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Show Of Hands March 25th, 2012 12:00am

Are you going anywhere on vacation over Spring Break?

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03/28/12 4:44 pm

oooo 4 days, half of which is the weekend. Yeahy.

03/27/12 12:22 pm

Going to Daytona and Jacksonville during spring break!!!! Can't wait!!! :)

03/27/12 10:12 am

Visiting family! It's overall inexpensive since we drive and bring some food for the drive.

wearetheworld Illinois
03/27/12 9:09 am

Going on vacation costs money but staying home earns you money. I am watching four animals for different neighbors while they are gone and I will be rolling in the cash shortly!

03/27/12 5:33 am

San Francisco! Lots of stuff planned for that city. Also going to do a drive down the coast to Big Sur. the fun starts next week! :)

Nadinochka Narnia
03/26/12 11:51 pm

I'm visiting London with my family! It's so nice to get away and spend time with them with no distractions.

03/26/12 7:15 pm

You blame Obama for doing nothing on spring break, you are THE definition of a loser. Get a life douche

03/26/12 7:11 pm

thank you obama now i get to do nothing for spring break

03/26/12 11:50 am

Spring break is one of my busier times of the year. But my youngest is coming to see me on his break, and we are going Turkey hunting mid April.

03/26/12 11:49 am

Yes. My couch. Haven't been able to catch up on my shows/games due to work/school. Beh.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/26/12 8:26 am

Saw our two week old grandson. Little redhead. So darling but big sister got most of the attention. Going up to Portland to see our son and his partner and our oldest son is coming down.

sumhzrd Colorado
03/26/12 3:48 am

Hong Kong for the Rugby Sevens tournament

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
03/26/12 2:24 am

I'm taking my "spring break" in May. That's when I'm headed out of state for a week or so. And y'all should give Tony a break from your complaining about the question... Oregon's spring break for public colleges and schools is this week, which is probably why he asked the question the way he did.

03/25/12 11:15 pm

I'm going to Palm Springs with my parents and my friend. I kind of wish I could just stay home and do homework though :/

emsies Seattle
03/25/12 10:54 pm

My friend and I are going to a resort in Leavenworth.

monty New York
03/25/12 10:36 pm

Me and my family go every year from NY to FL sometimes we fly and sometimes drive this year g-d willing we'll be heading out by car this Thursday morning

JelloKyari SoCal
03/25/12 9:52 pm

Maui!!! This Wednesday on the 28th!

two.tired California
03/25/12 9:49 pm

Yep. I'm watching the sunset in Oahu right now.

LovBuffalo New York
03/25/12 9:47 pm

Just got back from the Reason Rally that was in Washington DC. Fantastic!!

03/25/12 8:59 pm

in Thailand now, but I live in Key West so I'm always on vacation.

03/25/12 8:49 pm

what is spring break? haven't had one of those since college 15 years ago!

dbrat East Coast
03/25/12 8:47 pm

nope-bought my kid his first car, that's vaca $, still takin the time off tho, yippee!

sarahg1995 Frankfort, IN
03/25/12 8:03 pm

I'm staying home until the last four days then I'm going zip-lining and some other fun stuff(:

wearetheworld Illinois
03/25/12 7:52 pm

I'm going to my house!! Wow!! So exciting!

03/25/12 6:55 pm

In Disney World<3 I get to be IN the parade!!!

applestar Florida
03/25/12 6:19 pm

I still get a spring break because I'm a teacher. but many families go away for spring break because the kids are off.

applestar Florida
03/25/12 6:17 pm

mine has already passed, my husband and I went on a cruise on the Norwegian Epic. fabulous time!

03/25/12 4:49 pm

Going to LA and then disneyland! Can't wait!

katniss Dallas, TX
03/25/12 3:22 pm

I went to Telluride, CO! It was so awesome!