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Show Of Hands January 23rd, 2012 12:00am

If all of your household income stopped today, would you be able to maintain a similar standard of living for more than 4 months before your savings were gone?

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melisa Nevada
02/03/12 11:48 pm

go to the Mormon church! they are always teaching free classes about emergency preparedness food storage etc.

Liebel michigan
02/02/12 7:52 pm

I already had to go through losing income, which resulted in me having to move. I would not be able to do it again any time soon.

01/27/12 8:38 pm

and we wonder why our federal, state, and local finances are also hosed...

01/25/12 10:20 pm

some of you would say I am lucky...some would say it's unfair...and some would understand I am blessed. yes I could, I pray I don't have to.

01/25/12 10:16 pm

My business based on what may or may not be the truth.

01/25/12 10:15 pm

Credit on what I'm doing with other companies. It should be an agreement between me and that creditor period. Don't base my credit line on what I pay or don't pay to someone that has nothing to do with them. If I don't pay, then close my acct. But don't be a snitch and go tell other companies

01/25/12 10:12 pm

While we're at it why don't we get rid of the credit reporting agencies. I'm in a bind with my credit cards right now and it pisses me off that they check to see who I'm current with and who I'm not. It's none of their damn business! As long as I'm paying each one then they shouldn't base my

01/25/12 7:07 pm

What are you trying to protect heterosexual marriages from? There isn't a limited amount of love in Iowa. It isn't a non-renewable resource. If Amy and Barbara or Mike and Steve love each other, it doesn't mean that John and Mary can't

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
01/25/12 6:02 pm

Could make it about 4 days past my first missed payday.
I have two degrees, a great career and fat paychecks.
I work hard and I have awesome (and expensive) toys.
Job goes away - creditors get the shaft. And that is just the way it is.

donna0987 Indiana
01/25/12 4:55 pm

Yes-had to. Broke now, need to rebuild savings. I feel very lucky to have had a savings.

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/25/12 10:55 am

@fcdvr, and to provide the free college, give everybody 16 years of education. No more(to control cost).no Masters or PhD's. That way everyone can at least have a Bachelors degree.

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/25/12 10:51 am

@fcdvr, While you are at it, fix the USA this way: All income/capital gains taxed @50%. No deductions or loopholes. National sales tax of 10%. On all sales, no exceptions. To control the cost of free healthcare you advocate: limit spending each citizen gets $2K yearly, & $100k lifetime benefits.

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/25/12 10:44 am

@fcdvr, that's funny. Minimum wage would be in the ballpark of $45.00 per hour. Your Mickey D's Big Mac or BK whopper would be around $10.00. Want fries with that? Another $5.00.

01/25/12 12:32 am

Buy American products. We make good stuff here, and jobs in America make for stable incomes and households in America.

01/25/12 12:30 am

How about raising the minimum wage so a 4 person family can afford to have a house, 2 cars, and pay all utilities and have enough left over to put into retirement and pay for college. Or better yet, make any public college free to those who qualify and are US citizens. Free healthcare for all!

01/24/12 11:55 pm

I drive a Ford. That is a fine reliable car, and keeps jobs in America the way no Subaru will.

01/24/12 11:54 pm

I am among the fortunate. but national GDP needs to be increased and reach more hardworking Americans. how the heck do we do that? somehow just taxing the rich more is appealing, but I feel that is not the whole answer. neither are credit cards or higher national debt. ..

01/24/12 11:20 pm

We're nearly there. Now if only things like a broken furnace wouldn't keep eating into our savings!

01/24/12 8:46 pm

and this is exactly what's wrong with this country. too many people living beyond their means.

01/24/12 8:20 pm

I wouldn't last past my next check.

01/24/12 3:55 pm

I've saved enough for our family to last for 10 years (not counting retirement funds). I've been working hard (including college years) and saving diligently (not eating out, not buying expensive things, except for iphones and ipads) which has really paid off.

01/24/12 12:26 pm

@hacim- that's why you're in school- to learn to think! (but if you're in school you probably live at home/ have your parents paying for what you need/ whine that you need)

01/24/12 12:24 pm

Not with my toys- I have a job to pay for them- I'm not getting a hand out from Obama!

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
01/24/12 8:42 am

Sadly no. I could've answered yes before this last year. I always saved so we would have 6 months emergency fund. Now that I'm back to work hopefully I can rebuild that.

hacim Michigan
01/24/12 7:29 am

I'm a high school student about to be a college student.... what do your think

01/24/12 4:03 am

are the republicans going to take my food stamps?

mamita Alabama
01/24/12 3:37 am

What savings?? We live paycheck to paycheck already. Income filters don't shock me either.

01/24/12 12:09 am

4 months....I wouldn't last a week!

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
01/24/12 12:07 am

I've been unemployed since August, but haven't received a check since June (my school doesn't do 12-month pay for teachers). My savings ran out about the time I was supposed to get my first check in September. Now I receive less than 50% of my prior income in UI benefits. No extra for savings there.

01/23/12 11:59 pm

There was a time in my life when I could say yes, sadly I cannot at this time

DrKelly Wisconsin
01/23/12 10:29 pm

yep, comfortable or some time with know income. but hopefully I won't be in that situation any time soon. that's why I spent 11 years in university.

01/23/12 10:21 pm

It'd be much longer than that. We make no house or car payments, we have a years supply of food and large savings.

01/23/12 9:35 pm

It would do more to get him reflected then just about anything else he could do.

01/23/12 9:33 pm

@Jdoe; when leaders have an agenda like wanting to take America down the "Green" road it's not hard to keep prices artificially high. We could have a lot more drilling in the gulf, get the pipeline from Canada approved but it will never happen under the current administration he's wealthy.......cont

valeriejo ramble on
01/23/12 8:46 pm

Only because my husband, daughter and I moved in with my parents for awhile to try to save money and hopefully buy a house soon. If we were still in our townhouse then no way would we have made it. I'm 24 and still trying to finish school, and not working so..

JDoe Its a gift
01/23/12 8:44 pm

I was wrong, I just searched and found an article on CNN saying "The price of gas hit a national average of $1.855 a gallon". The story was from Jan 2009. I apologize.

JDoe Its a gift
01/23/12 8:40 pm

Gas doubled in 3 years? where in the world were you getting $1.50 gas in 2009? Or is that a fudged figure to prove a point?

01/23/12 8:17 pm

Let's see, gas has doubled in the last three years. Utilities have gone up about 30%. How about healthcare? Groceries are getting nuts! But you know when you burn a major food source like corn, beef prices are ugly. Did you get a raise this year? Hope and change, yeah baby!

01/23/12 8:06 pm

It's sad to me that so many can barely scrape by now. Just goes to show that the system everyone was led to believe as the answer, turns out to be a lie. If you work a JOB you will never be financially free. Figure it out sooner than later.

beamie Michigan
01/23/12 8:04 pm

I'm a single mom of two,
I got in to a car accident and haven't had income since November 3rd. Rents paid, lights,water car payment, insurance and phone still on. I live in my means and put 10% away out of each check. I dont have cable and don't need name brand. Good will rocks!

joshg USS Battleship Alabama
01/23/12 7:52 pm

For about 5 years without touching retirement money. No debt works wonders.

01/23/12 7:42 pm

What I want to know is how all these people have backup or just in case money? I can't even make it to the weekend much less months. I am having to rob Peter to pay Paul to get things paid. And if that doesn't work I've been selling tools, car parts, etc. just to keep the lights on.