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Show Of Hands September 4th, 2011 12:00am

Would you trade your current romantic relationship for ten million dollars?

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FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
09/18/11 2:49 pm

@shmags I happen to have less than 21k income and say that money does not, cannot, and WILL NOT buy happiness.


09/18/11 2:29 pm


09/16/11 8:52 pm

I am Catholic....and very much love my husband, money would be nice, but if it meant not having the one person who loves me unconditionally, supports me, and is my best way. I'd take him any day! money can do terrible things to people, I am who I am because of him

Flooded Virginia
09/15/11 8:04 pm

relationship is nonexistent so...

09/13/11 7:04 am

Love can easily go wrong. But money is in your control. 10 mill all day

09/12/11 10:21 pm

I'm not in a relationship, so clearly I will take the 10 mil.

shmags New York
09/12/11 4:22 pm

only people with money say things like"money can't buy happiness" or "money can't hold a candle to what he and I share" I'm pretty sure financial security would make me happier then any man ever could, so yes, in a heartbeat!

femmetoyz Florida
09/11/11 11:33 pm

my s/o would tell me I was an idiot if I didn't take the money. We'll still be friends... and we'll have a lot more fun.

kittykat Florida
09/11/11 11:50 am

People will trade their significant other in for petty reasons, look at just the divorce rate, not counting the successful dating relationship rate. Then throw in ten million dollars,....... There should be a lot more "yes"es.

mystery56 Massachusetts
09/11/11 9:58 am

@ hands down.. So to you their considered customers ? Is that what you call them these days

mystery56 Massachusetts
09/11/11 9:06 am

Yes I would.. I don't like the relationship that much so yes 10 mil would be a lot nicer

KyngGeorge North Carolina
09/11/11 12:59 am

No relationship, so does that mean I get ten million, AND the woman I am in love with? Count me in!!

09/10/11 3:40 pm

10 million dollars? Good-bye right hand! Iowa
09/10/11 1:45 pm

I don't have one so its a win for me

09/09/11 12:05 pm

Sorry... Not half lol. But before any over seas or extra fee classes, about 150k. With the cheapest meal plan. Probably coulda made it half a mil with books, room and board, food, extra classes, travel abroad, summer programs and winter term, ect.

09/09/11 12:03 pm

To back up hands-down- I was offered a full ride to college and 2k to break up with my now-husband when we were dating. And had I accepted, I'd be beyond miserable right now! I know it's not 10mil, but it's over half a mil at my dream college... More if I ended up with grad school.

09/09/11 9:22 am

To all you people who cannot believe that a relationship is worth infinite amounts of money - it is. You have been diluted and brain washed, believe me. When you see the light, you will understand why I say this.

I would not accept ANYTHING in trade for any relationship I have - even with customers

09/09/11 8:14 am

all these people just lied their asses off

09/09/11 1:20 am

Im single
So ill trade that in for 10 million dollars and a relationship please :P

09/09/11 12:43 am

money, regardless of the amount, cannot hold a candle to what he and i share. i love him, and we are happy. money will not change that.

09/08/11 3:37 pm

I'm not in one so of course yes

09/07/11 11:26 pm

Hubby and I have a deal. If our celebrity crushes ever asked us to marry them each is allowed to say "HELLS YEAH!" and ask for a D. THEN we gold-dig and end up back together with all the cash and enjoy the rest of our lives, together. $$$ :)

09/07/11 10:52 pm

No relationship so heck yea!!!

LicensedNe North Carolina
09/07/11 9:40 pm

My parents have been married forever. They would never be able to live without each other.

beatriz_78 Florida
09/07/11 8:40 pm

I will take the money and mail him $1MIL so he wont hate me.... Love u babe!!!!

Chief62 Ohio
09/07/11 11:26 am

10 million dollars! Are you kidding me? Absolutely!

Sporter80 Oklahoma
09/06/11 11:46 pm

Money can't buy me love, baby! :)

But, truthfully, yes. Probably so.
I want that Corvette so badly.. Haha ;)

09/06/11 10:51 pm

Hands-down, amen! We're poor as heck, and so happy (despite the stress it puts on us). It means more together time, more appreciation of what we have, ect.

09/06/11 10:00 pm

I'm not in relationship so hells yeah!

watermelon Minnesota
09/06/11 9:20 pm

I feel like it depends cause if your married heck no unless u r going to be divorced then yes. But if you are just dating some random kid from school them I would totally take the money!!! So yes/no

mcdkm Houston
09/06/11 8:36 pm

Not now but I've been in relationships I would trade to $100

09/06/11 8:01 pm

Oh my gosh ppl... A lot of u live in a fantasy world... We all know deep down u would take the money... Be honest : )

09/06/11 9:13 am

People make life good, not money - I hope you 75-85% of people realize this before it's too late.

09/06/11 9:12 am

The reason why a relationship is worth so much is because you could be poor and still be happy but money cannot make you happy. Believe it or not, poor people (people on low income/other support, do not count) are a lot more pleased and happy in life than wealthy people, I've been in both places

09/06/11 9:09 am

I cannot believe the amount of people that would; shows how stupid the United States is becoming.

I'm so glad I have never been through any of the standard brainwashing, or I may have answered yes. A relationship is priceless, and I'm guessing that only about 23% of us really realize that. ...

09/06/11 1:35 am

Single vs 10million dollars

I'll take the money

dlyliny1 New York
09/05/11 11:37 pm

I'm single/not dating but if history can predict the success of my next r'ship, I'll just take a forward option now to sell my next romantic partner for $10mm! That amount of $ could buy lots o' "love". Just look at bankers, celebs, rich pols, etc. No shortage of people wanting to be their GFs/BFs.

09/05/11 10:41 pm

well I'm single so I'd trade being single, for 10 mil + significant other. lol

tytygirl79 Indiana
09/05/11 9:35 pm

Yes I would because I have no current romantic relationship :) where's my money and my new boyfriend?

09/05/11 9:22 pm

I'm 13... I am not in a relationship

09/05/11 7:33 pm

I already gave him half my money to YES...absolutely

09/05/11 6:41 pm

I've been married for fifteen years. So I figure, we've had a good run of it. ;)