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Show Of Hands November 18th, 2011 12:00am

If you were awakened by the sound of an intruder in your home, would your first instinct be to call 911 or find a weapon?

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12/01/11 2:53 am

I'm not a phone person.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
11/30/11 6:43 pm

arm yourself, then call. the key is to have arms readily available. when the window breaks, it's to late to devise your plan.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/30/11 8:49 am

@gradsmart No the Law Enforcement Officers of the Brits don't initially, but after extensive training and a special rank type thingy they do have guns.


11/28/11 11:45 pm

In Texes, we dont call 9-1-1…

swimguy Illinois
11/27/11 12:01 am

first call 911 because they have actual training taking out these guys, then find a weapon to defend myself

11/26/11 10:53 am

who has time to give them your address whike your life is in danger

MrsBombdog Colorado
11/25/11 11:58 pm

As a former markswoman and lifelong hunter, I own several rifles. I've personally released the bolt on my .223 to scare away a prowler. (That's an amazing sound in the dark.) But, I don't know if I could shoot anyone. I could, however, turn that rifle around and club someone in a heartbeat.

Flooded Virginia
11/24/11 10:06 pm

the cops can't apparate into my house, so good luck to whoever tries to break into my house.

LOLdayl Ohio
11/23/11 3:36 pm

Cops take WAY too long to respond. FIGHT BACK!

11/23/11 9:31 am

Ya let me call them, deal with the stupid operator while they ask for the address, the state of the emergency, my name, tell me to calm down, and a whole bunch of extra stuff when they can just track my number send people ASAP, but by then id be dead cuz the guy heard me talking on the phone!

11/23/11 9:28 am

Fuck the cops, they'll get there when your already dead

11/23/11 4:05 am

When seconds count, cops are just minutes away

11/23/11 12:01 am

U cood call 911 after you beat the heck out of the intruder!

gradsmart Boston, MA
11/22/11 9:33 pm

An I would immediately call 911 from my closet while having my bottle/lamp weapon in hand ready to strike!!!

gradsmart Boston, MA
11/22/11 9:32 pm

By weapon I mean my lamp or a bottle. Don't own guns and I don't think anyone else should either. Think of the cops in England, for example, they don't even have guns. Then again who has the highest gun crime rate? Khm Khm ... USA.

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
11/22/11 3:05 pm

Tuna u took the words right out of my mouth, except my .40 is an H&K.

11/22/11 2:09 pm

If they get past my pit bulls they won't get past my .40 XD!

11/22/11 2:46 am

In Texas, armed and ready then call 911.

11/21/11 7:07 pm

No question about it. Your gunna be dead.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/21/11 3:34 am

No we don't have a second floor escape plan. Would be a good idea. Did when we had children. A tsunami is most likely the biggest danger to us.

dylansl Texas
11/21/11 12:44 am

The crimal will rarly fire. The Victem will. Unless of course the crimal wants to wake up the whole neighborhood. And most of the time there doing it out of drugs debt or family.

jlondon95 62002
11/21/11 12:18 am

Cops take too long! Me wacking em one time wouldn't hurt.

11/20/11 8:43 pm

I voted weapon but 911 would still be on my mind... I will need someone to remove the body.

11/20/11 7:33 pm

I was pleased to see the common sense results. Wow, gives me hope that we still have a majority who believe in some semblance of self reliance.

11/20/11 6:01 pm

Two scoops of lead coming right up!

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
11/20/11 4:36 pm

Kill the bastard! Then plant your kitchen knife in his hands, then call 911. This will protect you from any charges.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/20/11 4:25 pm

@commnsense I've turned many heads at the beam of my light, and once actually saved my calf muscle from a yip-yip dog using high beam. If you go to Surefire's website you'll see that the G2X Pro also has a different body than the straight G2 (or G2 LED). SureFire makes AWESOME lights!


kristea Denton, TX
11/20/11 1:54 pm

I'd grab my gun I keep by my bed & then dial 911.

11/20/11 1:29 pm

it takes forever to call 911 tell them you need the cops and wait for them to get to your house instead of finding an iron and wacking the burglar on the head knocking them out a d then call 911

11/20/11 11:48 am

Texas law is good. If an intruder is in your home, you can shoot to kill. No one should have to justify the killing of an intruder. The second an unknown person has broken into my home, that is enough for me to feel my life and the life of my family is in danger.

11/20/11 11:47 am

republicans are the traditional backers of gun rights yet a bit more democrats would go to a weapon as a first act. maybe NRA should note this.

11/20/11 11:17 am

I probably have used mine more for helping folks on the side of the road work on their engine or change a tire... Their response is always great, their eyes get huge when they see the light output out of a light that size

11/20/11 11:15 am

Fiat, I use them as everyday lights, but change batteries as the output drops. No stories really, but I got my wife hooked. Mine don't do the high/low intensity, I just have the standard G2 LEDs.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/20/11 7:30 am

cranking (3+ months since I've changed the batteries). Out of curiosity, do you use your light ONLY for tactical applications or do you use it if you need to find the cat in the tree as well? Another curiosity question if you've used it much is, "Do you have any stories about using it?"


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/20/11 7:30 am

@commnsense Ah, so then you know precisely how bright mine is (200 lumens high beam with fresh batteries). I'm able to keep it "tactical" for about 2 hours straight on fresh batteries, and with the 15 lumen low beam, I can use it even more! It's my everyday light that keeps on…

11/20/11 5:13 am

Politiks, which is precisely why I turned jobs down in CA... I prefer common sense gun laws. None of this duty to retreat BS

11/20/11 5:10 am

Fiat, 200 lumen led upgrade... Bright as f***...

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/20/11 4:35 am

This whole thing just reminded me of a Dick Van Dyke Episode I watched a year ago about stuff getting stolen and the silly situations they got in ;)


palindrome California
11/20/11 4:22 am

CA sucks that way. Weapons are fun. Weapons are good for home defense, but use them very wisely. Stay up to date on your state and local gun laws and pray that you, the victim, don't get screwed over by some bs

palindrome California
11/20/11 4:20 am

that prison has in store. Texas law I hear is pretty solid but in CA, if you shoot someone as they run and steal your stuff:prison. If you shoot them as they come in and they "aren't threatening your life": prison. If you surprise them from behind and shoot them in the back: prison. The list goes on

palindrome California
11/20/11 4:17 am

responsibly! I have a mosin nagant, SKS and enfield mk. IV but that doesn't
mean I'm shooting first and asking questions later. I Iive in CA. If I or you kill someone and for whatever reason can't PROVE life was in danger, then you're done. And all the macho talk won't save you from the butt rape

palindrome California
11/20/11 4:12 am

I'm not calling someone who defends their home a dummy, don't get me wrong. Defend yourself AND your family! I'm saying this: crazies sleeping with pythons under their pillows blasting away at any shadow etc are crazy. Furthermore, if you're going to own a weapon, take classes and learn to use it

bclee33 Texas
11/20/11 3:54 am

I'll grab my loaded .40 then call 911 to send an ambulance for the stupid idiot that would break into a police officer's home. My husband is an officer and I am a competitive shooter.