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When you are sick or slightly injured (e.g. twisted ankle), do you tend to visit a doctor early on, or only as an absolute last resort?

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07/02/11 11:11 pm

Not till I am crying like a little B•••••...Then I will go.

06/25/11 9:00 am

Go early on so it doesnt get worse

mememms WI
06/25/11 8:42 am

I have no trust in doctors.

06/24/11 11:51 am

I'd rather go early because I would wanna go before it gets worse.

06/24/11 2:54 am

It's a pain to go to the doctor, I hate to go, & am wasting his time when it's for something he can't do anything about (twisted ankle or a cold). But if he can, I'll go. Early treatment (sinus infection) & prevention (checkups) are cheaper than dealing with things when they become more serious.

06/23/11 4:04 pm

Last resort because otherwise I would be there ALL the time.

06/23/11 1:52 am

We never really saw a doctor growing up, even when I was dead sick coughing up bad crap because we couldn't afford it. I've gotten use to that tatic and now only go in an emergency.

06/22/11 11:28 pm

Fell off my horse, had to sleep sitting up but all better now

geoag02 Dallas, TX
06/22/11 12:42 pm

I wouldn't mind going to the doctor so much if a third of the bill (through my doctors malpractice insurance) didn't go to pay for some other doctor's most recent legal settlement.

eagle! Utah
06/22/11 4:38 am

Last resort, it's too expensive! I did something to my knee over a year ago and I though I could just "walk it off" and it's never fully healed and I don't believe it ever will.

charlie17 Nevada
06/22/11 12:27 am

A twisted ankle is no reason so see a doctor, just walk it off

samantha New Jersey
06/21/11 11:48 pm

Firstly, people today can't afford to go to the doctor and/or don't have health insurance...that's why no one goes to the doctor...we all just "rub a little dirt in it"

06/21/11 6:49 pm

Couldn't afford a doctor if I needed to! Yet I've worked 40+ hours a week, every week since being old enough to work. Minimum wage is a joke! There's no way to live on such an income!!

06/21/11 3:02 pm

I always just suck it up and be a man. Don't waste your money and time by going to the doctor unless you have strep throat or the swine flu.

06/21/11 1:24 pm

Why waste your time and the doctor's time on a small injury? I'm sure the doctors have more severely injured patients to tend to. Ever heard of Neosporin and Band-aids? Deal with it people ;)

06/21/11 1:21 pm

Well my dad is a doctor so I guess I see a doctor everyday.

alizesmom Pennsylvania
06/21/11 6:52 am

Use common sense. See the doc if treating yourself at home isn't helping.

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
06/21/11 1:58 am

Fuzzy " doctors know nothing"
Is that y they go thru 8 yrs of school?
Take care of ur body it's the only 1 u get!

06/21/11 12:49 am

ACE bandage is all you need!

gonk In a psychology textbook
06/21/11 12:06 am

Doctors know nothing. You could die waiting on a doctor's diagnosis.

06/20/11 7:59 pm

Sad fact is many people cant afford the insurance company shoving high rates down their throats because they went to the doctor.

Dyl Virginia
06/20/11 5:18 pm

bill is expensive, plus people are lazy when they're not sick or injured, y go when u hav a reason to lay around and do nothing.

jake Nevada
06/20/11 2:39 pm

That's half the problem with availabilty in the hospital,.. Hypochondriacs and ppl worried about a sore throat or sniffles. Be a tough American not a pansy-Please-help-me! Citizen. And stop eating too many calories and fat you obese ppl. THATS the real problem, lazy irresponsible eaters and whiners

jennamia Pennsylvania
06/20/11 1:52 pm

Goin to a doctor for something that's not serious is pointless cause they can only do as much as you can-give some advil and water and hope you feel better

06/20/11 1:18 pm

I work at a hospital and don't get health insurance. how's that for sick?

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
06/20/11 1:06 pm

Hey floridaguy great idea! Cause that worked out really well for the financial sector. U seem to underestimate the greed of large corporations.

06/20/11 11:40 am

Kind of two extremes in the same answer. If I'm sick I wouldn't go, but if I twisted my ankle, I'd go immediately!

06/20/11 11:16 am

Hey there ~ from Louisiana. Please update your screen name to something legible and avoid just drawing in comments. :)

06/20/11 11:10 am

Only as a last resort, no one wants to pay the dr bill!

06/20/11 9:15 am

If my bone is sticking out of my leg. Won't go. Because I'm BA

cpaswr just say the letters
06/20/11 9:09 am

Honestly, it depends on what illness or minor injury I have. If I think it requires a visit to a doctor. I will go immediately.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/20/11 8:40 am

I have an excellent doctor. He tells me how proud of me he is. I've lots a lot of weight and have kept it off. I have fought hard to get my health back and medical care is part if it. I am more moderate on running to the dr.

06/20/11 7:44 am

Does the response to this shed light on the health care question or is the injury in the question not worded strongly enough? I have great insurance and a primary care doctor near where I work, and I still wouldn't go for a twisted ankle.

06/20/11 6:45 am

The reason it is so expensive is that the government is to restrictive on the insurance companies. If the government cronies would get out of the way our healthcare would be even better.

06/20/11 6:11 am

wow we all agree on this one!

Mingler Ohio
06/20/11 5:58 am

real issue here is, is medicine a business? Or is it a humanitarian issue. The only reason it's expensive and takes forever and you don't get respect/good care is because it's treated as a business. You want it cheaper? You want it faster? You want it "nicer"? Then maybe support health care reform

06/20/11 5:25 am

As a clinic nurse, I'm having a hard time believing the overwhelming "last resort" answer. we see not very ill people with minor injuries and self-limiting viruses all day.

dotnetdev Georgia
06/20/11 5:22 am

i dont mind going, but I just hate having to go to my primary first. i had a plantar wart and had to wastw an entire day for my primary to look at my foot and say, "you need to see a foot doctor". There is a serious need for smaller clinics to treat minor things.

06/20/11 4:04 am

Nah no use. I've healed myself, so no need.

alaskan sleeping
06/20/11 3:50 am

Hahaha. All you retards that are for it. Well. Your retarded. First of all. Doctors are worthless unless it's "serious" n are only after the money. Who wants sit there n hear "take this, take this, let's hope good comes out of it." well that's basically all I hear.

06/20/11 1:53 am

I go when necessary, but would not hesistate if I was really worried about something. Have been saved by doctors before.

06/20/11 1:24 am

only when my wife bugs me enough to go

06/20/11 1:21 am

My mom is a nurse so I don't need to GO see a doctor.