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Feerzz Missouri
07/15/11 9:56 am

I think that the FedEx truck is VERY ugly and VERY tacky UNLIKE the UPS truck.

07/09/11 10:42 am

fedex! it's the best place EVER! i mean even their logo is cool , it has an arrow between the e and x. google it.(:

softball1? Florida
07/06/11 8:41 pm

FedEx!!!!! My dad works there!!!

blink182 North Carolina
07/03/11 10:40 pm

Who chooses brown as company colors? Wth? Fedex

07/03/11 5:18 am

UPS is cheaper but not good delivery ! They scew up alot just like a govt does

Flooded Virginia
07/02/11 11:53 pm

UPS, cause of Legally Blonde. I think my delivery man is really tired of me doing the bend and snap.

06/29/11 4:57 pm


Thank you! I agree! Who does really care?!?!?!

06/28/11 8:00 pm

they both suck. fedex loses too many packages and ups customer service is a joke.

06/28/11 3:39 pm

Go Fedex only because my dog dosn't like UPS

06/28/11 2:48 pm

Only because of the uniforms - UPS dudes are hot.

FreeHempMn Minnesota
06/28/11 7:42 am

Well, neither, I want to save jobs (860K) so I would send USPS, but if any republicant gets in the white house, look for the largest layoff in U.S. History, just sayin. Oopps there goes the economy.....

06/27/11 9:42 pm

75 people felt a need to weigh in on delivery companies. slow tv night?

06/27/11 9:34 pm

testing testing 1 2 3

06/27/11 12:11 pm

Apologies for the "dumb" questions, @shylavail. I figured that outlining the corporate structure of FedEx Corporation (the holding company that includes FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight and FedEx Services) was probably unnecessary to get the spirit of the question across. :-)

06/27/11 9:56 am

USPS. We live in a rural area. When fEDX can't, or won't, deliver they drop it on the post office to deliver. I think they have a contract

shylavail Oklahoma
06/27/11 9:44 am

This is a dumb question, because FedEx Express and FedEx Ground are two different companies. FedEx Express is awesome, but Ground is a different story. This question should be more detailed. I work for a UPS and FedEx ship center and FedEx and UPS are very comparable.

06/27/11 5:30 am

Anything but USPS; I'd rather a dog deliver my package by foot and covered in slobber than them.

06/27/11 1:13 am

Fedex has way better commercials, just saying

06/27/11 12:37 am

UPS actually pays there employees well while fedex just has "contractors" and don't really own any of there stuff. they take advantage of the system... UPS.

06/27/11 12:26 am

FedEx does home delivery on Saturday, UPS does not.

06/26/11 3:59 pm

what can brown do for you?

06/26/11 2:36 pm

ups guys are always hotter, so ups! go big brown!

06/26/11 2:09 pm

Glad that we can choose and nit be stuck with only one option. The technology both companies employ is very impressive.

06/26/11 12:58 pm

I can never unsee the arrow of FedEx..

06/26/11 10:17 am

We had a package stolen and now for the last 3 years I have to sign ALL packages with UPS. That's punishing the victim. One day I signed for a package the size of a telephone book to see the driver go across the street and leave a package on the doorstep as tall as a fridge w/no signature.

06/26/11 8:49 am

I voted for FedEx since I deliver for them but overall, they're both good companies. I know most of the drivers from FedEx and UPS in the area and they all seem dedicated. Half of my phone contacts are customers in the business district so I'm just a call away. They help me so I help them.

civ511 Vermont
06/26/11 8:47 am

UPS all the way. They keep there fleet well maintained and use hybrid trucks in a lot of places. Much friendlier too.

06/26/11 8:07 am

I will never use those jerks again. I ordered an iPod from the apple website and it was delivered to my apt, but I wasn't home. I went to pick it up at the depot and waited over an hour for them to "search the warehouse." They never found it, so I called apple and they sent another one by UPS.

06/26/11 6:04 am

@fiat1lux FINALLY someone mentions DHL. =)

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
06/26/11 5:57 am

From what I've seen who you choose depends on where, when, and what you are shipping.

I've had both good and bad experiences with FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL (nothing significant with the latter 2).

cumminspwr Utah
06/26/11 5:13 am

Had problems with both. But, UPS seems to have a better, friendlier customer support system. And, they're all clean shaven and look nice. Not too shabby. UPS has better hours, Christmas day and the such. Just depends on when and what's being shipped.

06/26/11 4:19 am

UPS! FedEx is almost always late and if they are on is usually broken (if it is breakable)

joshg USS Battleship Alabama
06/26/11 2:28 am

Anyone know why FedEx packages say "Express" or "Priority" on them? There is a federal law that prohibits people from using any mail delivery service other then the USPS unless that service cost at least 2x as much or it is an "express" service. If your inefficient, legislate. Look it up yourself

06/26/11 1:43 am

UPS and FedEx both have their pros and cons, but I'll give them both this; they're faster and more reliable than USPS. Though, that doesn't take much.

06/26/11 1:10 am

I worked for UPS for one day and it was the worst experience of my life. The workers are rude and make fun of customers. They all complain and harass new workers (me). I was so disappointed and have definitely boycotted them.

06/26/11 12:30 am just touched the nerve, now their not gonna shut up about it lol

06/26/11 12:10 am

I get my fucking packages either way so I'm not going to complain. Life's too short to be a downer.

06/25/11 10:28 pm

It's simple...
I get stuff and send stuff using both companies. I like both companies for different reasons.

Anyone can offer good and bad experiences. Mine are also simple. They both make good on their goofs.

That's good enough for me.

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
06/25/11 10:00 pm

It's nice to see a good conversation. Not political and heated like the others. I'm a UPSer and expected this to be a battle between union and nonunion. But this is surprisingly refreshing.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
06/25/11 9:50 pm

fedex not ceded! autocorrect can be a pain!

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
06/25/11 9:49 pm

ups delivers to our business between 11am and 12 pm every day. ceded sometimes doesn't show up until 8pm. if we are waiting for raw materials it puts us behind a day. ups all the way!