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Are you more a product of your environment or your decisions?

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anonymous0 Nevada
10/28/12 8:32 am

Two people can watch the same movie and ome out w two totally different experiences.

10/25/12 9:15 pm

I think that your decisions are what define you as a person. You can't point the finger at your environment for not having individual ideologies.

10/24/12 1:20 pm

TheLow ... it's simply not true! I was born dirt poor, and am no longer.

"It's attitude not aptitude that determines your final altitude!" Zig Ziegler.

10/24/12 1:18 pm

So, knowing that you chose not to live there! It's not rocket science.

10/24/12 1:17 pm

You can repeat it over and over, but its still not true.

10/24/12 1:16 pm

And those who rely on excuses go nowhere fast!

10/24/12 1:15 pm

The real ignorance comes when you conclude that it's not your fault because you can find a fancy name to put on your excuses!

Stop fooling yourself, pull up your big boy/girl pants a deal with your situation.

10/24/12 1:12 pm

Of course 30% of Democrats blame their environment. It's consistent with their support of MrO, the excuse-maker-in-chief

10/23/12 8:17 pm

Your decisions are shaped by your environment, so...

ugafan Southern by choice
10/23/12 7:33 pm

No excuses. I control who I am, and who I become. My future is my own. My past can make me stronger or give me an excuse. I am not weak. I don't need excuses.

penelope USA
10/23/12 3:34 pm

At some point we become responsible for our own choices. We can't blame the past forever.

10/23/12 1:59 pm

If "environment" includes genetic predisposition, hormonal influence, and neurochemical levels, then your decisions are only clinically "your own." If you think you have "free will" and independence, you are blissfully ignorant of reality. Enjoy!

10/23/12 9:58 am

My brother and I are total opposites, despite being in the same environment for years

Mister CA
10/22/12 8:47 pm

A wise man once said - Those who believe they decide (know) everything decide (know) nothing.

10/22/12 8:03 pm

Your decisions are a product of your environment. You act in a way you are TAUGHT to...therefore we are most definitely more a product of our environment.

10/22/12 8:03 pm

Your decisions are a product of your environment. You act in a way you are TAUGHT to...therefore we are most definitely more a product of our environment.

weallhave1 Tennessee
10/22/12 7:58 pm

You cannot control what happens to you. You can only control how you respond. Everyone faces hardships and choices. Too many people choose the path that appears easiest at the time without worrying about the long term consequences.

10/22/12 6:06 pm

In the beginning bits of our life, we are mostly affected by environment, but as life goes on, we are much more affected by the choices we make that put ourselves into certain environments.

thelowend imitation is flattery
10/22/12 4:48 pm

you have a choice how you respond to your environment. sure, it's tougher in some environments to give up and allow it to overcome you - but how you respond and decide how to overcome or acquiesce to your environment is truly what you have control over.

thelowend imitation is flattery
10/22/12 4:43 pm

so omnitarian - born poor, always poor? I'm sorry, I refuse to buy that argument. your decisions make you who you are and what you can do. your environment can lea to certain consequences of those decisions, but you are not a "product" of environment. that's the "victim" argument

10/22/12 4:36 pm

Granted, if I lived in Compton, California, life would be very different

omniku dot com
10/22/12 3:56 pm

So you decided to be born in the USA and not in North Korea? Ridiculous! Decision is a factor only if you lucky enough to be born into a free environment where you are allowed to make (more) decisions. If you are born into slavery you get to decide nothing. Environment supersedes all other factors.

omniku dot com
10/22/12 3:47 pm

Close... he's in Canada AKA America, Jr. :) But his entire family is dead now. Not due to their decisions, but because they were unlucky enough to be born in an environment where they were on he wrong side of a horrible genocide. We forget how lucky we are to be born in a safe environment.

robolds Initiative
10/22/12 3:41 pm

Life is about decisions. At least in a free country. God bless the USA!

10/22/12 3:30 pm

So you really think that two kids, one from an upper class family with vacation homes and tutors and the other from a poor family that barely make ends meet, will grow up to become the same people? Or one who has a loving family vs the child of drug addicts who abuse them? These are not decisions.

10/22/12 3:25 pm

Because people do not always their situations make.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
10/22/12 3:23 pm

That's why the question asks which you are MORE a product of.

bornofashes Chicago, IL
10/22/12 2:59 pm

People are cultivated by their PARENT'S decisions and the environment they grew up in before they are allowed to make impressionable decisions of their own.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
10/22/12 2:56 pm

It's both. It's not black and white.


10/22/12 2:37 pm

I honestly thought more Democrats would answer environment. I'm not saying that critically, I said environment myself, but if you think people are a product of their decisions, why do you push so hard for more welfare, higher taxes on rich, etc.?

thehopedivision Atlanta
10/22/12 1:43 pm

It is impossible to understand human nature outside the context of environment.

BadWolf The Library
10/22/12 1:32 pm

As a child, you're more affected by your environment because you're still learning. As you age, your decisions have the greater impact.

satiricalnick meh
10/22/12 12:53 pm

And then there's the idea of race. You were told your friend was black, you didnt decide that.

satiricalnick meh
10/22/12 12:51 pm

Heres another one:
If you were born to a well to do plantation owner in the deep south before the civil war, chances are, youre going to think that slavery is ok. You didnt decide that, the circumstances that you were born in decided for you.

satiricalnick meh
10/22/12 12:47 pm

In other words: are you an übermunch, or a sheep?

Truth is, its impossible to be a true übermunch. We are all products of our environment. Do you think someone born in Iran is going to believe in the same things we believe in? No, theyre brought up to believe in the way things are in that environme

tc ohio
10/22/12 10:47 am

Yeah! All those ridiculous old people whining about getting their medicine...or those one-legged army vets trying to get reeducated on uncle sam's dime, where does it end?

lmurder MDK
10/22/12 10:13 am

Everyone is a product of their environment. People are hilarious.

10/22/12 9:44 am

So if he is your friend is he in the us

TideGal CFL
10/22/12 9:29 am

Product of environment is an excuse.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
10/22/12 9:26 am

We perceive, evaluate and then act. We have control of all three of these processes. No matter what happens, it will reinforce our perceptions. The irony is that multiple results are possible if we choose to activate them with our actions. Think about this. Think some more. Don't forget to act

10/22/12 9:21 am

If I make a decision, my environment will react. This reaction will be positive or negative. Working on that idea will effect how I make a similar decision again.

jenniebtzlbrgr Kansas
10/22/12 8:23 am

My environment influences my decisions. That's why I decided to come home after I found out class was cancelled.

omniku dot com
10/22/12 8:21 am

* Correction... He's from Sudan. But my point all the same... If you're lucky enough to be one of the few people born in America (or the first world) you already have an advantage... Therefore, environment!

omniku dot com
10/22/12 8:16 am

What if you aren't in USA? And what do you mean you've "been there"? A friend of mine is a Somali lost boy. I would bet my bottom dollar you've never been where he's been. Privileged people like us have no idea what it's really like to struggle. And yes, if you are using this app you're privileged!!