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Would you vote to legalize recreational marijuana use in your state? (UserQ)

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pepper69 Michigan
04/11/12 9:48 pm

I wouldn't min it to be legalized but that would take a lot of business away from the small business of America aka all the dealers that sell it would basically loss their jobs if it got legalized and just think about how much the government would tax it it would be fing outrageous

04/11/12 10:24 am


04/11/12 10:18 am

you have probably made decisions that I strongly disagree with, but you don't see me telling you that you can't make that decision for yourself.

04/11/12 10:17 am

Can we focus on something more important than marijuana and just legalize it for gosh sakes? just because you may not like my choice to smoke it shouldn't give you the right to take my personal choice away.

04/11/12 10:16 am

at this point, our country is simply depriving itself of a controllable, monitorable, taxable, legal system that would greatly reduce legal and prison resources.

04/11/12 10:16 am

I have met so many other professionals that do it and, let's face it, nobody is really shocked to hear of someone having done it in their past or still does. It's just not the social taboo the government makes it out to be.

04/11/12 10:14 am

I don't really drink or smoke cigarettes. I consider myself a great American, intelligent, a contributor to our society, and otherwise very lawful. I hate that I have to sit in a parking lot waiting for some shady person I would never otherwise deal with to get the one thing I like to do to relax.

beadg Virginia
04/10/12 8:53 pm

Bahama Republicans don't know what they are talking about.

04/10/12 6:01 pm

@nitro the only reason people are dying is because it's illegal. If it were legal it wouldn't happen

04/10/12 1:11 pm

everyone who said yes, COME WITH ME TO HOLLAND

04/10/12 7:54 am

There is no gateway drug. It's just that people who do drugs are more likely to do drugs. So when you enjoy one illegal drug you think the other ones are cool too. If pot was legal less kids would move on to more hardcore drugs.

04/10/12 12:42 am

if there is a gateway drug it would be alcohol and tobacco. every one that I know that smoked weed started with those two first. out of all the people I know that ended up in trouble / had their lives ruined it was due to alcohol not weed.

04/09/12 6:20 pm

There is a bunch a druggies in the world these days. This is exactly why there are so many murders and crimes in the US today! Sad very very sad people.

ilikepi Somewhere near Japan
04/08/12 8:14 pm

It has nothing to do with the harmful effects of pot it's a matter of freedom.

04/08/12 12:45 pm

it's just like probation.

04/08/12 7:43 am

@adam that is so incredibly wrong. If you smoke marijuana then you can get cancer because you're inhaling smoke. Pot does alter the brain but does not cause brain damage. Cannabanoids Have actually been shown to increase brain function.

04/08/12 7:01 am

Fact: George Washington's #1 cash crop on Mt. Vernon was Cannabis. Let's make it an AMERICAN industry again.

AdamP Texas
04/07/12 7:03 pm

Marijuana is just as bad as tobacco and worse in some ways. It can cause cancer because of the natural carcinogens. THC chemically alters the brain and can cause permanent damage. Please research the effects of substances before making your vote

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/07/12 3:20 pm

Logic not hate did you see my tease back in the speed limit question?

04/06/12 7:58 pm

The gateway effect exists simply because no one who wouldn't try marijuana would ever try more hardcore drugs.

04/06/12 5:37 pm

Dont pay attention to the people in my state, they are backwards...

04/06/12 4:23 am

I have never used nor tried it but studies tend to show in areas where children grow up with lease restrictions (drugs n alcohol) they tend to grow up to respect the substances and less likely to abuse...look at Europe.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/06/12 12:21 am

I agree that the way we punish without rehabilitating is the elephant in the room. The companies that run the prison system are not motivated to loose customers. Why do we punish beyond the time? It makes things worse not better. However, I do not encourage smoking anything. It does harm.

