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Show Of Hands March 19th, 2012 12:00am

Marvel comics (Iron Man, Spider Man, X-Men, etc.) or DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.)?

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04/03/12 10:59 am

Marvel because Fantastic four, X-men, Spiderman,and the Avengers and the only DC guy I like is Flash so yeah Marvel all the way

04/03/12 1:36 am

Who can forget Linda Carter as Wonder Woman?!?!

MannaOcult West Virginia
03/28/12 4:52 pm

I love both immensely..buttt Batman is my favorite.

03/27/12 10:13 am

Watchmen is DC, so... That

mike Star Trek Voyager
03/22/12 2:25 am

I get the gold star! LOL! My favorite is Professor Xavier and Dr.Strange and since they are both Marvel my choice was easy. Not to mention Marvel has over 4000 characters and DC only has about 1500. Excelsior!

03/21/12 5:45 pm

Marvel's characters are neat, but they're all about as deep as a thimble. DC has characters that can be a little questionable, but the writing is often top notch. I pick DC due to that.

03/21/12 1:17 pm

I only say DC because Batman is amazing.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/21/12 3:53 am

Mike: I loved it when her identity was a secret! Yes, THIS is where the Rogue in my name comes from and NOT the Sarah Palin book.

mike Star Trek Voyager
03/21/12 3:28 am

RogueMom... Is it Rogue (Anna-Marie)?
I just love Marvel! Shame that most repubs don't tho. Excelsior! True Believers!

mrcoyote Casa Grande
03/20/12 9:51 pm

Well i always liked batman, and wonder woman is hot so i choose dc

LicensedNe North Carolina
03/20/12 6:41 pm

Marvel has always been more practical and cool.

Nerdz Texas
03/20/12 5:50 pm

that is one tough question, but I ended up picking Marvel

03/20/12 2:35 pm

DC has some retarded heroes. MARVEL ALL THE WAY

03/20/12 10:17 am

MARVEL!! Stan Lee is AWESOME!!

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/20/12 5:36 am

Forte: I'm referring to MrRisin's 'None of the Super Heroes Die' comment. Most die/revive like a bad soap opera. Those that aren't selling comics die and don't come back. Superman's death (any comic book nerd knew) meant he'd be back. They wouldn't bury a gold mine.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/20/12 5:35 am

RJ: He ranks. I do love him (sad to see him go through the dead/back to life )

03/20/12 4:38 am

Tough one. I had to go DC to side with Superman, but spiderman is awesome to. I will say that batman is way overrated.

03/20/12 1:59 am

Marvel is awesome! Superman SUCKS! but batman is probably the only good thing about dc

03/19/12 10:34 pm

Marvel mostly because of iron man

SouthernG Man Cave
03/19/12 9:04 pm

Marvel all the way. DC characters seem dated

03/19/12 9:02 pm

marvel seems to have better characters

03/19/12 8:43 pm

Actually morph died and later on most of the X-men died but bishop went back in time to change history with the help of forge

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/19/12 8:04 pm

if the Reps can't vote Marvel I may need to switch parties

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/19/12 7:58 pm

Didn't the second Robin die? He sucked. What was his name? They killed off slacker ones in the True Identity book for DC.... Marvel offed Sunpyre ... they die when they don't sell. The Ultimate Super Hero Killer!

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/19/12 7:57 pm

Jean Gray, so far, has officially died. You are incorrect. Unpopular super heroes die. RIP Bucky

03/19/12 7:55 pm

@roguemom your argument is invalid. None of the super heroes die. Wouldn't that kind of make them all invincible?

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/19/12 7:52 pm

DC's characters have classic Icons that stir deep rooted, strong adjectives, but Marvel has characters that people like or don't like because they are like actual people. There's just something about that that makes it a better read.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/19/12 7:50 pm

AirForce: Exactly! He's unrelatable. Most of the Marvel characters have really crappy weaknesses (alcoholic, abussive, egotistical, crappy family life/past) or something where the hero actually has to work at being a hero.

03/19/12 7:38 pm

That's the issue I had with superman... Oh look he's in a fight... Wait he's invincible... Yawn. Or better yet... His weakness, a small amount of kryponite turns him into a little girl... Yawn

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/19/12 7:32 pm

I love the X-Men.... and I'll give gold stars all around if one can guess my favorite X-Men. :D :D

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/19/12 7:31 pm

In the end I would hope Mags would win because Superman super sucks. He's a great Icon, but as a Boy Wonder, a Do Gooder, and as a "disguised superhero" he is really uninteresting. The most interesting thing about him is he died...kinda, briefly...whatever. Kill him!

03/19/12 7:30 pm

marvel just for iron man love Robert Downey jr.

03/19/12 7:30 pm

Marvel and Darkhorse.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/19/12 7:30 pm

If Superman knew it was a fight he'd win. If Magneto sneak attacked him it would be the only probable way and that is IF Magneto is strong enough to remove the iron from Superman (which means past his super strong skin).

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/19/12 7:29 pm

Who said Superman can't use his powers in space? He's powered by the Sun and there are tons of Suns in the space! As for Mags, I don't think he could hold up his shield forever. With Superman being so fast it would just take a second to snap the mans neck.

03/19/12 7:15 pm

The return of superman was one of the reign of the superman comics where the real superman comes back. Previously there were 4 imposter supermen. I'm not really a comic book or graphic novel person so I don't know what the cover looked like. He wasn't returned as superbly he never actually died.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
03/19/12 7:08 pm

Marvel all the way, except for Wolverine. Over franchised. Superman was cooler when he could only leap tall buildings and was faster than a speeding bullet. Now he is simply an over franchised supergod. blehck. Go Batman!

03/19/12 6:37 pm

Rj1969 he would just need to move some objects in the way, btw I don't think superman is able to throw things that fast