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EarlyBird Portland
11/29/12 5:03 pm

Chunky rules!

IWalker Oregon
11/24/12 6:50 pm

Dat Crunch...

zigtiger823 everywhere
11/24/12 8:02 am

Wyoming really likes their chunky pb

11/23/12 6:51 pm

Potato chips are crunchy, hopefully not peanut butter. Chunky, perhaps?

11/23/12 6:49 pm


You are my hereo.

No1clatoshipper null
11/23/12 12:00 pm

creamy is just for picky kindergarten children.

11/23/12 11:47 am

Choosy Moms choose Jif. Choosy me chooses chunky. Without the crunch it ain't worth a stiff.

ladyniner81 I hate people
11/23/12 10:07 am

I worked at a nursing home where they had creamy peanut butter so I got so used to it, that crunchy is just,, weird. I eat it from time to time

EarlyBird Portland
11/23/12 8:17 am

Why have a creamy when you can have crunchy?

fourwinds box of rain
11/23/12 7:21 am

Crunchy peanut butter sucks! If I wanted a peanut, I'd have one!


11/23/12 6:05 am

People or peanut butter? :)

11/23/12 1:51 am

There'll be Super Chunky in heaven!

Wert A picture of my junk
11/22/12 9:30 pm

Crunchy for eating. Creamy for body lotion.

brianparks69 charlotte
11/22/12 9:11 pm

Me too??? Crunchy is for adults who love the taste of roasted peanuts. I thought only kids liked creamy...

tmh85 Stilwell, Kansas
11/22/12 8:34 pm

Why have it crunchy when you can have creamy?

Mud Constitutionalist
11/22/12 8:20 pm

Creamy. Missing too many teeth.

Emma Austin.ish.
11/22/12 5:59 pm

it's weird. I HATE the taste of peanuts, but enjoy PB. when I get a bite of unprocessed peanut, it ruins the whole thing for me with its earthy taste. ew!

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
11/22/12 5:54 pm

Crunchy peanut butter!


11/22/12 5:50 pm

Creamy is for pansies ;-)

peacenskis Alaska
11/22/12 5:16 pm

Shocking!!! I thought that creamy was just for picky kids. SUPER CRUNCHY!!!

11/22/12 4:51 pm

I hate JIF..way to sweet...I could just eat sugar...

11/22/12 4:49 pm

When I was younger, I would only take creamy. Then I got confused and switched them up somehow and that's when I realized that crunchy is a thousand times better.

Christfollowr California
11/22/12 3:48 pm

I like crunchy but my siblings dont so creamy it is in my household

11/22/12 3:47 pm

I'm allergic to both, so...

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
11/22/12 3:34 pm

I liked crunchy when I was little. now for some reason it has to be creamy.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
11/22/12 3:18 pm

pb and honey? I feel that would be too sweet... jam and jelly are sweet, but they're also tart and/or fruity which is a nice contrast to the peanut butter.

11/22/12 2:53 pm

@MissMarissa: Happy Thanksgiving!

snuffulufugus Missouri
11/22/12 2:03 pm

Extra crunchy
Get me a bunch (y)
And you'll hear munchy

11/22/12 1:07 pm

I don't care for peanut butter paste, gotta go crunchy!

11/22/12 1:06 pm

You can't buy a jar of each?

bstokosa Connecticut
11/22/12 12:36 pm

Creamy peanut butter for sure. Like stated before if I wanted to chew on crunchy - I'd throw a handful of whole peanuts in my mouth.

widdy76 always here
11/22/12 12:12 pm

I only like PB in Reese's or cookies... PB sandwiches are gross with or with out jelly/jam/ honey. But I buy creamy for the family most of the time. Occasionally they ask for crunchy.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/22/12 11:45 am

The debris in crunchy tears the bread when making sandwiches, and makes the cookies weird. Crunchy is better for eating right out of the jar. So creamy for sandwiches and cookies, crunchy for snacking. We have both, and use more creamy than crunchy by about three to one.

not_even Boston, MA
11/22/12 10:54 am

More people on the west coast prefer crunchy than east coasters, I read somewhere.

blockfisher Clinton, CT
11/22/12 10:17 am

Your a good woman, and your husband is a lucky man.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
11/22/12 10:12 am

@milkdud, You seem knowledgable in this area. If it is the way you describe, I stand corrected! Still, regardless of cost or process, I'm stayin' with creamy PB!

moonshot More often I know nothing
11/22/12 10:00 am

Look at the ingredient list on your favorite jar of peanut butter. It will shock you! The unnecessary stuff that the big producers put in that stuff.....

moonshot More often I know nothing
11/22/12 9:58 am

I only buy natural peanut butter. No sugar added, no added oils., no stabilizers. Only ground nuts. We have a nut shop that grinds the nuts right here in town. Good stuff!

11/22/12 9:02 am

Jiff peanut butter, all of it made right here in Lexington, KY! Make mine creamy :) we always know when they are roasting the peanuts!

lastjedi Florida, US
11/22/12 8:59 am

Crunchy!!!!! It's been too long my friend!!!

lastjedi Florida, US
11/22/12 8:59 am

Crunchy!!!!! It's been too long my friend!!!

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
11/22/12 8:25 am

Aw come on you whooses crunchy is the best.

11/22/12 8:24 am

I prefer creamy but usually buy crunchy because my husband likes it.

11/22/12 7:49 am

Creamy FTW

11/22/12 7:39 am

If you're chipping teeth on crunchy peanut butter you need to see a dentist because something is seriously wrong.