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Should the legal immigration process be streamlined to encourage more skilled foreign labor to come work in the U.S.?

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jamjay Atlanta, Ga
09/02/12 11:59 am

It already is streamlined.
It is not hard. My wife did it legally - not difficult.
If you can not obey the first law (arrival) then you are not needed or wanted.
Neither are your kids.
I am Not Sorry either.

09/01/12 11:05 am

Let's get our own people employed before encouraging skilled foreigners to take our jobs.

08/30/12 10:23 am

Immigration boosts the economy.

rgum Texas
08/29/12 11:55 pm

That's already happening people, Americans are picky n lazy sorry had to say it. My opinion is based on personal facts. We weren't always this way though... Wonder what happened??

Jieming Santa Monica
08/29/12 9:54 pm

It's much easier to immigrate to the US than to other countries.

08/29/12 9:18 pm

"I’m the newcomer to the campaign, so let me share a first impression. I have never seen opponents so silent about their record, and so desperate to keep their power.
They’ve run out of ideas. Their moment came and went. Fear and division are all they’ve got left." Paul Ryan

08/29/12 3:55 pm

You guys sit there and complain about unemployment rates and then want foreigners to take more jobs from U.S. citizens. That makes perfect sense.

chrismisen atlanta
08/28/12 6:36 pm

wait, why do dems condemn romney when his company uses foreign laborers, and then say it's a good idea in this poll?

commonsense America isnt racist
08/27/12 9:10 pm

Privatize education. Get the govt out
Of it.

It would stop the left from b*tching and moaning about ONE thing at least.

glyiker America
08/27/12 9:03 pm

Is everyone stupid? Most people who come here won't work at all or work crap jobs anyway! We have enough people for that!

08/27/12 7:54 pm

I said yes because ancient Rome permitted highly skilled workers into their society. and because if there's some super smart engineer with weapons we don't want other countries have those tools. I also want to add that the roman empire collapsed because it started spending more than it took in

08/27/12 6:32 pm

Make college more affordable. What's the point in going $200,000 in debt to come out to the possibility of no jobs? Also, end the racket on college books.

08/27/12 6:03 pm

Republicans don't want the free market to be free in this case

08/27/12 4:49 pm

Yes I did consider it. We don't have enough qualified labor in our country. Over 2 million high paying jobs can't be filled by US citizens because thy don't have the education background. Education has been undermined for 25 years now and here we are suffering the consequences.

08/27/12 4:26 pm

Did the thousands of people who said "yes" ever consider the current national unemployment rate?

08/27/12 3:52 pm

@commonsense I agree we should encourage more Italian chefs to come over and cook cook cook. Real Italian food is the best in the world. I think I gained 20 pounds when I spent 3 weeks in Italy. Rome has so much good stuff the streets even smell nice, lol

08/27/12 3:50 pm

People need to read this question. With understanding. This is not saying stop punishing illegals or make it easier for illegals to become citizens, this saying should we make it easier for people who wish to LEGALLY migrate to the US LEGALLY. Quit whining about amnesty & illegals like idiots goddam

DrReid Ever present.
08/27/12 3:40 pm

So many xenophobic stupid republicans did not bother to read the question. SKILLED immigrants will not be competing for jobs with unskilled stupid Americans aka republicans. If anything their talent will create jobs.

08/27/12 2:50 pm

We're trying to produce jobs for "Americans". Why bring immigrants to work for dirt cheap and take them away?

commonsense America isnt racist
08/27/12 2:48 pm

We should only let the Italians in, and force them all to cook.

08/27/12 2:31 pm

As long as its legal....

08/27/12 2:22 pm

If for anything, to perhaps help stimulate the private sector. More small businesses = more jobs

timeout Boston Strong
08/27/12 12:13 pm

Absolutely, many of them have been educated here. Let's pass the Dream Act and allow these kids to become productive American citizens.

08/27/12 11:55 am

It should be the same way now as it was when my family came over 100 years ago..
Must speak English
Must have a job already or a established skill.

cowboy Dawns Highway
08/27/12 10:28 am

Sure, but Obama just gave illegals amnesty, so it's done.

08/27/12 9:48 am

As a Democrat, no more Mexicans or middle easterns. Sounds bad I know but I'm tired of them bringing their culture over here. America is America because we are not Mexicans or middle easterns. If you want that type of living, go move back. Immigrants need to change, not Americans.

08/27/12 8:38 am

As a Republican I was surprised and disappointed to see that my fellow Republicans don't favor this. If we can attract intelligent, hard working people here who want to obey the law we should make it simpler. I welcome the prospect of more diversity (and more taxpayers).

08/27/12 8:31 am

Wait! You mean we have a way for people to come here legally!? Do tell.

08/27/12 7:44 am

I think in the last ten years we have refugees coming to America because they can no longer feel safe in their own country. I blame it all on the drug appetite here in the U.S.

08/27/12 7:18 am

We need more comprehensive immigration reform. Foreign engineering students graduate with honors from American universities & we send them home.

If Israel had as open a border for illegal entry as we have, they would no longer exist.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
08/27/12 7:15 am

I actually agree with veritas for once.

08/27/12 7:05 am

It also encourages less ILLEGAL immigration, which is why Republicans should probably support this.

08/27/12 6:52 am

Americans are lazy and believe they entitled to many different things. Social welfare has pampered people so much that they figure why bother... If the government is going to pay me to sit at home and get drunk and high then why not do it?!?! End welfare and unemployment fix employment...

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/27/12 6:22 am

Josh- you have to do both at the same time. We can't wait until every illegal is gone (which will NEVER happen) before starting to reform the legal process.

Veritas & RJ- I have very strange news for you. I agree with you both on this!!!!! :-) Imagine that.

EnginE3r Texas
08/27/12 6:06 am

This should be the last step. First crack down on illegals already here and deport those illegals, secure the border to prevent more illegals, THEN improve the way the legal process works that lets people in legally.

08/27/12 5:21 am

I lean right & I say yes. It's not about letting people in to take jobs, it's about making it easier for legal immigration as opposed to illegal which will help improve tax revenues, if you take out the part about skilled foreign workers I bet you the yes number is significantly higher for this

08/27/12 5:09 am

This does not include felonies stemming from political action against an oppressive regime.

08/27/12 5:08 am

Anybody who credibly shows great love for this country should be allowed to stay BUT with these restrictions : good knowledge of English and our political system and no violent felony on record.

08/27/12 4:29 am

@uturn55. Be a little less overtly racist. My Indian wife is an honest, hardworking person just like most of them. Because you don't understand their culture doesn't mean you should bash it. Sorry you had a bad experience with an Indian person. Don't stereotype a billion people you ignorant ass

08/27/12 4:26 am

I agree Justin. I'm Republican and love working with smart and hard working people of all nationalities. Are we afraid of competition? Step up to the plate and increase your skill set.

08/27/12 4:23 am

the process and give American business incentives to hire americans even, if that means subsidizing their education.

08/27/12 4:23 am

I think Americans are generally very lazy (last I check only 49 percent of us pay taxes at all) so we need some help with foreign workers. We make the process miserable for legal hardworking people an grant illegals visas? We need to do 2 things, streamline

08/27/12 4:22 am

Yes. Bring in smart skilled workers and export the huddled masses yearning for welfare...whether they were born here or not!

08/27/12 12:04 am

I'm VERY disappointed in my political party(republican)!

KudosToYou California
08/27/12 12:01 am

We don't have the skills here and we won't until we put education first and start hiring college graduates.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/26/12 10:20 pm

oh veritas. there you go again with your facts and examples of reality. these people don't want to hear that! they want to talk about concepts like self-deportation.