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Show Of Hands September 23rd, 2012 12:00am

Do you usually power down a laptop before shutting the screen?

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dbrat East Coast
09/26/12 8:30 pm

I won't use the laptop any more it is glacial

09/26/12 3:58 am

My laptop is always in a docking station so the screen is always shut. But on the occasion that I take it out I just close it.

Tony SOH Founder
09/25/12 12:43 pm

NONFiction - please stay on topic and stop spamming every thread. Thanks.

NONfiction Wisconsin
09/25/12 11:16 am

I find it funny that tests show conservatives are very likely to be close minded and not open to new ideas


Republicans you need to realize you have walls around your head and you are wearing blinders!!!!

09/25/12 10:33 am

Both of my laptops (1 pc and 1 Mac) sleep automatically when closed. That's good enough for me.

ugafan Southern by choice
09/24/12 7:32 pm

My Dell freezes/locks up if it's not shut down. My daughters refuse to shutdown. My husband & I do. The age filter is no surprise.

illinois217 Illinois
09/24/12 6:16 pm

Ya there's no way your computer would be hacked if u just left it connected

BadWolf The Library
09/24/12 4:29 pm

Your pc can't be hacked simply by being connected to the internet

09/24/12 2:52 pm

The longer your PC is connected to the Internet, AKA on. The greater the chance it'll get hacked.

BadWolf The Library
09/24/12 12:12 pm

It saves energy to power down and unplug it if you aren't going to use it

cbbfle Nashville, TN
09/24/12 9:34 am

My Mac wakes up in a second or two even after being left alone all day.

EarlyBird Portland
09/24/12 6:11 am

I used to power down before closing my laptop but after reading these comments, I'm not going to.

09/24/12 3:00 am

Nope. I never power down any of my Macs unless I'm not going to use them for more than a week.

cowboy Here and There
09/24/12 2:50 am

I wonder if holy water burns some of these people? So much hate.

nicoolio Oregon
09/24/12 12:50 am

@thezwerbot Haha! I like that! I hope you don't mind if I use it :) @Starry Stop looking for attention and just tell us about your laptop preferences instead! Find yourself a religion question and preach there where it fits!

yesmaam socal
09/23/12 11:03 pm

Put it to sleep. Too lazy to go through the waiting process of turning it on

tdaddy Kentucky
09/23/12 8:36 pm

No, I do not power my notebook down when I close it's cover because a Windows PC lets you go to the Control Panel "power" settings and configure the pc to power down automatically when you or anyone else closes the cover.

WinterRose New York
09/23/12 8:04 pm

Usually put it in sleep mode before closing the lid. If I don't, when it's next opened, the resolution is all weird (everything gets big).

andrewv SC
09/23/12 7:30 pm

I pray to satan twice a day.

Comet? Tennessee
09/23/12 7:02 pm

Ok you are crying like a BIG baby. I hope my next comment in the other subject I will interact smoothly.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/23/12 6:57 pm

Starry- I'm not grumpy. Prayer has nothing to do with the question. You totally trolled the question!! If you paid attention to all the religious questions you wouldn't need to ask if I'm an atheist or tell me I need to be a good pray-er. Keep the religion on the religious topics.

cbbfle Nashville, TN
09/23/12 6:55 pm

Only shut down at night, I want instant access.
Which I also have with Jesus, my lord and savior.

Comet? Tennessee
09/23/12 6:29 pm

I am not worry about what you think I am. All of you may ignore my comments but sometime other commenters like my message. Some of them are the caveman lovers. May God bless our interaction.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
09/23/12 6:23 pm

I always power down then close the lid immediately,habit I suppose.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/23/12 6:21 pm

Most of the time, because I rarely close it unless I'm done for now. When I used to carry it to work I had it set to continue working when closed, but those were the bad old days when it might take an hour to finish compiling. Now I just carry the iPad and do most of the heavy work on the desktop.

gonk In a psychology textbook
09/23/12 6:13 pm

Shut down and unplug.

And lmao @cowboy and the entire situation below.

cowboy Here and There
09/23/12 6:09 pm

When you sneeze, and someone says God bless you, do you tell them about your penis? It was just a nice gesture, calm down.

cowboy Here and There
09/23/12 6:06 pm

I didn't see him/her shoving it anywhere. But that's just me.

DankZane Visus Per Mentem
09/23/12 6:02 pm

Starry, religion is like a penis. It's cool of you have one, and it's fine to be proud of it. But please don't try and shove it down anyone's throat.

snafu Washington
09/23/12 5:57 pm

I mostly just shut the screen but sometimes turn the laptop all the way off first.

Can we all ignore Starry's comment and stay in the original subject?

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
09/23/12 5:51 pm

Starry, you have this way to make me laugh.

09/23/12 5:51 pm

My Mac... Never... My win laptop.,, only if I want it to work without rebooting it when I open the lid again...

Comet? Tennessee
09/23/12 5:45 pm

@jms...two commenters below replied me nicely. You are pretty grumpy. Obviously, you need to become a good prayer. R u an atheist?

09/23/12 4:49 pm

Usually, but not always. Boring question...What's with the "prayer" issue? That sounds more interesting.

09/23/12 4:44 pm

Yeah, did I miss something about praying? Isn't this about power downing laptops??? No. I don't

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/23/12 4:40 pm

The question was about laptops not prayer!! Keep to the subject Starry!!!

No I don't usually power my laptop down. Waste of time starting it back up.

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
09/23/12 4:23 pm

I pray Zeus, my savior. May all non believers burn in the pit of tartartuaudurus