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Show Of Hands September 1st, 2012 12:00am

Are Apple's patent lawsuits against Samsung good for American consumers or bad for American consumers?

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09/06/12 8:39 am

I suppose it could be good for forced innovation, but part of it feels like "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and we'll just end up with something clumsy.

09/05/12 9:29 am

Those legal costs are going right into the price of the item in question.

09/05/12 9:27 am

Customers will benefit from forcing other companies to innovate and create things that we haven't imagined yet!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/05/12 7:46 am

If Apple, arguably the most prolific technological innovator of the past decade, cannot make a profit from the research and development money that they've invested because someone else sniped their tech (at no cost by patent infringement), Apple will cease investing in R&D. That will suck ass.

nb35819 Atlanta
09/04/12 4:57 pm

What are you people crazy?!?! LOOK at a NUMBER of icons on the Samsung devices they are COMPLETE infringement by a KOREAN company on Americas most treasured company. Besides making them change their OS not only preserves our American style innovation but also brings more variety in the mobile market

paul61 Arizona
09/04/12 4:32 am

Hey, if you (individual or company) invent something and somebody directly copies it, you should either get a license fee, or be able to block the party that copied you. If your design truly is unique and you patented it, you are within your rights to sue. Don't understand how this hurts

calloveca California
09/03/12 5:37 pm

this goes into competition in the same industry.

09/03/12 5:29 pm

Apple needs to stop acting like everything that sells well was originally their idea.

09/03/12 4:58 pm

Very bad for consumers.

kjos USA
09/03/12 1:49 pm

I like Apple, but everyone (companies) needs to get of their high horses and just let the market be without being so greedy.

5280gay Tampa
09/03/12 1:32 pm

Google purchased Motorola Mobility

wacokid Ohio
09/03/12 11:10 am

The patent industry is out of line, its gone from protecting inventors to becoming a commodity that businesses invest in to collect future royalties. Just look at the Google purchase of Motorola Solutions for more on it. It is bad for consumers and the market.

09/03/12 4:07 am

Weak patent law stifles creativity.

09/03/12 12:48 am

Apple patents are to broad and there are trolls that go out and buy ingsnafant patents then go out and sue company's for infringement look up what is going on with the insane patents people are taking out that should never have been granted

09/03/12 12:44 am

There patients are to broad swipe to unlock should not be pantable. Having icons in rows is not a patent. And Walt Disney has patents that far exceed there legally allowed time because they pay the patent office off and software should not be pantantable

snafu Washington
09/02/12 10:01 pm

I don't care, I don't really care for Samsung products (I like their TVs though) I used to have one of their mp3 players and regretted not buying an iPod almost immediately.

Happy Hong Kong
09/02/12 8:29 pm

Apple lost the case in Germany & Japan and scored a mixed verdict in South Korea. I guess that there's nothing quite like going in front of a hometown crowd :)

09/02/12 8:08 pm

For those that say that it is good because Samsung shouldn't have stole apple's tech. What do you say to the lawsuits Samsung has filed world wide against apple for the same thing?

philmchawk Gaia Agia
09/02/12 7:19 pm

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Apple sucks rancid @$$.

teaparty Cleveland
09/02/12 5:25 pm

Competition is good. It drives down the prices. Apple products are expensive enough.

timeout Boston Strong
09/02/12 1:57 pm

Patent infringement is not a good thing. Let Samsung come up with their own ideas. Apple does need some competition though...

mac Oregon
09/02/12 1:31 pm

Uh...,wrong placement...sorry folks

mac Oregon
09/02/12 1:30 pm

Bought at pawnshop, new items unique to their merchandising...

Doopy Remedial Americanism
09/02/12 1:00 pm

I always take a stand for IP rights, and patents in particular.

SeattleTeen Seattle, WA
09/02/12 12:13 pm

Apple's win is good, because it will encourage innovation. Instead of companies making copy-cat Apple products, they'll be forced to innovate and develop new technologies that pushes the technology sector forward.

09/02/12 11:48 am

I own an Apple IPod Touch (4g) and a Samsung Galaxy SII.... Uhhh....

09/02/12 11:25 am

If they try to create a monopoly, the government will be on them quicker than microsoft

kehvn Towson, MD
09/02/12 11:07 am

Without patent protection your research could just be used once your product goes to market.

No one will be willing to spend money developing new things if there's no profit.

AlvinM Florida
09/02/12 9:32 am

It's good an bad. Bad because the patents they were claiming that we're stolen were completely absurd. (I'm a big apple user as well)
Good because I think when Samsung sues apple for using their 4G patent when the iPhone 5 releases, the patent system may be reviewed and fixed in this country.

d0m333 Pennsylvania
09/02/12 9:26 am

Bad for american consumers, yeah bad for apple not in the least. I smell a monopoly

EarlyBird Portland
09/02/12 8:34 am

Agree 100% with Zod.

I understand the whole competition thing but if Samsung had been more innovative from the.beginning, they could/would be real competition to Apple right now.

commonsense America isnt racist
09/02/12 8:23 am

I agree bondi. Less = bad.
But that has nothing to do with
This poll.

Stealing is worse.

09/02/12 8:21 am

Less options for consumers = bad

cowboy Dawns Highway
09/02/12 8:18 am

Good. Samsung will have to re structure and come up with their own ideas. That how invention works.

09/02/12 7:45 am

How is it good for consumers for us to allow companies to just copy each others' designs and innovations?

The end result is that all companies would produce a narrow range of nearly identical products.
Protecting a company's innovations forces other companies to be more creative- the market grows.

cerridwen Pennsylvania
09/02/12 7:43 am

It will, hopefully, drive creativity in design. Consumers benefit from that.

rgum Texas
09/02/12 7:32 am

Well really the poll should say "is it good for apple?" if consumers aren't happy they move on to better...

thekid524 New York
09/02/12 7:28 am

Steve jobs wouldn't have let this happen

thekid524 New York
09/02/12 7:28 am

Apple is just a money hungry corp.

LRM20 A Hoosier in Lincoln Land
09/02/12 7:13 am

And what's bad for business is bad for the consumer... To a degree

LRM20 A Hoosier in Lincoln Land
09/02/12 7:13 am

It is bad for business when a company copies another's patented work.

09/02/12 5:46 am

Parts of it are bad, like the design patents. How many cars look similar? If I end up with a phone that looks like a magic 8 ball because Apple has cornered the market on rounded corners I'm going move to Korea where I can get a decent phone and still buy a Ford Fusion.

DavesNotHere where am I
09/02/12 5:35 am

Monopolies are never good for the consumer

09/02/12 5:34 am

Sook22 I completely agree with you. I was just about to comment a similar thing! Why would anyone spend millions of dollars to develop ideas for someone else to profit from?

09/02/12 5:05 am

Stealing product designs is as American as "Apple" pie! XD