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Show Of Hands August 17th, 2011 12:00am

Have you ever known someone who attempted suicide?

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keeper1722 lighthearted
08/31/11 5:28 pm

My cousins friend did, but I never knew him. RIP all of those who have succeeded

Zack100 Tatooine
08/28/11 12:38 pm

@ dream they aren't taken they are given!

08/27/11 11:21 am

And Jared, and Garret, and Nadia

08/27/11 11:18 am

Rest in paradise, Brady

08/25/11 3:44 pm


Bran Maryland
08/24/11 10:08 pm

Someone tried jumping off a building....he succeeded.

daisymae Oregon
08/23/11 11:58 am

it's awful how many have said yes.... so sorry! it makes me sick

daisymae Oregon
08/23/11 11:58 am

it's awful how many have said yes.... so sorry! it makes me sick

Strawberi Michigan
08/21/11 7:02 pm

WILL SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!?!?!?!? Teenagers kill themselves all the time because they're bullied at school. Wouldn't you think homicide would be a bigger issue???

Dream Hogwarts
08/21/11 12:15 am

I know I just said this twice but RIP to all those taken by suicide.

Dream Hogwarts
08/21/11 12:13 am

@hokieJAC That's awful! Rest in Peace

Dream Hogwarts
08/21/11 12:09 am

@tjr I'm so sorry! Rest in Peace

08/20/11 8:49 am

A relative whom I love dearly! May God continue to Keep and Bless Her!

08/20/11 2:32 am

Yeah, myself.

Also- isn't it selfish to want someone who is in PAIN to continue living for YOU?

08/20/11 2:03 am

my good friend killed himself this year. one of the barest things I have been through.

08/19/11 4:33 pm

And to call it cowardly? In my opinion it's so ballsy to end your life. Not saying it's okay, but think of all the people that didn't attempt because they were too scared. I can't believe people are so judgmental on a subject like this.

08/19/11 4:24 pm

People who say the ones who only attempt it do it for attention can all go fuck themselves. People like you are the reason they get depressed in the first place.

bjl Indiana
08/19/11 4:19 pm

I know a success story if that counts

Soitgoes Missouri
08/19/11 10:43 am

My friend tried with pills and when he got out of the hospital, he got punched in the face. Suicide is the most selfish act known to man.

08/19/11 10:00 am

In 2005 it was 11/10,000. But that's deaths ruled as suicide, and successful attempts. It probably doesn't count OD on certain drugs, ect because it's too questionable. Or attempts that (thankfully) fail.
Also, it only takes 1 person for 100 to he able to say yes :(

08/19/11 3:43 am

wow these results surprise me... what is the suicide rate in the country?

hokiejac Decatur, GA
08/19/11 1:04 am

Being a suicide survivor marks you forever. The depressed see nothing but their own pain. My dad honestly thought we'd be better off. But even 10.5 yrs later none of us have gotten over it

hokiejac Decatur, GA
08/19/11 12:57 am

I've known two who not only attempted but succeeded, one of whom was my father

08/19/11 12:24 am

Rest in peace, Laura, Spencer, and Ryan.

08/19/11 12:20 am

I've known several who attempted. Knew three who we able to take their own lives. My heart still breaks for their families.

hayley99 Iowa
08/18/11 11:30 pm

This makes me so sad knowing that so many people answered yes:(:(

08/18/11 11:05 pm

Thank you Eco. I completely agree... It's a sensitive subject for anyone who has any experience with it. To make jokes... There's no way to describe how rude and immature.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
08/18/11 10:40 pm

Never that i know of at least that nobody ever told me

08/18/11 10:06 pm

I had a friend who attempted and succeeded unfortunately (God rest his soul)... no one saw it coming, it was such a horrible situation altogether...

08/18/11 10:02 pm

@Zack100- That joke about jumping off a building is immature, offensive, and just flat out wrong.

veritas… Texas
08/18/11 9:58 pm

@dlyliny1 I for one do give a damn. If you don't mind my suggesting things, I would try building the relationship with your friends. Involve them in your life. Help volunteer at places to see how fortunate you really are. Go to the beach or park with your dogs. Mostly, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET! Good luck

08/18/11 9:36 pm

make some. Friendship is a two way street like any other relationship. Nothing will make your life better if you aren't willing to work for it. I am very sorry that you are suffering. Hope things improve for you.

08/18/11 9:34 pm

dly- of course I can only speak from experience but if I am unhappy with my life I must actively work to change it. Sometimes all I can change is my perception. Why not be grateful that you have the $ to pay for surgery. You could be unable to have the surgery. If u want friends actively try to....

08/18/11 9:34 pm

Dly- I can't imagine not having family (not to rub it in). But as far as friends with families- it consumes all your time. Is there somewhere you can volunteer? I know if nothing else, since you said you live for your dogs, maybe an animal shelter?

dlyliny1 New York
08/18/11 9:11 pm

better, I have to ask "When??" I can't imagine living another 20-40 years for a life that is virtually pleasureless and is filled with nothing but loneliness and misfortune. And no, therapy doesn't help when you have no one around who gives a damn.

dlyliny1 New York
08/18/11 9:08 pm

in the head (right now, I finally saved some money and discovered a month ago that I need surgery that insurance won't cover. So now I'm broke again, and don't even have anyone to take me to or from my surgery or even help me for a day afterward. So while it is appreciated that people say "it gets

dlyliny1 New York
08/18/11 9:05 pm

have not "gone through with it" is because I have 3 little dogs and they are the only reasons for me to live. I have virtually no family, a few friends who always seem to be too busy, never married, no kids, crappy career, no savings, etc. Everytime I get ahead a little, financially, life kicks me

dlyliny1 New York
08/18/11 9:02 pm

I'm 48 and tried when I was 19 (half-hearted attempt), but admit that I think about dying every day. For the kind people on here who insist things will get better, I am living proof that is not true. I see a shrink, am on a handful of meds but live every day depressed and lonely. The only reason I

08/18/11 8:47 pm

@landshark you sir, are a douche.

08/18/11 8:16 pm

Attempted? No. Actual? Yes. I hate people who can't commit.

08/18/11 7:45 pm

@lokomoko I agree 100%

08/18/11 7:32 pm

Yes, he's gone and I wonder why every day.