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caligrl21 Huntington Beach
01/23/13 12:20 pm

If only Simon was still there

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
01/22/13 10:18 am

I watch it too. Glad I'm not alone. Your grandmother is funny. She's right, to a point. :)

01/21/13 7:07 pm

Yes but great grandma calls them American Idiots

bioarchnomad Michigan
01/21/13 1:19 am

I'll watch the auditions and probably stop. I cannot stand Nicki Minaj, and I don't think that someone without talent should be judging it. On another note, someone who works across the street from where I live was the second audition on the Chicago episode last week.

donna0987 Indiana
01/20/13 7:26 am

Only the auditions. Watch with my kids. Now that's some funny stuff.

susanr Colorado
01/18/13 3:26 pm

If it were an accurate representation of the country's demographics Romney would have won the recent election by a landslide.

susanr Colorado
01/18/13 3:22 pm

That's utterly disgusting, Rio. If it were possible to not watch it any more than I already do, in protest, I'd do it.

susanr Colorado
01/18/13 3:15 pm

*Somebody* must. It's still on. (At least, I assume it is.)

infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
01/18/13 7:13 am

Not since Simon left

01/18/13 1:35 am

Only the auditions on occasion

01/18/13 12:58 am

One word: vapid.

SouthernG Man Cave
01/17/13 8:58 pm

Show is doing just fine?! Ratings are about the worst ever.

forte6627 Ugh
01/17/13 7:07 pm

No I'm watching the Ultimate Guide to Presidents on the History Channel

jinger New York City
01/17/13 5:14 pm

Used to. It is boring now.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
01/17/13 4:18 pm

why? simon and paula aren't that special. in fact they're annoying and after 5 seasons they made everything about themselves. the show is fine without them.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
01/17/13 4:15 pm

regardless of your opinion, she has millions of fans who know how to spell her name and the show is doing just fine.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
01/17/13 4:11 pm

and you're saying sexual orientation and marriage laws have something to do with American idol?

01/17/13 3:55 pm

These results are surprising, almost ...unbelievable? somebody watches it.

Kelstervb Virginia
01/17/13 2:28 pm

Same here Judy. The Voice seems to be more about talent and less about the egotistical judges.

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
01/17/13 1:30 pm

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Rio76 Wild West
01/17/13 8:46 am

I couldn't stand to watch it again. My son has Aspergers, they are very gullible and vulnerable, and I could easily see him being victimized in this way. They should be ashamed of humiliating vulnerable people for sport on TV.

Rio76 Wild West
01/17/13 8:43 am

I watched one of Its early shows and saw a young person who obviously had some kind of disability, who was mocked and devastated. I never watch again. Read an article about contestants with Aspergers who are encouraged to go on and are told how good they are, only to be humiliated once on the show.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/17/13 7:40 am

I watched a portion of the first show of the first season, and haven't watched one minute since.

dflem Arizona
01/17/13 3:53 am

Can't watch that garbage.

01/17/13 3:41 am

The show has gone from a search for talent to a cage match between the judges' clashing personalities. In addition, I think only about two or three winners have gone on to accomplish anything.

01/17/13 3:38 am

Has anyone heard Nicky Menage sing? Her backtrack is at the same volume as her microphone and all she does is grunt and make a weird vibrato noise as the music plays. She's beyond awful.

01/17/13 3:36 am

No- and I'm not gay or believe in same-sex marriage!

Helpless Anywhere I want to be.
01/17/13 2:54 am

Well, "Arse" at the time of the post, those were the leading demographics by a considerable margin.

01/17/13 1:29 am

"NO!" she said, rather emphatically.

01/17/13 1:28 am

I haven't watched that show since 2003! Lol

Tpallidum Los Angeles, CA
01/17/13 1:05 am

F that garbage. Id rather kill myself.

jgf I have a few questions
01/17/13 12:44 am

Not for many seasons. I like The Voice. Seems more positive.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
01/17/13 12:19 am

I can't stand most "talent" shows like that. Whatever happened to developing as an artist, paying your dues, and actually fine-tuning your craft?

cato Santa Barbara, California
01/17/13 12:06 am

Nope. The show jumped the shark when Simon left.

01/16/13 11:57 pm

That shows still around?! Never liked that or any singing competition as there's never any metal in them. Metal head 4 life \m/O.X\m/

lindiihop Michigan
01/16/13 11:10 pm

Used to be obsessed with it, but now I could care less. There's so many singing competitions on TV nowadays, so it just gets repetitive after a while. Plus, not many people on these shows have a successful long-term career once these shows are over.

01/16/13 11:10 pm

I LOVE NICKI MINAJ. She gets so much hate. I just wanted to be the positive one here.

01/16/13 10:57 pm

I used to watch it but now I like XFactor a lot better! The way it's ran and organized is a lot more interesting than American Idol and I just think its an all around better program and singing competition.

01/16/13 10:16 pm

I completely agree. I hate her

01/16/13 10:16 pm

Im watching it right now!!

01/16/13 9:59 pm

When Nicky Menaj (a ghetto pop rapper) is a judge on a singing show, your show has no hope of surviving on tv

01/16/13 9:53 pm

After the year Taylor Hicks won I stopped watching because there isn't any talent.

01/16/13 9:47 pm

I used to, back when it was good. It started nosediving after the fifth season.

cayenne Texas
01/16/13 9:45 pm

Not with that racist idiot Nicki Minaj. Hail no!