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Show Of Hands January 21st, 2012 12:00am

In your life right now, does time seem like it's passing too slowly, or too quickly?

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lilrhonda3 Illinois
01/29/12 7:42 pm

I am scared the world will end December 21 or 25 neverous as Eva I am gonna live my life really

live2shop Florida
01/27/12 7:57 pm


01/27/12 7:01 pm

If life is moving to slow then you need to learn to appreciate the little things in life. Life is too short for you to be wanting it to move faster

kst8r Iowa
01/26/12 4:36 pm

The hours and minutes pass slow but when I think about it, it is scaring me that time is going so fast

asstickler Michigan
01/24/12 10:04 am

age filter, haha. everyone is in a hurry to grow up.

01/23/12 8:22 pm

Everyone dies so fast. And then what?

01/22/12 11:33 pm

In two years I leave for college. Two years ago feels like yesterday. I'm so freaked out.

mamita Alabama
01/22/12 10:30 pm

Ever since I graduated high school it seems to go faster.I already did 2 years of college & it went quick. I guess high school was boring(school-work wise) & I wanted more of a challenge. I do miss the fun times like games, pep rallies.& having fun not jus party/club/drinkin like ppl do now my age

01/22/12 9:23 pm

yesterday I was a freshman today I'm a junior time flies. I'm gonna miss my friends. it's like we spend 18 years with our closest friends then we are thrown out into the world to start over :/

Nerdz Texas
01/22/12 9:07 pm

fast. it is already 2012 and I'm already 13

true Home
01/22/12 6:44 pm

I love the age filters on this one.

SoCalSon SoKal
01/22/12 4:28 pm

@ jooshmoond - I feel the same way

nnayllek Cliffs of Insanity
01/22/12 3:48 pm

This question was made for age filters

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
01/22/12 2:37 pm

I am retired so time is going just

Metal4life California
01/22/12 2:34 pm

Why can't time go slower?!?!?!?!?!?!

01/22/12 2:17 pm

School is going by so fast. I fell like I just started eighth grade

01/22/12 12:43 pm

I'm 17 going on 18 in April and its slow at times and fast at times.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/22/12 11:56 am

More even Steven. I've a lot to do before the new grandson comes, but am not stressed about it. Voted fast.

LicensedNe North Carolina
01/22/12 11:38 am

Its not so bad that it's going fast for me.

01/22/12 10:41 am

Im not even an adult and I wish life would slow down.

Isomax TIC TOC
01/22/12 9:35 am

the ride from inspired to expired seems to go faster as it goes down hill.

Supremacyst Utopia
01/22/12 8:03 am

The days go by slow but the weeks go by fast.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
01/22/12 6:44 am

With a one year old...... Time is zooming past me....... And so is my child lol

cmid1 Florida
01/22/12 6:41 am

Not my quote but, "youth is wasted on the young."

01/22/12 6:31 am

I just tried scrapple for the first time. Not bad.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/22/12 5:28 am

Just right. I'd go for slow right now though, but I still enjoy the moment.


01/22/12 5:24 am

Time seems to fly by, Christmas feels like it came and went so fast; as if it happened three months ago.

DB1984 Pennsylvania
01/22/12 2:16 am

Time seems to go faster every year .

01/22/12 1:47 am

Time is going by so fast! I remember when I was little how long it took for Xmas to come and now? Xmas came and went already + 21 days of the new year are gone too.
I don't want to get old this fast...

beamie Michigan
01/22/12 12:00 am

Right now way to slow! Single mom of two, and looking forward to payday Friday since I haven't got a check since the 23rd of December. Friday will never get here!

01/21/12 11:30 pm

Under 21 years think its going by slow because of high school. Over 40 years, well, eventually their time is up.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
01/21/12 11:22 pm

Way too slow - senior year can't come to an end fast enough!

01/21/12 10:30 pm

way to fast I am a college student so every thing is fast I have test , papers and homework plus things I have to help my dad out with. I miss the days when I was in grade school and all I had to do was eat sleep go to school and not to have a care in the world

wktortoise US Coast Guard Academy
01/21/12 9:55 pm

@sgeisler18 I'm in exactly the same situation and i feel the same way.

sgeisler18 Illinois
01/21/12 9:48 pm

It's a mixture of both. I'm starting my last semester of high school on Monday, and my emotions are black and white: I can't believe I'm in 12th grade, but college can't come soon enough!

01/21/12 9:46 pm

No it's just smaller in comparison. Anyways how can time go fast now? Each day before a primary feels weeks.. Ron Paul

01/21/12 9:39 pm

I think time seems faster the older you get, because a year/month is an ever smaller portion of your life.

blakestr San Diego
01/21/12 9:29 pm

Right now it's slow, but once u look back it seems like it went so fast

RCIfan Ohio
01/21/12 9:11 pm

Life only moves slowly because of foreign language class.

01/21/12 9:09 pm

it's passing too slowly! I can't til the 2008 election!

01/21/12 8:55 pm

@cawench: same here. Of course that's because I'm not gonna be able to retire, so forever is a mighty long time.

01/21/12 8:53 pm

Time is not real. It is man-made there so today is tomorrow as much as yesterday.

01/21/12 8:52 pm

As a child time seems to last longer because you discover more new things, as an adult you have already discovered most essential basic knowledge. So as an adult with less memorable acts time seems to last longer.

01/21/12 8:50 pm

Life is always passing too quickly. I remember when I was 2. An exact memory and how I felt at the time. Now I'm 36 and have a 2 year old! As well as 4 others...

Happy Hong Kong
01/21/12 8:45 pm

I guess time speeds up as you get older.