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Do you watch any reality TV shows regularly? (UserQ)

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12/10/11 6:41 pm

amazing race, survivor and big brother

LunaLupus Connecticut
12/06/11 3:34 pm

Am I the only one here that watches the Bad Girl's Club? I know the concept is dumb, but I just can't stop watching good looking girls beating each other up!! :)
It's weird though, because it is the complete opposite of what I normally watch e.g-Dr Who, Star Trek, Supernatural, American Horror Story

12/05/11 4:36 pm

I hate to say it but......... Jersey Shore

12/04/11 9:51 pm

Big Brother, Amazing Race, and Say Yes to the Dress.

12/04/11 7:33 pm

Yes. My guilty obsession... I love them!

12/03/11 12:53 pm

Embarrassing to admit but..Jersey Shore :(

12/03/11 11:51 am

Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. The others bore me.

Thorn Central Valley, CA
12/03/11 4:24 am

Reality tv is a misnomer's all scripted..drama, fights, highs and lows, all SCRIPTED for ALL "reality" shows. Especially those stupid housewife shows...The one show I do watch(bc the wife loves it) is Celebrity Rehab w/Dr. Drew

12/03/11 2:50 am

Could the reality shows be a reason that some Americans are so stupid? Some people actually believe that malarky!

GirlOnFire Ohio
12/02/11 10:27 pm

I LOVE SURVIVOR! best reality show out there! Gotta love it!

12/02/11 7:30 pm

Top Shot. The only decent reality show

12/02/11 1:35 pm

@Billard the largest state is Alaska. So.... No. But yes the smallest state is yes.

kales Not Quite Boston
12/02/11 12:39 pm

Big Brother & Dance Moms.<3

Besides that, no. Most are pretty damn stupid, those^ are tolerable. And hilarious.

12/02/11 12:06 pm

me refs! your the only one besides me that answered DWTS. kym Johnson is so hot!!

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
12/02/11 8:58 am

Reality TV makes you dumber. I know. I used to watch it. And I'm way-way dumber now.

merefs New York
12/02/11 6:19 am

DWTS,Teen Mom 1&2, 16&Pregnant, Anerican horror story, the middle, modern family, ghost hunters, pawn stars, hardcore pawn, pretty little liars, secret life of the American teenager, real housewives of New Jersey& Atlanta, Tabithas salon takeover, Dance moms, &Jersey Shore. Oh &nancy grace!❤

12/02/11 6:04 am

I still love survivor, but the really need to do away with Keeping Up With The Jersey Shore!!

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
12/02/11 5:54 am

Cooking shows like Chopped and Sweet Genius (two of my favorites) don't count as reality television in my book because they have educational value. The "reality" label is for crap like The Bachelor, American Idol, and The Real Housewives of [Insert City Here]. I avoid those shows like the plague.

one80 California
12/02/11 3:43 am

I like The Real Housewives of _______.
Don't care much for the reality shows with contestants or families.

12/02/11 2:29 am

Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, oddities, and American Pickers.

12/02/11 2:09 am

Lucky for me I live in reality - I never have or will own a tv set

12/02/11 12:46 am

Lol only the largest and smallest state are yes. XD

true Home
12/01/11 11:29 pm

Pawn stars!!!:) and storage wars

12/01/11 10:56 pm

Survivor, love in the wild, and Americas got talent! ;)

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
12/01/11 10:38 pm

I forgot about Hoarders. I like that one as well. Makes me want to clean everything!

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
12/01/11 10:36 pm

Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and Hardcore Pawn.

12/01/11 10:31 pm

Oh I forgot a out Storage Wars! We record it too

Jzz California
12/01/11 10:01 pm

does top chef count. I thought it was a competition? I think of shows like big brother, and wife's of xxx reality shows.

EarlyBird Portland
12/01/11 9:38 pm

It's all I watch! I love reality tv!

12/01/11 9:06 pm

Im ashamed to admit i watch project runway and project accessory.

tsk California
12/01/11 9:06 pm

Survivor! Lmao Cochran worst move ever.

12/01/11 8:57 pm

liars! everyone watches....that's why they have taken over tv!

12/01/11 8:54 pm

The first 48 is awesome!!!

monkeyy Ohio
12/01/11 7:40 pm

I watch survivor, American idol, so you think you can dance, and the food network shows. :)