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
04/06/12 12:20 am

As a former pot head, I say who gives a rats @$$?!?! Uhm, alcohol and cigarettes are legal, and they kill every day. All weed kills is hunger in bellies

yepnope Maryland
04/05/12 6:29 pm

We the slave, I can't help but be passionate about this topic because we are putting so many people in jail who shouldn't be there. If you get a record for pot you are pretty screwed in life and I think that is a tyrannical government trying to legislate morality. It shouldn't be this way.

04/05/12 5:31 pm

Makes sense to me, if people are going to do it, millions of people and cops do the selective arrests thing then yeah it just makes sense to legalize and tax.

mmjman Emerald Valley
04/05/12 5:13 pm

And I'm tired of seeing a multi billion dollar industry in the hands of foreign criminals, so I try to advocate for marijuana law reform whenever I can.

mmjman Emerald Valley
04/05/12 5:12 pm

No, college is the focal point of my life, and for a while seeing doctors and trying to figure out why I was so sick was my focal point, but cannabis is something I know quite a bit about, and I'm tired of seeing peoples lives ruined by the Judicial System for using something safer than alcohol,

04/05/12 4:07 pm

jd123: regadles of weather people think weed is a gateway drug or not, if you spend a great deal of time learning, trying and then smoking and continuously learning and arguing about it, seems to consume a great deal of your time and energy. So is it the focal point of your life, just wondering?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/05/12 3:48 pm

Logic not hate - you sure do seem to love your drugs. Are you getting a kickback?

yepnope Maryland
04/05/12 2:59 pm

Good man dotnet. I appreciate you taking the time to learn about the topic more to make a more informed decision.

dotnetdev Georgia
04/05/12 2:42 pm

medicinal, YES. Recreational, i would need to study a little more on it.

04/05/12 12:05 pm

Outbreak* not out real lol

04/05/12 12:01 pm

It was the same with alcohol prohibition. Alcohol is made illegal and what happened... An out real of gambling and prostitution because to get alcohol... You had to go to shady places to get it

04/05/12 12:00 pm

@logic well what I think is that it's a gateway drug because again.. People buy it from dealers... Dealers who don't always sell mj exclusively. All they care about it money and will push their more expensive and addicting products.

mmjman Emerald Valley
04/05/12 11:56 am

Safety and efficacy of medical marijuana, and in the process learned its actually safer than alcohol, and I became sickened by the thought of so many people have there lives ruined for a substance that is safer than what half this country is high on, booze and pills, but go Ahead......

mmjman Emerald Valley
04/05/12 11:55 am

And for your information 4s I don't have roaches laying around or eat chips, I do have a gastro disorder and I do occasionally smoke cannabis to alleviate nausea and and help me keep me weight, and before I started using it, I along with my doctors did a considerable amount of research into the...

yepnope Maryland
04/05/12 11:52 am

Personally I only use weed, and occasionally alcohol at weddings and events like that. I feel no compulsion to try heroin or coke. I think the "gateway" argument is reefer madness nonsense.

04/05/12 11:40 am

The gateway drug idea is crap. Again mj is considered a gateway drug BECAUSE IT'S ILLEGAL lol.

mmjman Emerald Valley
04/05/12 11:37 am

The reasoning they came up with is that because cannabis users tend to be less stressed than the average American, they are also less likely to over eat, over drink, or engage In risky behavior.

mmjman Emerald Valley
04/05/12 11:33 am

And by regular cannabis users I mean people who use cannabis on a regular basis, and according to a study done by some french researches who compared 3000 american cannabis users to the general population. They also have lower rates of alcohol use and obesity compared to the "general population"

mmjman Emerald Valley
04/05/12 11:30 am

I'm fact only 2% of regular cannabis user use hard drugs compared to 9% of the "general population"

mmjman Emerald Valley
04/05/12 11:28 am

Jopat anyone with half a brain is going to try cigarettes, booze and pot before the experiment with hard drugs, people who use substances to escape are not going to get there escape from a few beers or a joint so they move on to harder stuff. does not mean beer or pot drives people to use hard drugs