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Show Of Hands August 8th, 2011 12:00am

The Dow Jones Industrial average dropped over 600 points today (8/8) after a rough preceding week as well. From your perspective, is now the time to buy, or sell?

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higuys Illinois
08/11/11 9:15 am

now that's the attitude I like

08/10/11 10:08 pm

Don't panic and sell. Hold fast or look for opportunities if you have the spare $$

eradicator JC
08/10/11 5:37 pm

There is always money to be made on Wall Street.

08/10/11 4:39 pm

Good call prof. Tell me when the bottom is so I can make sure to get in. Lol.

08/10/11 4:38 pm

How's that working for you shorty!!!

Zack100 Tatooine
08/10/11 3:40 pm

Doesn't anyone remember the school house rock song "walking on wall street"!!!! Buy low sell, high people!!!!

ProfDG I Want Truth
08/10/11 8:30 am

Still in cash till we find a bottom.

08/10/11 1:49 am

Buy buy buy! Already saw 3% increase on my stock from yesterday. Yay.

08/09/11 11:58 pm

Bs question, I'll buy pullbacks but I'm not saying were at the bottom, no where near. Need to have a time span on the question or who cares.!

08/09/11 11:56 pm

Read previous comment first....Test the previous highs If not heads up people or really heads down.

08/09/11 11:55 pm

Idiots, we were at 600 not so long ago. There's a lot of places we can go. Look how much we given up in 2 weeks. We will have pull backs in the market but serious resistance at 2 levels, previous highs of around 1360 and 1270 as sell points in the markets. If we bust through 1270 then we better

risjusting Delaware
08/09/11 4:19 pm

This poll shocked me. I would have thought the state of the economy would have scared every one into selling. Seeing the jump in stock this morning was shocking as well.

08/09/11 11:00 am

Yep its on the way up

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
08/09/11 10:23 am

@Tony. So far, it looks like our predictions are on target. BTW, I'm the one who suggested this. Wouldn't you know an old lady would do that? :)

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
08/09/11 10:16 am

OMG...The stocks I bought yesterday are up +3% today. My stocks that went down the most yesterday are up the highest today. Sure hope the Fed Reserve doesn't screw things up later today.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
08/09/11 6:46 am

Buy low,sell high to make any money!!!

08/09/11 6:22 am

...not to mention, as long as the fed is doing quantitative easing and brutally murdering our dollar to prop up the stock market, gold is about the only safe haven...and no, I don't work for a gold co. :-)

08/09/11 6:20 am

***consumer spending...sorry, fat fingers today

08/09/11 6:19 am

cobsG: gold is up and still climbing dude....not sure that's good advice. only works once consumer spreading and unemployment increases, and I don't think we'll see a strong report on either in the next 6 months / 1 yr

08/09/11 4:26 am

Pitting your money into the market with those idiots intentionally ruining our economy is financial suicide.

The powers that be are trying to cripple the dollar to force us to change to a North American currency: the Amero.

Sundance State of Confusion
08/09/11 2:28 am

only if you take obama out of the equation maybe then...but we haven't hit bottom until then.

08/09/11 1:38 am

You can try to short stock on the way down, for me this is a buying opportunity. The bottom is never predictable. Buying and holding will reap benefits on what I am hoping will be an eventual upswing (5 year outlook).

FAHayek Iowa
08/09/11 1:13 am

how can this many people think this is the bottom?

08/09/11 1:10 am

@kag13 the problem last week was people weren't happy with the debt deal and jobs it took a huge hit because S&P downgraded our debt rating from AAA (the best) to AA+ which on a scale goes down to a single A

CobsG West Virginia
08/09/11 1:04 am

Stay away from gold and buy buy buy!

08/09/11 12:48 am

Actually. HOLD. It's just a temporary fluctuation and it'll go back up. No need to panic.

08/09/11 12:25 am

Sold everything three weeks ago. Bought solid today. Costa rica tomorrow!

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
08/08/11 11:11 pm

Wait afew days and then gobble it up. It'll fall farther. But long term this is your second golden opportunity. If ur willing to wait. I made alot on the first dip n spike.

08/08/11 10:47 pm

Futures say we will lose another 200 points tomorrow but that's what they said today lol and we lost 600

08/08/11 9:52 pm

so it looks like 80% believe this is "the bottom." should be interesting to see how well we predict...

SouthernG Man Cave
08/08/11 9:20 pm

the last presidential election cost over 1BILLION dollars......who in small town America has what it takes to defeat the mob (party) boss and unseat the godfather?

08/08/11 9:17 pm

Too bad we didn't have a third choice..... HOLD

rastlin California
08/08/11 9:14 pm

Duh. Buy low sell high. Anything else it you wasting your money.

Nerdz Texas
08/08/11 9:08 pm

if I sell it will have to be for a low price so it would sell. which means less profit. or buy it cheap. the answer is obvious

08/08/11 9:04 pm

It's down so buy at a low price

SouthernG Man Cave
08/08/11 9:01 pm

@Firoozi: quoting T. Boone Pickens....good choice

08/08/11 8:55 pm

When it comes to stocks: Be Greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others get greedy.

SouthernG Man Cave
08/08/11 8:45 pm

Obamacalypse Now. (I saw that some where....) :-p

08/08/11 8:43 pm

Haha...I'm not sure if that is exactly what is going on with the Dow, Boston.

08/08/11 8:43 pm

Keep selling, only start buying when the market bottoms. The market hasn't hit bottom yet, we still have a ways to go. We have to pull the band-aid off and heal naturally instead of the forced stimulants of the last few years.

08/08/11 8:42 pm

the Dow dropped steeply as Obama spoken his 10 minutes today. that tells you the confidence American investors have in obama

08/08/11 8:42 pm

the Dow dropped steeply as Obama spoken his 10 minutes today. that tells you the confidence American investors have in obama

08/08/11 8:31 pm

I haven't been watching the news lately. If someone could please help me out....what is wrong with the Dow?

6fingers Texas
08/08/11 8:29 pm

@drjones - if it was Soros that made the $1 billion bet on the downgrade we know one person who won't have to worry so much about donors. That is a lot of fundraisers dinners he'll need to attend.

08/08/11 8:19 pm

perfect time to buy low. A few people will turn out wealthy soon.

08/08/11 8:17 pm

The only thing u should b buying is food to stock up on

08/08/11 8:06 pm

Australia down, Korea down...