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Show Of Hands December 15th, 2011 12:00am

Better pop-star turned actor: Marky Mark Wahlberg or Fresh Prince Will Smith?

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12/26/11 11:13 pm

will smith all the way however mark is a good actor will smith is so much better

12/17/11 4:32 pm

Wahlberg is more entertaining. Will Smith takes himself too seriously.

Utahspazz Utah
12/17/11 1:31 pm

Both made crappy music except for Marky's "Good Vibrations".

12/17/11 9:51 am

Ws 1st single '87 fpob '90

12/17/11 9:44 am

Also if they make another Alex cross movie (kiss the girls/along came a spider) they should use Will Smith now that Denzel is a little old for it someone tell James Patterson.

12/17/11 9:42 am

Has anyone else wonder if drama from entourage is meant to be Donnie ? Since entourage is loosely bases on mark Walbergs life.

12/17/11 8:46 am

@chipmonk & others. WS did not do acting b4 music. "parents just don't understand" classic. NEway, I still chose MW although I live them both & think Donnie is better than both

12/17/11 12:23 am

Sorry Dr. Kelly busy busy. I really enjoyed 7 lbs.

bigevs44 Washington
12/16/11 7:49 pm

close, but man I do love will smith. Carlton beats em all tho

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/16/11 5:04 pm

Take your "funky bunch" and stick it were the sun don't shine.

12/16/11 12:43 pm

they both turned out to be pretty damn good actors, but I think Will Smith gets the nod. in fact, as good as Mark Wahlberg is, I'm not even sure he is the better Wahlberg.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
12/16/11 11:38 am

I like both. Will is a good guy, I have met him a few times. Just an overall good-natured guy. Mark is good also. They are just very different. Whereas, I do believe most people will say Will, he is obviously more popular overall.

JayB4 Southaven, MS
12/16/11 11:06 am

Tough question. Both have made some great movies. Will gets my vote but just barely.

12/16/11 8:26 am

Marky Mark in those Calvin Kline ads. Yum!

DrKelly Wisconsin
12/15/11 11:41 pm

@terra. yea or nay on 7 pounds? love will myself, but not his best work; but then again, I'm sure that there some w could point to as marky mark's not-best-work!

12/15/11 11:28 pm

Boy that was a tough question at first. Then I remember 7 Pounds.

12/15/11 10:21 pm

Better rapper and actor is will

12/15/11 10:13 pm

Smith is like a da Vinci for performance. He did Hitch, Pursuit of Happyness, and I Am Legend. Three completely different movies.

ncbuc Get Over It
12/15/11 9:35 pm

I didn't listen to anything they sang or danced or whatever. Smith is a good comedic actor. Wahlberg is good overall actor.

ncbuc Get Over It
12/15/11 9:27 pm

Really! Will smith over wahlberg? Wahlberg is much better actor.

12/15/11 8:51 pm

... Idk the first choice

12/15/11 7:21 pm

My daughter(24) said Mark because he has washboard abs that she would like to run her tongue over. . . . I never watched Fresh Prince and didn't realize Mark Wahlberg had been Marky Mark,so I guess that I am too old to care ;-)

tfull Tennessee
12/15/11 7:18 pm

Will smith was an actor turned pop star. Not an accurate question. And dirk digler all the way

Stretch Georgia
12/15/11 4:49 pm

Better pop star or actor? Probably Smith in either case?

12/15/11 4:39 pm

Smith duhh I used to watch fresh prince all the time

12/15/11 2:44 pm

I like mark better honestly.

12/15/11 2:10 pm

This was very close for me. I think the only reason I picked Will Smith is because he's played some hilarious roles. Wahlberg is still a great actor though. Love both of them.

kst8r Iowa
12/15/11 1:54 pm

Mark wahlberg was a pop star?!

12/15/11 1:05 pm

I'm a Philly girl so Invincible hit home for me but Will Smith has my childhood with Fresh Prince and all his movies now that I'm an adult. I voted for Will.

12/15/11 11:45 am

Feel the vibration or parents just don't understand.... Sexy Calvin Klein or cross colors ...... Invincible or independence day.... I have had a crush on mark since his music career so I went with him. I still watch fresh prince I love will he's a stand up guy

StNik North Carolina
12/15/11 11:27 am

Great question. Both did well, but I think WS is better actor, but not my much.

12/15/11 10:56 am

Upstateny- A Perfect Storm? You rated Walberg on that? Stupid movie from hell.
Watch the one where he plays the guy in & from Philly (sorry, bf) that made the team & played for a few years. I hate Philly, but a great movie!

jamesmay Tampa
12/15/11 9:58 am

@nonono, you based your answer on his religion? Do you not see why that is just messed up? That's like me saying "I would hire you except your a Christian so I won't".

12/15/11 9:47 am

I think Walberg is a terrible actor! Will Smith is far more versatile.

meg13ski Ohio
12/15/11 8:33 am

So hard to choose!!! I love both

12/15/11 7:22 am

I didn't read the question...duh.

12/15/11 7:20 am

I chose Smith as the better pop star, but I would choose Wahlberg as the better actor.

12/15/11 7:05 am

Now let me tell ya a story All about how my life got twisted turned upside down

Wert A picture of my junk
12/15/11 6:52 am

They both do alright. Smith is probably more memorable, though he gets typecast more often.

12/15/11 6:44 am

I never saw either one when they were pop-stars, so I know them only as actors. This was a tough choice because I like them both very much, but I had to go for Will Smith.