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Show Of Hands October 29th, 2011 12:00am

If you learned that one of your favorite companies was making major political donations against your party preference, would you stop buying from them?

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11/06/11 6:21 am

I'm fairly certain Apple is liberal-leaning with its political contributions. But I could not survive without my iPhone!

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
10/31/11 11:19 am

"favorite company" and "party preference" are terms I have issues with. Americans should have neither. If you have a party preference, the political diversion has worked on you. Republicans and Democrats alike are out to steal your money and they care nothing about your liberty. Don't prefer either.

spoiler Michigan
10/31/11 8:52 am

There needs to be campaign finance reform. Tired of unions and corporations turning our elected officials into creative legislative slaves. Politicians are supposed to work for the ppl, not the entity w the most money

rmejia9971 Illinois
10/30/11 10:24 pm

If that's what it was being used for then yeah

10/30/11 5:05 pm

Oh the unions are just as bad if not worse than the corps. They get away with much much more corruption and palm greasing

10/30/11 3:52 pm

I would like to know the difference between large corps giving money to candidates and big labor. I don't think it's an accident that Boing was subjected to a dose of the NLRB...

10/30/11 3:40 pm

The problem with even denying the corps the ability to donate and placing a cap on private donations is it still leaves plenty open for corruption. A company can still backdoor donations by use of employees, even with the cap in place. It's all a debased system

10/30/11 11:54 am

old lady: have you ever seen "The Walking Dead" that's what your average democratic voter looks like. No working brains or guts!

scottstots Georgia
10/30/11 10:05 am

I don't have enough time to do it. Besides, most companies donate to both sides, smart for a company hedge their bets

dylansl Texas
10/29/11 10:44 pm

Some how I doubt one person or even a few will make a deference. Even than you still buy from them for a reason.

NotAsheep Nevada
10/29/11 7:41 pm

Old lady... have you seen "The people of Wal-mart"? That's what your average republican voter in this country looks like.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
10/29/11 1:05 pm

Wow I find it hard to believe that almost half answered yes, but places like Wal Mart are still in business. Somebody is not telling the truth.

Caspey Pennsylvania
10/29/11 11:23 am

lol yeah jessi74 sounds like a moron...but anyways, DOWN WITH LOBBYISTS!

Nerdz Texas
10/29/11 9:30 am

today, yes I slept 15 hours! usually, no

10/29/11 8:40 am

They have a right to support whatever party they choose.

I picture Jessie74 as a skinny white chick with 3 teeth, hairy lip, and a Beer in one hand--like in one of those Walmart freaks photos. All her comments are that classy and mindless

George96 Texas
10/29/11 7:32 am

If there were a competitor with similar prices (and of course the things I'm purchasing from them are of small value), then yes. If I found out Amazon were giving money to Rick Perry, I'd buy from iTunes or eBay. I wouldn't switch to a slightly more expensive airline, though.

JAMinATL Georgia
10/29/11 7:29 am

I would not stop buying from them for making donations against my party preference. That's too general. But I have stopped buying from companies that I learn make donations to pro-life and anti-gay organizations.

hottstuff Massachusetts
10/29/11 7:11 am

If I like a company I could care less about their political affiliation. Unless they are associated with something horrific and inhumane they'll get my business.

10/29/11 12:34 am

I buy American whenever I can. It's not Repubs and Dems. It's us and China. Get your priorities straight.

Happy Hong Kong
10/29/11 12:33 am

most companies spread the lard pretty thickly on both sides of the aisle.

10/28/11 11:57 pm

No. If it's one of my favorite companies maybe I need to rethink my politics and vote the way they do. Maybe
they have more knowledge about politics than me. (:

Jzz California
10/28/11 11:17 pm

well if that is how you justify it, good for you. i don't care either way. i was just wondering who was calling the kettle black.

10/28/11 11:12 pm

mickey; sorry if you don't get sarcasm. I just like to see jessie74 get on do a snipe job and not come back to discuss. I was trying in a crude way to pull his chain.

10/28/11 10:59 pm

This is why I hate unions. I am an RN and so is my wife. We belong (by no choice of our own) to the California Nurses Association. They throw money at liberals constantly. I hate it.

Jzz California
10/28/11 10:57 pm

amen kill. i used to think that most people wanted the best for our country and our nation. but now i believe it is just the opposite. the more i read on this board the more i believe that we are polarizing ourselves into destruction.

10/28/11 10:52 pm

I never understood why democrats and republicans hate each other so much can't we just stop fighting and start focusing on making this country great again

mzungu Washington
10/28/11 10:21 pm

If it was a company like Apple, of course not!

one80 California
10/28/11 10:05 pm

I don't get emotionally involved with companies or political parties that way. Kinda weird.

Jzz California
10/28/11 9:47 pm

bev i agree jopat saying "..if i know a union or some wacko left wing group is boycotting a co i make a pont to shop there" is just as hateful and petty.

10/28/11 8:57 pm

I don't always agree with who or what they support, , but I won't give up my Starbucks and Apple products.

10/28/11 8:33 pm

I enjoy seeing jessie74 get on here with his little bullies about republicans, I find them very refreshing and validates who is really the party of hate and discontent. Thanks Jessie keep it up you awesome little democrat!

10/28/11 8:29 pm

if you buy apple products you really support China.....

10/28/11 8:17 pm

ORinNy I think you just misunderstood my comment. what I was saying is if it's something I would normally consume I'm not going to stop buying it bc they support a certain policy or political party. ethics still matter of course, that's partially why I dislike nike

10/28/11 8:15 pm

@ORinNy I wasn't talking about the business practices I was saying that I don't care about their political affiliation. of course I care them being a good business.nreread my comment

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/28/11 8:09 pm

Bev, I'll tell you like I told rosedud.
If you don't like my comments, there's an ignore button..... USE IT.

Jzz California
10/28/11 7:52 pm

but lutang corps are people. i agree with you though. i think that is what the OWS are trying to say in their own way.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/28/11 7:49 pm

I agree it's a moral issue not a party issue. Guess you could say I'm not a party girl anyway. 

10/28/11 7:42 pm

Bev, I agree.
And I would. Issues, not party lines though. I have in the past. Maybe me alone isn't enough to cause an issue, but if everyone follows it.. Then yea. Maybe the company will get a clue...
We economically vote with our dollar.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/28/11 7:34 pm

The bus boycott did something. God bless Rosa Parks!

10/28/11 7:31 pm

People like Jessie make this app tiresome. Please comment something besides all republicans/ democrats are bad. Most companies donate to both parties. Grow up

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/28/11 6:52 pm

No, I would be mad, but I would still buy from them if they have what I need for the best price/quality combo.


Nerdz Texas
10/28/11 6:35 pm

I'd be a little angry but I'm not THAT into politics to stop buying things from my favorite company