer insists. It's better to file a complaint or sue after the fact, even if you turn out to be right.

01/18/13 2:21 pm

Only if the "cops" were strippers in disguise :D

Rio76 Wild West
01/18/13 2:01 pm

...I have encountered someone at the door who tells me they are okay, but they are not, as in someone has a gun behind them, or a spouse has threatened them, etc. Our aim is to make sure someone is safe. Period. (we are not going door to door trying to find someone's bag of weed, etc)!

Rio76 Wild West
01/18/13 1:57 pm

Cops don't go door to door trying to find a frivolous reason to enter your house to catch u doing something wrong. We can't keep up w our call load as it is. The only "sounds" I've been called to investigate are things such as gunshots, screaming, & cries for help. On several such occasions, ...

krayzewolf New Hampshire
01/18/13 1:15 pm

No warrant signed by a judge? No entry.

01/18/13 12:37 pm

Don't get me wrong I respect the police but they are human too and can make mistakes. When you are a hammer everything else is a nail. That is not intended as an insult.

01/18/13 12:35 pm

Totally disagree. Any thing you say can be used against you. But it can not be used in your favor. If the cop is there you are already under suspicion. It's best to plead the fifth without a lawyer. I'll take a day at the police station over years of prison because I said something wrong by accident

01/18/13 12:31 pm

It happens more than you think.

01/18/13 12:30 pm

Watch this then tell me you would let them in. Its 28min but well worth it. There is a part 2 where a cop gets to add his opinion and he actually agrees.